American History X NTSC DVD

March 25th, 2015
American History X NTSC DVD American History X is a 1998 American crime drama film directed by Tony Kaye and written by David McKenna. It stars Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, and co-stars Fairuza Balk, Stacy Keach, Elliott Gould, Avery Brooks, Ethan Suplee and Beverly D'Angelo. The film was released in the United States on October 30, 1998 and was distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The film tells the story of two Venice, Los Angeles brothers who become involved in the neo-Nazi movement. The older brother serves three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter, changes his beliefs and tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path. The film is told in the style of nonlinear narrative. It was given an "R" rating by the MPAA for "graphic brutal violence including rape, pervasive language, strong sexuality and nudity". Critics mostly praised the film and Norton's performance, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. In September 2008, Empire magazine named it the 311th Greatest Movie of All Time. Danny Vinyard (Edward Furlong), a high school student and budding neo-Nazi in Venice Beach, California, receives an assignment from Murray (Elliott Gould), his history teacher, to write a paper on "any book which relates to the struggle for human rights." Knowing Murray is Jewish, Danny writes his paper on Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. Murray attempts to get Danny expelled for doing this, but Principal Dr. Bob Sweeney (Avery Brooks) — who is black — refuses, instead informing Danny that he will study history and current events under Sweeney, and that the class will be called "American History X." Danny's first assignment is to prepare a paper on his brother Derek (Edward Norton), a former neo-Nazi leader who has just been released from prison after serving three years for voluntary manslaughter. Danny is warned that failing to submit the paper the next morning will result in his expulsion. The rest of the movie alternates between a series of vignettes from Danny and Derek's shared past (distinguished by being shown in black and white), and present day events (shown in color). Derek and Danny's father is Dennis Vinyard (William Russ), a firefighter who displays racist tendencies in reaction to the news that Derek's English teacher, Dr. Sweeney, had assigned Richard Wright's novel Native Son. He also reveals himself to be anti-affirmative action, as well as against political correctness. Sent on a call to fight a fire in a drug den, Dennis is murdered by black drug dealers. In a television interview conducted after Dennis's death, Derek erupts in a long racist tirade. Shortly thereafter, Cameron Alexander (Stacy Keach) and Derek form a white supremacist gang called the D.O.C. A skilled basketball player, Derek is reluctantly dragged into a 5-on-5 game against several members of the Crips in which the prize is control of the recreation center basketball courts. Derek and his friends win the game. Later that evening, Derek leads a large gang of skinheads to attack a supermarket that has now lawfully been taken over and owned by a Korean who was accused of hiring Mexicans to take control of the store. They wreck the store, robbing it, and Derek tortures an African-American woman before escaping after the robbery. The next day, his mother Doris (Beverly D'Angelo) invites Murray, whom she is dating, home for dinner. A dinnertime discussion about Rodney King and police brutality turns into a full-blown argument between Derek and Murray. When Derek reveals his swastika tattoo and threatens Murray with violence for "invading his family", Murray leaves and Doris orders Derek out of her home. That night, as Derek and his girlfriend Stacey (Fairuza Balk) have sex, Danny hears people (the three gang members whom Derek beat at basketball) attempting to steal Derek's truck. Derek grabs a pistol and heads outside. He shoots one of the thieves to death and curb stomps another. Immediately arrested, Derek is sentenced to three years at the California Institution for Men in Chino. Derek is given a job in the prison laundry and is assigned to be the partner of Lamont (Guy Torry), a black man who is serving six years for assault. Lamont stole a television set from a store and broke the arresting officer's foot when he accidentally dropped the television on it. The pair develop a rapport from their shared love of basketball. In prison, Derek joins the Aryan Brotherhood but, after about a year, he becomes disillusioned with the racist gang, particularly over the group's hypocritical friendly relations with a Mexican gang member, and their trafficking of narcotics. In response to Derek's criticisms, Aryan Brotherhood members savagely beat and rape him in the shower. While recovering from the attack, Derek is visited by Sweeney, whom he asks for help to be paroled. Sweeney informs him of Danny's involvement with neo-Nazis, and warns that he is on the same path as his older brother. Sweeney confesses that he hated white people as a youth, but eventually realized that hatred is pointless. Derek further distances himself from the Aryan Brotherhood and changes his outlook on life. He spends the remainder of his time in prison alone, reading books that Sweeney sends him. He fears that the prison's black inmates will attack him, but they leave him alone, thanks to Lamont's persuasion. Finally realizing the error of his ways, Derek leaves prison a changed man. In the evening that Derek returns home from prison, he finds that Danny has a D.O.C. tattoo. Derek tries to persuade Danny to leave the gang. Later that night, they both go to a neo-Nazi party, where Derek tells the leader, Cameron, that he and Danny will no longer associate with the neo-Nazi movement. Cameron provokes Derek, who beats him up. In response, Danny's neo-Nazi friend Seth Ryan (Ethan Suplee) runs after Derek and aims a pistol at him, which Derek wrestles from him and points at the angry crowd before running away. Danny angrily confronts Derek, who tells him about his experience in prison, which seems to prompt a change in Danny. Back at their home, they remove all the white power posters from their bedroom walls. The following morning, Danny finishes his paper and Derek gets ready for a meeting with his parole officer. Derek walks Danny to school before his meeting, and on their way they stop at a diner where they are met by Sweeney and a police officer. They tell Derek that Cameron and Seth were attacked the previous night and have been hospitalized. At school, Danny is confronted by a young black student named Little Henry, with whom he had a confrontation the previous day. Little Henry pulls out a gun and shoots Danny in the chest, killing him. When Derek arrives at the school, he runs into the bathroom and tearfully cradles his dead brother in his arms. The film ends with a voice over of Danny reading the final lines of his paper for Dr. Sweeney. Stating "Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it." and then quoting the final stanza of Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address.

