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Pressure Building for Immigration Amnesty

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Leaders from various evangelical organizations have sent letters to the president and members of Congress demanding action for the millions of illegal immigrants who have taken up residence in the U.S.

The letter maps out moral principles for reform and explains why evangelicals have called for reform in the first 92 days of President Obama’s second term.

“We are driven by a moral obligation rooted deeply in our faith to address the needs of immigrants in our country,” the letter reads. “Compassionate and just treatment of immigrants is a frequent topic in scripture. The Hebrew word for immigrant, ‘ger,’ occurs 92 times throughout the Bible.”

Dr. Richard Land, president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), says it seems evident that immigration reform is “the right thing to do.”

“There are lots of different opinions about this,” he acknowledges. “I believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s the moral thing to do.”

He asserts the letter calls for balanced immigration reform that respects the God-given dignity of every person, guarantees secure national borders, protects the unity of the immediate family, ensures fairness to taxpayers, and respects the rule of law. But it also establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and wish to become permanent residents.

“If you want there to be a conservative majority in the country, it’s going to have to include large chunks of Hispanics,” Dr. Land points out. “You turn Hispanics away when you deny in-state tuition for the children of undocumented workers and . . . tell undocumented workers—some of whom have been here ten or 15 years—‘We’ve changed our mind. We haven’t been enforcing the law, but now we’re going to, and you have to go home.’ ”

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Company owner fined for hiring illegals

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

KOTA KINABALU: An owner of a company was fined a total of RM40,000, in default, eight months’ jail by the Sessions Court here yesterday for allowing four illegal immigrants to enter and work at a construction site in Tamparuli.

Judge Azreena Aziz meted out the fine on Lee Jyh Yeong, 45, who was unrepresented, after the latter pleaded guilty to the offence.

Lee admitted to allowing four Filipinos aged between 19 and 38, who have no valid document or pass to enter and work at the proposed reconstruction of two-storey shophouses on Lots 8 to 14, in Jalan Bontoi, Tamparuli about 10.48am on October 24, this year.

The offence under Section 55E (1) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 punishable under Section 55E(2) of the same act carries a fine of between RM5,000 and RM30,000 or a jail term of up to 12 months, or both, for each illegal immigrant.

In this case, Azreena fined Lee RM10,000, in default, two months’ jail per illegal immigrant.

Earlier in mitigation, Lee applied for a minimum fine to be imposed on him.

Prosecuting officer Norlyah Stoh urged the court to impose a deterrent sentence taking into consideration the public interest, seriousness and rampancy of the case.

She also said that a deterrent sentence would serve as a lesson to the accused and would-be offenders.

The facts of the case stated that Immigration enforcement officers conducted an operation dubbed “Ops Mahir” at the construction site and detained four illegal immigrants who have no valid document or pass to be present in the State.

The accused was later arrested and further investigation revealed that he was the owner of Syarikat J.Y Enterprise dealing with marketing and operation of the company, and acting as supervisor for workers.

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Illegal immigrant caught on his return from US

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

AHMEDABAD: A resident of Kadi was nabbed with passport of his lookalike at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport on early Monday morning. Baldev Patel, 60, was coming back from the US and landed at the city airport from an Air India flight when he was intercepted by immigration officials.

The officials found that Patel was using passport of his lookalike as he had migrated to the US illegally. He was handed over to Sardarnagar police station officials.

“With the help of a visa agent, Patel had illegally migrated to the US seven years back and was doing odd jobs at different stores. Since he had no passport to come back, he took the help of infamous visa agent Babu Choksi to get back to Gujarat,” said an immigration official.

Sardarnagar police station officials said that Patel claims to have paid Rs 5 lakh to Choksi to help him return to Gujarat. Choksi has been earlier named by several illegal immigrants, said the officials.

“In the last one year, we have caught several illegal immigrants who have been helped to get back to Gujarat by Choksi. We are investigating all the cases against him and if required will take help of other agencies as well,” said an immigration official.

In the past few months, there has been an increase in number of people being caught for travelling on fake, bogus or lookalike’s passport.

