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Former neo-Nazi speaks at Valpo forum

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

VALPARAISO | His time serving in the U.S. military didn’t make him a racist, T.J. Leyden said, but it made him “a better racist.”

Leyden, a former neo-Nazi white supremacist, described his young life as a skinhead to students gathered Thursday at the Peace and Justice Symposium at Valparaiso University.

Leyden and his wife, Julie, are now the founders of StrHATE Talk Consulting, an organization that combats bigotry and hatred through education.

To his college audience, Leyden described a life of hatred and violence, which began when he was 15 years old. He said blacks, Hispanics and Asians were “lucky to get out of my neighborhood without being beaten.”

When he joined the Marine Corps, Leyden displayed a swastika and a copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in his locker and successfully recruited more skinheads while in the service.

“I brought my racism, prejudice and bigotry with me into the U.S. military,” he said.

After showing photos of “D.C. SniperJohn Allen Muhammad, serial bomber Eric Rudolph, and Oklahoma City bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Leyden asked the audience: “Do you know what those men had in common?”

His answer: “They were all trained by the U.S. military. They weren’t racists when they entered the military; they were recruited by racists while in the military, then they came out and did the deeds.”

Leyden said while he already was a racist when he entered the service, the military made him “a better racist” because it taught him how to fight and how to recruit.

After his early “other than honorable” discharge because of alcoholism, he began to recruit kids as young as 12 years old. He said kids at that age and in their teen years are easy to recruit because they are “looking for a place to fit in.”

With that example, Leyden warned the audience.

“You do the same in college — you find the group you fit in with and you’re not trying to learn about others,” he said.

Leyden said racist propaganda can easily be found in video games, on the Internet, in music and on television.

“Music is the most powerful recruitment tool in the world — genocide on CD,” said Leyden. “Hitler loves iTunes.”

Leyden listed songs available on iTunes, with titles such as “Fire Up the Ovens” and “6 Million More.” He said his six-year campaign to “get Apple to stop it” failed.

“So I buy nothing Apple creates,” Leyden said. “I refuse to because they know they’re selling it and their big thing is, ‘We can’t control what people are selling on iTunes.’”

Leyden said he began to question his lifestyle when he had children and his young son repeated a racial epithet.

“I realized this is who my children were going to become, and I didn’t want my boys to be like that,” he said. “My kids held a mirror up to my face that day, and I didn’t like the reflection.”


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Greek Police Send Crime Victims to Neo-Nazi ‘Protectors’

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party is increasingly assuming the role of law enforcement officers on the streets of the bankrupt country, with mounting evidence that Athenians are being openly directed by police to seek help from the neo-Nazi group, analysts, activists and lawyers say.

In return, a growing number of Greek crime victims have come to see the party, whose symbol bears an uncanny resemblance to the swastika, as a “protector”.

One victim of crime, an eloquent US-trained civil servant, told the Guardian of her family’s shock at being referred to the party when her mother recently called the police following an incident involving Albanian immigrants in their downtown apartment block.

“They immediately said if it’s an issue with immigrants go to Golden Dawn,” said the 38-year-old, who fearing for her job and safety, spoke only on condition of anonymity. “We don’t condone Golden Dawn but there is an acute social problem that has come with the breakdown of feeling of security among lower and middle class people in the urban centre,” she said. “If the police and official mechanism can’t deliver and there is no recourse to justice, then you have to turn to other maverick solutions.”

Other Greeks with similar experiences said the far-rightists, catapulted into parliament on a ticket of tackling “immigrant scum” were simply doing the job of a defunct state that had left a growing number feeling overwhelmed by a “sense of powerlessness”. “Nature hates vacuums and Golden Dawn is just filling a vacuum that no other party is addressing,” one woman lamented. “It gives ‘little people’ a sense that they can survive, that they are safe in their own homes.”

Far from being tamed, parliamentary legitimacy appears only to have emboldened the extremists. In recent weeks racially-motivated attacks have proliferated. Immigrants have spoken of their fear of roaming the streets at night following a spate of attacks by black-clad men on motorbikes. Street vendors from Africa and Asia have also been targeted.

“For a lot of people in poorer neighbourhoods we are liberators,” crowed Yiannis Lagos, one of 18 MPs from the stridently patriot “popular nationalist movement” to enter the 300-seat house in June. “The state does nothing,” he told a TV chat show, adding that Golden Dawn was the only party that was helping Greeks, hit by record levels of poverty and unemployment, on the ground. Through an expansive social outreach programme, which also includes providing services to the elderly in crime-ridden areas, the group regularly distributes food and clothes parcels to the needy.