Viking Raven Black & Red Patch

March 23rd, 2015
Viking Raven Black & Red Patch Black and red Viking Raven flag patch. About 3" tall and 3" wide at the top. Comes in a nice plastic pouch.

Klänge der Bewegung (Compilation) Compact Disc

March 22nd, 2015
Klänge der Bewegung (Compilation) Compact Disc Klänge der Bewegung This incredible compilation cd features some of Europe and North America's top WP bands! The 17 tracks are showcased in a beautiful DVD packaging with a full color booklet and artwork. This is a MUST HAVE: Agnar: Was Ist Geschenen Confident Of Victory: Prepare Sleipnir: Offne Deine Augen Sleipnir: Schau Dich An Sturm & Drang: I Feel Sick Sturm & Drang: Respect Kurzer Prozess: Wehrmacht Kurzer Prozess: Der Heilige Feldzug Final Stand: Our Glory Final Stand: Fiery Cross Eugenik: Vergeltung Nordfront: Die Zeitbombe Tickt Nordfront: Niedersachsenlied Final War: A New Day Arises Final War: Forever More Final War:: Glory Unending Cut Throat: Grips Of Fear Mp3 Downloads: Confident of Victory - Prepare (6.8 mb) Final War - Glory Unending {Acoustic} (3.7 mb) Sampler mit folgenden Bands: Agnar, Sturm & Drang, Confident of Victory, Sleipnir, Eugenik, Nordfront, Final Stand, Kurzer Prozess, Final War und Cut Throat, alles neu eingespielte Lieder. Die Spieldauer dieses Höhepunkts beträgt über 1 Stunde. Musikalisch geht es sehr abwechslungsreich zur Sache, von Rockballaden, RAC-Klängen bis hin zu Hatecore-Einflüssen ist alles dabei. Die Aufmachung kommt in einer DVD-Box heraus und in dieser befindet sich ein Heft mit Fotos und Texten der Bands. Ich kann nur jedem raten dieses Teil sein eigen zu nennen, da es kein Fehlkauf sein kann bei solch Auswahl an verschiedenen Musikrichtungen und außerdem ist die Auswahl der Bands wohl gut getroffen. Leider musste man an paar Liedern Beschneidungen vornehmen, wobei man dies wohl bei einem Lied nur raushört. Desweiteren unterstützt dieser Sampler inhaftierte Kameraden. Unbedingt zuschlagen!