Last week, immigration officials at the city airport caught a couple and two cousins in two different cases. It was the fourth case in the past two months where the airport officials lodged a police complaint for breach of immigration laws.

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Greece Faces New Crisis – Waves of Illegal Immigrants

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Already drowning in debt and struggling through a crushing economic crisis worsened by austerity measures demanded by international lenders, Greece is being overwhelmed with an inundation of illegal immigrants despite an ongoing crackdown to round up those who don’t have papers to stay in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The paper noted that Greece is a favorite destination for immigrants because it is a gateway to the European Union and on the bloc’s southern border, with access from land and sea. The country quietly has become a steppingstone for a wave of Middle East and South Asia workers fleeing job markets ravaged by years of government turmoil.

In 2011, an extraordinary year because of the uprisings in North Africa, some 140,980 people were detected entering the EU illegally, up 35% from the year before, according to Frontex, the EU’s border-control agency. Of those, 40% came through Greece. Through July this year, 23,000 people were apprehended crossing the border illegally, roughly 30% ahead of last’s year pace.

Border control in Greece isn’t a new problem. But the country’s economic malaise and budget restrictions are hampering many of its efforts to reduce the flow of illegal immigration. Hoping to come to the rescue, the Europe Commission—the EU’s executive branch—began pouring €255 million ($331 million) into border protection for Greece over the past two years. But that is still less than it gives some countries with far smaller border problems.

And whatever it gives, years of bloated bureaucracy and now new public hiring restrictions in Greece have stalled some of the best-laid plans.
According to one confidential EU report, the country has hired only 11 staffers to help process asylum cases, despite funding last year for 700 positions. Only about one in 10,000 asylum applicants had been approved.

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Illegal immigrants could get Ga. driver’s licenses

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Illegal immigrants who are granted permission to stay in the country under an Obama administration policy announced in June will be eligible for driver’s licenses in Georgia, the state’s attorney general wrote in a letter to the governor.

“While I do not agree with the actions of the President in issuing the directive, it has been implemented by the Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, and state law recognizes the approval of deferred action status as a basis for issuing a temporary driver’s license,” Attorney General Sam Olens, a Republican, wrote in a letter obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

Olens said illegal immigrants with this special status would not, however, be eligible for a state identification card. He says such cards are considered public benefits which are not available to illegal immigrants.

Under the new policy — which was announced in June and took effect last week — eligible immigrants must have arrived in the U.S. before their 16th birthday, are 30 or younger, have been living here at least five years, are in school or graduated or served in the military. They also must not have a criminal record or otherwise pose a safety threat. They can apply to stay in the country and be granted a work permit for two years, but they would not be granted citizenship.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order Aug. 15, the day the new policy took effect, telling state agencies not to give driver’s licenses or other benefits to illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under the deferred status.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said earlier this month that each state could determine whether to issue driver’s licenses or extend benefits such as in-state tuition to immigrants who are granted deferred status.

A Georgia Department of Driver Services spokeswoman said last week that Georgia law considers those with deferred action status eligible for driver’s licenses and added that the agency would issue them unless it got other instructions. Deal last week asked Olens for guidance on the matter.

The young illegal immigrants who qualify for the new program are not the only illegal immigrants eligible for deferred action on their cases. Federal immigration authorities can also grant deferred action status at their discretion.

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Thirty-nine illegal immigrants found hiding in tractor trailer

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Laredo North station apprehended 39 illegal immigrants Wednesday night.

Agents working at the immigration checkpoint located on Interstate Highway 35 north of Laredo discovered the group in the trailer of an 18-wheeler after a Border Patrol canine alerted toward the vehicle.

All the subjects seemed to be sweating profusely from the lack of ventilation in the trailer. All subjects were rescued in time and refused additional medical attention. Agents determined that all of them were citizens of Mexico without proper documentation for entry into the United States.

The case has been turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.

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Police vehicle carrying Pakistani man attacked

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

In Greece, a police vehicle carrying a Pakistani man accused of attempted murder, has been attacked by supporters of an extreme right-wing party.

The Golden Dawn activists ran onto a ferry near Athens, as the vehicle carrying the 21-year-old suspect left the ship.