But the hand-outs come at a price: allegiance to Golden Dawn. “A friend who was being seriously harassed by her husband and was referred to the party by the police very soon found herself giving it clothes and food in return,” said a Greek teacher, who, citing the worsening environment enveloping the country, again spoke only on condition of anonymity. “She’s a liberal and certainly no racist and is disgusted by what she has had to do.”

The strategy, however, appears to be paying off. On the back of widespread anger over biting austerity measures that have also hit the poorest hardest, the popularity of the far-rightists has grown dramatically with polls indicating a surge in support for the party.

One survey last week showed a near doubling in the number of people voicing “positive opinions” about Golden Dawn, up from 12% in May to 22%. The popularity of Nikos Michaloliakos, the party’s rabble-rousing leader had shot up by 8 points, much more than any other party leader.

Paschos Mandravelis, a prominent political analyst, attributed the rise in part to the symbiotic relationship between the police and Golden Dawn. “Greeks haven’t turned extremist overnight. A lot of the party’s backing comes from the police, young recruits who are a-political and know nothing about the Nazis or Hitler,” he said. “For them, Golden Dawn supporters are their only allies on the frontline when there are clashes between riot police and leftists.”

Riding the wave, the party has taken steps to set up branches among diaspora Greek communities abroad, opening an office in New York last week. Others are expected to open in Australia and Canada. Cadres say they are seeing particular momentum in support from women.

With Greeks becoming ever more radicalised, the conservative-led government has also clamped down on illegal immigration, detaining thousands in camps and increasing patrols along the country’s land and sea frontier with Turkey.

But in an environment of ever increasing hate speech and mounting tensions, the party’s heavy-handedness is also causing divisions. A threat by Golden Dawn to conduct raids against vendors attending an annual fair in the town of Arta this weekend has caused uproar.

“They say they have received complaints about immigrant vendors from shop owners here but that is simply untrue,” said socialist mayor Yiannis Papalexis. “Extra police have been sent down from Athens and if they come they will be met by leftists who have said they will beat them up with clubs. I worry for the stability of my country.”

Seated in her office beneath the Acropolis, Anna Diamantopoulou, a former EU commissioner, shakes her head in disbelief. Despair, she says, has brought Greece to a dangerous place.

“I never imagined that something like Golden Dawn would happen here, that Greeks could vote for such people,” she sighed. “This policy they have of giving food only to the Greeks and blood only to the Greeks. The whole package is terrifying. This is a party based on hate of ‘the other’. Now ‘the other’ is immigrants, but who will ‘the other’ be tomorrow?”

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German rower given second chance after Games scandal

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

German rower Nadja Drygalla was given the all clear on Tuesday to carry on her career after a hearing with the German Rowing Federation (DRV) the ruling body announced.

The 23-year-old left the Olympic Village in London early – she had already competed in the eight competition but was eliminated in the repechage stage – after it was revealed her boyfriend was a former regional official of the NPD, an openly neo-Nazi political movement in the northern city of Rostock.

However, on Tuesday DRV president Siegfried Kaidel confirmed that after a hearing that last several hours the federation supported Drygalla totally.

“A lot of people have tried to uncover things about her entourage,” said Michael Vesper, secretary-general of the German Olympic Committee (DOSB).

“She herself is not an adherent of the extreme-right ideology.

“Therefore there is nothing against her.”

Drygalla, who had already received the support of German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere, had already resigned from the police service last year because of her relationship.

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German cops warn of Nazi violence

Monday, September 10th, 2012

German police are warning that the neo-Nazi movement is under pressure and terror attacks against foreigners and Jewish targets were a growing threat.

Investigators said extremists were coming under increasing pressure by law-enforcement and could lash out “to prove their own ability to act with violence.”

The report, which was obtained by Der Spiegel, was issued in July by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigations about a year after the extremist group National Socialist Underground was found to be responsible for the slayings of a police officer and nine men of Turkish and Greek origin.

The report also warned that extremists were well armed and could target German politicians and police officers, the Local.de said Sunday.