NEW XL Man’s Thor Steinar Isfjell Brown Polyester Jacket

March 22nd, 2015
NEW XL Man's Thor Steinar Isfjell Brown Polyester Jacket Warm lined, slightly waisted short jacket with polar fleece in the diagonal pockets, additional pockets are affixed on chest and hip height. Additional tailoring is possible via adjuster in the back. Integrated into the stand-up collar is a hood. A pleat on the back of the sleeve ensures mobility. All buttons are secured from tearing. The inside of the jacket is equipped with a zip pocket and a mobile phone pocket. A metal patch on the sleeve. The pocket buttons are embossed with runes. Upper material: 100% nylon Inside material: 100% polyester Padding quilted: 100% polyester. Only ONE brand new jacket available in X Large.

American History X – Full Screen Edition [Blu-ray]

March 18th, 2015
American History X - Full Screen Edition [Blu-ray] Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) is dangerous, a coiled fury of hate who leads a skinhead crew. But time and events start to change him. He reassesses his ways while doing time for manslaughter and emerges from prison eager to keep his younger brother (Edward Furlong) from falling victim to the vicious cycle of violence and payback. It may be too late. Blu-Ray disc also contains deleted scenes and theatrical trailer. Format: Multiple Formats, AC-3, Blu-ray, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen Language: English (Dolby Digital 5.1 ES Matrix), English (Dolby TrueHD 5.1) Subtitles: English, Spanish Dubbed: Spanish Region: Region A/1 (North America, Central America, South America, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia) Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Studio: New Line Home Video DVD Release Date: April 7, 2009

NEW XL Woman’s Thor Steinar Askild Marine Dark Blue Polyester Jacket

March 16th, 2015
NEW XL Woman's Thor Steinar Askild Marine Dark Blue Polyester Jacket Figure-hugging quilted jacket with elaborate details, ideal for transition. Stand-up collar; two chest pockets closable via press buttons; two hip pockets closable via press buttons; closable waist belt; embroidered chest motive; embroidery in the back on the waist belt; metal label on leather on the collar middle in the back; embossed press buttons; upper material: 100% polyester; lining: 100% polyester micro fleece. Only ONE brand new jacket available in X Large.

White Lives Matter #WhiteLivesMatter T-Shirt

March 14th, 2015
White Lives Matter #WhiteLivesMatter T-Shirt We hear on the news 24/7 that Black Lives Matter. Do White Lives Matter? If it's acceptable for all other races to be proud of their heritage and history, why is it that Whites are forced to feel ashamed and full of guilt? Enough. It is not racist to be proud of what you are and it is not racist to proclaim that WHITE LIVES MATTER! You can tell the world with this simple message - #WHITELIVESMATTER Available in: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX Large & XXX Large (XXL & XXXL are $4 extra)

Bully Boys – “White Kid’s Gonna Fight” Compact Disc

February 26th, 2015
Bully Boys - "White Kid's Gonna Fight" Compact Disc The Bully Boys are back and better than ever! 14 tracks of quality White Power rock and roll from one of the United State's (and World's) most notorious skinhead bands! This is one of those instant classics that no music fan will want to be without: 01. Lionsheart (1:38) 02. The White Kid's Gonna Fight (2:55) 03. Breaking Away (3:22) 04. Rage On This! (2:47) 05. Thought Control (3:25) 06. 100% Bully (1:45) 07. You Whine Too Much (2:41) 08. You're Gonna Fall (2:08) 09. Natural Disasters (2:42) 10. Forever Defiant (2:58) 11. Faded Dream (2:32) 12. Nobodys Hero (3:36) 13. Heart Belongs To You (1:57) 14. Hate To Survive (3:15)

The Lightning And The Sun The Words Of Savitri Devi Compact Disc

February 22nd, 2015
The Lightning And The Sun The Words Of Savitri Devi Compact Disc The Lightning and the Sun (1958) is a book by Savitri Devi Mukherji which outlines her philosophy of history along with her critique of the modern world. The book is famous for its claim that Adolf Hitler was an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. This is an audio compact disc version with music and narration by Dan Houser.

Angry Aryans ‎– “Too White For You” Compact Disc

February 22nd, 2015
Angry Aryans ‎– "Too White For You" Compact Disc 1. Snitch 2. North Of 8 Mile 3. Miscegenation (Fade To Black) 4. Slick Willie Clinton 5. Advocation Of Violence 6. The Enemy Within 7. Browntown Burning Down 8. White Nigger Loser 9. Bombing Of Israel 10. Committed Revolutionary 11. Black Plague Terror 12. Racially Debased 13. Carjacked In Detroit 14. Self Hate-Suicide 15. Disturbing Visions