The man is accused of attempting to kill a 15-year-old Greek girl on the island of Paros and was being transported to a mainland prison.

It comes after Greek police said they were deporting hundreds of illegal immigrants, after a major crackdown in Athens. Dozens of people were sent back to Pakistan at the weekend.

Golden Dawn, described by opponents as neo-Nazis, won enough votes in a recent election to enter parliament.

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Mass. governor vetoes bill aimed at illegal immigrant drivers

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Governor Deval Patrick on Friday vetoed a bill designed to keep illegal immigrants from registering motor vehicles in Massachusetts. The bill Patrick vetoed would have required the Registry of Motor Vehicles to obtain “proof of legal residence” from anyone registering a car in Massachusetts. Lawmakers pushed the measure in response to the outcry following several fatal auto accidents caused by drivers who were in the country illegally.

In his veto message, Patrick argued that the measure would force the Registry to “identify and police undocumented people,” even though he said that is the duty of the federal government, not states. The governor argued that the measure would force the Registry to ‘identify and police undocumented people.’

The recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down parts of Arizona’s tough immigration law “underscores the importance of states treading lightly in the enforcement of federal immigration rules,” the governor wrote. Patrick also argued that it is hard to understand how a “nonresident” simply owning a vehicle in Massachusetts jeopardizes public safety. Indeed, he said it would improve public safety if the Registry keeps a record of every car, regardless of the owner’s residency status.

Lawmakers could override Patrick’s veto but they would have to act quickly because formal sessions end on Tuesday. Senator Richard T. Moore, an Uxbridge Democrat who supports the bill, said he was disappointed but not surprised that Patrick rejected it. The governor has been an outspoken critic of efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants.

Moore said he hopes legislators commit to an override vote.

“The public deserves the protection of knowing that people who are on the roads are on the roads legally,” he said. “It’s clearly a public safety issue, and that’s why the Legislature supported it.”

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Five arrested after escaping from lorry in Telford

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

The five men were caught by police and handed to the UK Border Agency after fleeing the lorry shortly before 8am on Tuesday. The driver of the lorry, which was delivering parts to Ricoh in Priorslee, alerted security at the depot who had their CCTV cameras trained on the vehicle as it was parked up.

When the men realised the lorry was stationary for a long time they escaped from the vehicle and walked off. It is believed the men may have cut the side curtain of the lorry’s trailer to escape.

The firm alerted police who later arrested all five – three Syrians, a Palestinian and a Kuwaiti.

Chris Ammonds, spokesman for Telford police, said: “On Tuesday between 7.45am and 8am, five men were arrested in Priorslee Avenue on suspicion of being in the country illegally.

“They have since been passed on to immigration who will take it from here.”

The UK Border Agency said it received a call at about 11.30am from police after five suspected illegal immigrants were arrested.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: “When suspected illegal immigrants found on lorries are arrested by police, our officers attend quickly.

“We work closely with police to tackle illegal immigration and immigration crime. When someone is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK we take action to remove them.”

Christine Petrovic, a spokeswoman for Ricoh, said: “The lorry pulled up at the back gate and the driver alerted our staff he believed there may have been a person, or people, inside.

“We kept our cameras trained on the lorry and had notified the police prior to the men leaving the vehicle.

“When the men got out they walked off quite casually in the direction of the shop.”

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Man from Mexico accused of trying to transport illegal immigrants in Texas via charter plane

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

A Mexican man has been accused of trying to smuggle five suspected illegal immigrants to San Antonio via charter airplane.

Prosecutors in South Texas say 39-year-old Jorge Luis Gallegos-Avila remains in custody without bond on charges of harboring and transporting illegal immigrants. He appeared Wednesday before a federal judge in McAllen.

Gallegos-Avila, who also faces a conspiracy charge, was arrested June 20 near McAllen-Miller International Airport. Investigators say he was spotted dropping off five immigrants. The individuals were detained while trying to board the charter plane.

Prosecutors say Gallegos-Avila allegedly picked up the immigrants from along the Rio Grande and took them to stash houses.

Gallegos-Avila faces trial in September. His hometown in Mexicowas not immediately released.

