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Agenda for 2017 LS national conference

Monday, May 15th, 2017
Agenda for 2017 League of the South National Conference 23-24 June Alabama LS building, Wetumpka, Alabama (12814 US Hwy. 231) “Redeeming the Time: Preparing for the Inevitable Conflict” Master of

Ron and Don’s Aryan Adventure

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

To hear Ron Paul, he barely knows Don Black and doesn’t hold to ANY of Don’s white supremacist beliefs.  Yet, their paths keep intertwining.

Well, let’s add a new thread to this relationship.

A fascinating report out of Newsone discusses a bizarre criminal case in 1981 where a group of men were arrested by ATF after attempting to smuggle firearms and explosives out of the country in order to take over the small Carribean island country of Dominca.

Their plan was to turn the tiny island into a white supremacist paradise funded by casinos, cocaine and brothels.  Sort of a combination of Los Vegas/Disneyland for the sheeted set.

And who just happened to be a member of the group arrested, indited and found guilty in this little scheme?  Why good old Don Black, surprise, surprise.

Now here’s the fun part – the leader of the attempted government takeover, Michael Perdue, turned states’ evident and stated that  KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke, former Texas Governor John Connally,  and Dr. Ron Paul had all been aware of the plan.  David Duke informed the court that, if he were called to court, he would take the Fifth.  The judge refused to subpoena Gov. Connally or Dr. Paul, who was, at the time, a sitting Congressman.

Perdue, Black and several others were found guilty and did time for the offense.  One man implicated as funding the operation committed suicide and two others were found not guilty.

Now, of course, we must consider that Perdue was making up the connection out of whole cloth.  That’s possible.  If he were not involved and his name sullied by these felons who hold ideals so opposed to his own, I can only imagine that it would leave a bitter taste in Ron Paul’s mouth.  That’s only nautral.

Which is why it’s so odd that he would decades later go hat in hand, begging money from Don Black, a convicted felon and referring to him as a “dear friend”.

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