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Nine men found hiding in lorry

Friday, July 13th, 2012

NINE men, believed to be illegal immigrants, were discovered hiding in a lorry in Faversham.

Police discovered the alleged stowaways after a man was reported to have fallen from a lorry in Selling Road, near Perry Wood.

Air ambulance paramedics treated a 23-year-old for a head injury at the scene. He was later taken to Ashford’s William Harvey Hospital and then arrested.

Meanwhile, eight others were arrested at the scene and handed over to UK Border Police.

The lorry driver is believed to have been unaware of the men onboard.

Of the nine – six from Iran and three from Vietnam – five were released into the care of social services after they were found to be under 18.

Four men – a 28-year-old from Vietnam and three Iranians aged 22, 28 and 31 – must report regularly to the UK Border Agency while their cases are examined.

If they are found to be in the UK illegally they will be deported.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said: “When suspected illegal immigrants found on lorries are arrested by police, our officers attend quickly.

“We work closely with police to tackle illegal immigration and immigration crime.”

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2,359 illegals, 10 bosses nabbed by dept this year

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

A total of 2,359 illegal immigrants have been detained by the State Immigration Department in 660 operations beginning this year, according to its director Haji Mohammad Mentek.

“From the total, 1,263 people have been charged in court for numerous offences, 647 people were deported, 74 were compounded, 31 people were given warning and 310 were released, while the rest are still being detained at the temporary detention centers for further investigation,” he told a press conference after the department’s monthly gathering at its office in Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) Terminal One.

Mohammad said 10 local employers have also been detained, and six of them are currently waiting for trial for hiring foreign workers without valid permits.

“The Immigration Department will continue to carry out such operation from time to time to flush out illegal immigrants in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohammada said 36 illegal immigrants, including 10 children and a baby, were detained by the department in a raid on a construction site in Likas early yesterday.

The rest, 17 men and eight women, detained in the two-hour operation, which began at 1am, failed to produce any valid travel documents, he said.

They were among 65 people who were screened during the raid that was carried out by 38 enforcement personnel after a public tip-off, he said.

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3 undocumented youth face charges after Norristown protest

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

A national movement called Dream Activists, has young illegal immigrants taking a stance and coming out publicly with their status.

Three young people, Jose Luna 23, Erika Guadalupe Nuñez 21, and Sheila Quintana 19, are now facing charges after an act of civil disobedience in Norristown.

Last Thursday the three were arrested during a sit down protest in front of the Montgomery County Jail.

The jail is considering a contract with ICE which would pay 65 dollars a head per day for every illegal immigrant they have in custody.

Communications director Frank Custer says the project is about efficiency, not an attack on illegal immigrants.

“No matter how we feel about the immigration issue as a whole, we’re simply trying to utilize our facilities” Custer said.

The three activists have since posted bail at a tune of three thousand dollars each, with the help of donations raised by Dream Activists dot com.

The preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday, the three are facing charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction of a highway.

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The Destruction Of America: California’s Growing Third World Population

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

In this final part of Victor Davis Hanson’s assessment of California, he discovered, as I also witnessed, a complete ‘mutation’ of California from an American state to a linguistic, racial and religious polyglot—unable to function financially, educationally, lawfully and ethically. In his “Two California’s: Abandoned farms, Third World living conditions, pervasive public assistance — welcome to the once-thriving Central Valley,” he discovered the same things I watched devolve in my five bicycle trips the length and width of that once gorgeous state.

It took 40 years to end up in a quagmire today, and, more sobering, it will not climb out of its hole. Like all third world countries, illiteracy grows faster than it can be cured. California will not be able to ‘right’ itself without the federal government finally issuing a ‘moratorium’ on all immigration and enforcement of U.S. laws.

Ironically, many of its most crime-ridden cities, collapsing hospitals, failing schools and overloaded prisons make their homes in ‘sanctuary cities’ where illegals enjoy immunity from arrest, conviction and deportation.

In California, a whopping four million illegals work, live and cheat on taxes everyday of their stay in America. Legal immigrants ride the welfare rolls like an art form. Regular Californians watch their state ‘mutate’ into another country right before their eyes.

Hanson watched from the side lines:

“Fresno’s California State University campus is embroiled in controversy over the student body president’s announcing that he is an illegal alien, with all the requisite protests in favor of the DREAM Act,” said Hanson. “I won’t comment on the legislation per se, but again only note the anomaly. I taught at CSUF for 21 years. (Dream Act failed last Saturday)

“I think it fair to say that the predominant theme of the Chicano and Latin American Studies program’s sizable curriculum was a fuzzy American culpability. By that I mean that students in those classes heard of the sins of America more often than its attractions. In my home town, Mexican flag decals on car windows are far more common than their American counterparts.

“I note this because hundreds of students here illegally are now terrified of being deported to Mexico. I can understand that, given the chaos in Mexico and their own long residency in the United States. But here is what still confuses me: If one were to consider the classes that deal with Mexico at the university, or the visible displays of national chauvinism, then one might conclude that Mexico is a far more attractive and moral place than the United States.

“So there is a surreal nature to these protests: something like, “Please do not send me back to the culture I nostalgically praise; please let me stay in the culture that I ignore or deprecate.” I think the DREAM Act protestors might have been far more successful in winning public opinion had they stopped blaming the U.S. for suggesting that they might have to leave at some point, and instead explained why, in fact, they want to stay. What it is about America that makes a youth of 21 go on a hunger strike or demonstrate to be allowed to remain in this country rather than return to the place of his birth?”

Paradoxical love-hate relationship of illegal aliens

Anywhere you travel in southern California, outside of American enclaves, you will see a definite bias ‘for’ Mexico and a ‘definite’ hate for America. On the one hand, they love to look back at their homeland as ‘wondrous’, but wouldn’t return to the poverty since America offers toilets, showers and an apartment to live a normal life—along with abundant grocery stores.

“I think I know the answer to this paradox,” said Hanson. “Missing entirely in the above description is the attitude of the host, which by any historical standard can only be termed “indifferent.” California does not care whether one broke the law to arrive here or continues to break it by staying. It asks nothing of the illegal immigrant — no proficiency in English, no acquaintance with American history and values, no proof of income, no record of education or skills.

“It does provide all the public assistance that it can afford (and more that it borrows for), and apparently waives enforcement of most of California’s burdensome regulations and civic statutes that increasingly have plagued productive citizens to the point of driving them out. How odd that we over-regulate those who are citizens and have capital to the point of banishing them from the state, but do not regulate those who are aliens and without capital to the point of encouraging millions more to follow in their footsteps. How odd — to paraphrase what Critias once said of ancient Sparta — that California is at once both the nation’s most unfree and most free state, the most repressed and the wildest.

“Hundreds of thousands sense all that and vote accordingly with their feet, both into and out of California — and the result is a sort of social, cultural, economic, and political time-bomb, whose ticks are getting louder.”

I cannot help but see that ticking becoming louder as angry, disenfranchised and arrogant Mexican nationals stomp on the American flag, throw trash everywhere possible instead of a trash can, and they flunk out of schools as a cultural prerogative. It’s as if they think or regard illiteracy as their greater good. But, they trash America while they cash U.S. food stamps.

Even more disturbing: California grows by 1,700 people per day along with an added 400 vehicles to service that number. It also must build a school per week to keep with educating them, which it can’t. Thus, a growing third world entrenched poverty class with no solutions.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a brilliant book: Mexifornia. That book shows the transformation and devolution of California into a third world country. It portends sobering realities for all of America where third world immigrants dominate welfare rolls, food stamps, housing and hospitals with their endless stream of babies.

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Prisoner work programs fill empty farm jobs after state cracks down on illegal immigration

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Prison inmates are working on a Vidalia onion farm in southeast Georgia as part of a state program to fill empty farm jobs.

The ‘transitional’ inmates packing onions at the Wayne Durrence Farm in Glennville are getting ready to return to the outside world. A part of their paychecks goes to the state to defray incarceration costs.

Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black says the effort differs from a program last year involving people who are on probation.

The state sent probationers to farms after a new law cracking down on illegal workers left thousands of farm jobs unfilled. Few lasted more than a couple of hours.

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The Cost of Illegal Immigration to Marylanders (2012)

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Maryland’s policy towards illegal aliens has resulted in a fast growing illegal alien population and a rapidly increasing fiscal burden on the state’s taxpayers. Unsatisfied with the accommodations already in place for illegal aliens, the state legislature adopted a measure in 2011 (SB 167) that allows illegal aliens to extend their taxpayer-funded education beyond public elementary and secondary schooling to higher education. The state’s voters will have the opportunity to decide in the November 2012 election whether they want to reverse this policy.

This updated study on what illegal immigration costs Maryland taxpayers includes the following findings:

  • The state’s taxpayers currently pay nearly $1.9 billion in taxes because of the presence of an estimated 295,000 illegal aliens plus nearly 68,000 children born in the United States to illegal aliens.
  • In-state tuition for illegal aliens in post-secondary schools will cost the state’s taxpayers more than $28 million annually under the 2011 legislation if approved by the voters. This cost to taxpayers will increase as more illegals aliens move to Maryland.
  • The average Maryland household headed by an American or legal resident shares an annual burden of about $910 to cover the costs of the state’s illegal alien population.
  • Because more than two-thirds of the cost of illegal immigration in Maryland is for education (see chart), and much of that cost is funded locally, the fiscal cost burden is heavier where the illegal alien population is greatest. Montgomery and Prince George’s county taxpayers have a greater than average annual burden ($1,420 and $1,025 respectively).
  • Illegal aliens pay relatively little in taxes, mainly because of their low earnings. We estimate that the state receives approximately $119 million in tax collections from illegal aliens — only a fraction the costs of illegal immigration borne by the taxpayers.


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An alleged illegal immigrant charged with allegedly molesting girl, 8

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

CHAMBERSBURG – An alleged illegal immigrant is in jail, accused of molesting an 8-year-old girl multiple times over the course of a year.

Rogelio Dionicio-Reyes, 21, of 250 S. Third St., Chambersburg, allegedly touched the child sexually as recently as May 19, according to charging documents filed by Chambersburg Police with Magisterial District Judge Glenn Manns.


Dionicio-Reyes was arrested Monday and arraigned on the charges Tuesday morning, according to online court records. He was placed in Franklin County Jail in lieu of $200,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday in Franklin County Central Court.


A jail representative said Dionicio-Reyes was being held there on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer. Charging documents state that his native country is Mexico.


A woman called police Monday to report that Dionicio-Reyes had sexually assaulted her daughter, according to the affidavit. The girl told police that he touched her inappropriately on several occasions. Her 11-year-old brother also reported that he witnessed one of the incidents.


In that case, Dionicio-Reyes allegedly went into a room where the two children were and told the boy to leave and wash the dishes. After the boy left the room, Dionicio-Reyes allegedly began touching the girl and carried her into another room.


The boy told police that he walked into the room and saw Dionicio-Reyes on top of the girl, holding her arms over her head. They were both wearing clothing, but Dionicio-Reyes was allegedly trying to remove the girl’s clothes.


Police read Dionicio-Reyes his rights and interviewed him about the allegations, according to the affidavit. He allegedly confirmed what the boy had seen and admitted to touching the girl sexually in November.


He is charged with two counts of indecent assault of a person younger than 13, a third-degree felony.

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Immigrant Smugglers Sentenced For Killing 70-Year-Old Woman, Bertha Gonzalez, In Texas

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Three men have been sentenced to prison in an immigrant smuggling ring for crashing through a Texas home in an SUV, killing a 70-year-old woman, Bertha Gonzalez, according to the Associated Press.

On August 6, 2011, a police officer pulled over the SUV, a Chevrolet Suburban, in Falfurrias, Texas. As he approached the vehicle, the vehicle sped off, crashing into the Gonzalez’s home while she was sleeping. The men were trying to smuggle undocumented immigrants when officers pulled them over.

While the Border Patrol‘s “apprehensions of migrants [have reached] 40-year lows“, the crackdown on undocumented immigrants at federal and local levels has also created an environment of greater risk and danger. Just last month, 9 undocumented immigrants were killed in a car crash, as their driver also tried to flee from authorities.

According to the local Fox network in Falfurrias, Gonzalez’s body was throw into the backyard killing her instantly. Gonzalez is survived by her 6 children and over 20 grandchildren.

Falfurrias Chief of Police, Eden Garcia, told Fox 2 News that “illegal aliens are always being ushered through our towns and our cars.” Garcia says human smuggling is a problem in Falfurrias, Texas. In regard to Gonzalez’s death, Garcia said, “Community wise, everyone is upset. Naturally I’m upset. Again, no one deserves to die like this.”

Prosecutors say the immigrants pleaded with the driver known as “Perico” to stop before he crashed through Gonzalez’s home. Everyone inside the vehicle fled the crash scene. Authorities later found seven undocumented immigrants hiding in a nearby truck. Adrian, one of the smugglers, tried to escape by foot but was tracked down in the area. The driver, “Perico”, was never caught.

Romeo Cantu was given 8 years in prison, Marcos Adrian 4 years in prison and Everardo Hernandez-Salazar 5 years in prison.

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Latest target in battle over immigration reform: legal immigrants

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The Federation for American Immigration Reform has been one of the most vociferous opponents of unauthorized immigration in this country since its founding in 1979. However, a new video released earlier this month by the organization shows that the group is taking its message one step further by targeting legal immigrants as well as undocumented.

In the video, a FAIR spokesman stands in front of a series of giant letters spelling out the word, “ILLEGAL.” Pushing the first two letters aside, the man asks, “But what about these workers, legal foreign workers?” He goes on to argue that the workers legally admitted into this country each year by the federal government are taking jobs away from natural born citizens at a time when the economy can not support this added influx of labor. The commercial concludes that we need to reduce the number of legal immigrants admitted to the U.S. until our economy improves.

Like much of the work done and many of the political messages communicated by FAIR, this latest video has ignited an uproar against the organization and its nativist beliefs. In an op/ed published in the online version of political newsmagazine Reason, columnist A. Barton Hinkle attacks the very idea that native born citizens have more rights to jobs in this country than legal immigrants. He writes, “The notion that immigrants, legal or otherwise, are taking ‘our’ jobs relies on the assumption that one person has more claim on an open position than another. This isn’t so.” He goes on to point out the paradox that the very same conservative politicians who support unlimited free markets for goods are often the ones supporting highly protectionist policies when it comes to labor.

However, regardless of whether or not legal immigrants have the same rights to employment in this country as natural born citizens, a larger problem with FAIR’s message may concern the organization’s belief that limiting immigration to this country is in any way good for the national economy. A University of Arizona study by Professor Judith Gans recently found the opposite, that in fact immigrants to the state actually have an important role in stimlulating the economy and contributing to job growth. The report concludes that in one year, immigrants to Arizona contributed $44 billion to the state’s economy and were responsible for the creation of 400,000 full time jobs, including many jobs that went to natural born citizens.

FAIR has been frequently lambasted for presenting false statistics and using these statistics to ignorantly and unjustly influence legislation, such as Arizona’s SB 1070. In addition, the organization has also been criticized for its close financial relationship with Neo-Nazi organization The Pioneer Fund.

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Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Interesting news that has been ignored, again, by our useless mainstream media.

Apparently the Polish government is working on an amnesty for illegal immigrants living there, estimated to be between 40,000 – 100,000.

You can guess how many of them will exit Poland and end up in the UK for benefits and council houses.

This is the article about the story from Press Europe

“Legal immigrants”, headlines Gazeta Wyborcza, describing a government plan to announce an amnesty for undocumented immigrants resident in Poland.

According to the Warsaw daily, the new law initially formed part a more extensive bill on immigration. Fearing that such an ambitious bill could lose support ahead of parliamentary elections this autumn, the government now wishes to propose an amnesty separately.

Estimates for the number of undocumented immigrants on Polish territory veer widely between 40,000 to 400,000. If passed, the new law would help verify these figures, granting temporary residence rights – including legal employment – to those who have stayed in the country continuously since 20 December 2007, or 1 January 2010 to those who have been refused refugee status.

Here is the link to the original article in Polish


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