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Op-Ed: Poll—Greece’s Golden Dawn Gains Support as Other Parties Fall

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

A new political poll published in Greece shows that support for each of the main political parties has fallen since the June 17 election. The only party to make a significant gain is Golden Dawn, increasing its share of the vote from 6.92 to 8.6 percent.

The latest poll shows that support for the far-left has declined over the summer, whilst the far-right has gained support. Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) has come out of nowhere to become the fourth largest political party in Greece, with a larger support base than the Democratic Left which forms part of the coalition government.

This is in spite of concerted efforts in the international press to depict Golden Dawn as neo-Nazi, while supporters view it as nationalistic rather than extreme. The party maintains the attempts to malign them are not only ridiculous slander but libelous, noting the Greek people now understand correctly that they are a Nationalistic movement. Their continued distribution of food to needy Greeks suffering under austerity measures, has gained them support, though their efforts have been criticized as they only provide food to Greek citizens.

The contrasting figures are published below (election results from Keep Talking Greece)

New Democracy June 17 election results 29.66 Current 24.8, SYRIZA 26.89 (22.8), PASOK 12.28 (9.8), Golden Dawn 6.92 (8.6 ), Independent Greeks 7.51 (6.8), Democratic Left 6.26(5.2), Communists KKE 4.50 (4.7 percent.)

With social unrest expected in September as new austerity measures are introduced and taxes raised again, support for Golden Dawn is likely to increase as they develop their political style.

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When It’s OK to Be a Racist

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

The New York Times responded to the attack in the Sikh temple by claiming that hate crimes are under-reported:

Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. told the Senate in 2009 that “we have a significant hate crimes problem in this country.” The recent murders at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin have raised this issue in the public consciousness.

The Times is worried that a lot of hate crimes are prosecuted as if they were ordinary crimes and don’t show up in the statistics.  The Times ignores the fact that a significant number of hate crimes are fakes.  Theyargue that we need to find more hate crimes to punish, specifically hate crimes committed by white people.

The shooting rampage on Sunday that killed six people and wounded three others at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin exposed the continued dangers of white power extremism in our midst. The shooter, Wade M. Page, was affiliated with a range of neo-Nazi skinhead groups, and during the last decade, he played in several prominent bands in the white power music scene.

The Times would have us believe that thousands of neo-Nazis thrive in the “white power” music scene, downloading Aryan music and chatting online about offenses committed by non-whites.

Law enforcement and anti-racist activists should pay close attention to the scene as a motivating force for hate crime because when extremist ideas endure, so does the potential for extremist actions.

The Times believes that police should pay disproportionate attention to white groups which sing certain Aryan songs because of the “potential for extremist actions.”

What About Black Hate Songs?

Has the Times never heard of rap?  These lyrics are by “artists” who’ve won Grammy awards, the music industry’s highest honor.

“Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha”

“Kill d’White People”; Apache, Apache Ain’t Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.

“I kill a devil right now … I say kill whitey all nightey long … I stabbed a fucking Jew with a steeple … I would kill a cracker for nothing, just for the fuck of it … Menace Clan kill a cracker; jack ‘em even quicker … catch that devil slipping; blow his fucking brains out”

“Fuck a Record Deal”; Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, subsidiaries of Thorn EMI; called The EMI Group since 1997, United Kingdom.

It doesn’t take much googling to find a great many “hate songs” urging black people to commit violence against whites.  The Times assumes the tiny handful of  white people who sing songs about murdering non-whites will commit murder and therefore ought to be watched.  The Times’ own statistics say that the average black person is 20 times more likely to commit a violent crime than a white person.  Why not watch black people who sing songs about black people murdering whites, particularly when there are so many more of them and, unlike totally obscure white-power music, violent rap songs are blasted across the public airwaves from coast to coast?

If the Times were serious about monitoring singing groups to forestall violence, they’d look at black groups who sing about murdering whites.

The Black Crime Wave

The Wall Street Journal reports that the black murder rate is increasing even though overall crime rates are dropping.

More than half the nation’s homicide victims are African-American, though blacks make up only 13% of the population.  Of those black murder victims, 85% were men, mostly young men.

An average black is more than 4 times more likely to be murdered than a white.  The article reports that 6% of black murder victims are killed by whites whereas 14% of white murder victims are killed by blacks.  Blacks kill twice the fraction of white murder victims as whites kill black murder victims; if the writers of white-power music are trying to incite whites to violence against blacks, they’re nothing like as successful as rap artists doing the same thing in reverse.

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Ohio man’s beating by bored teens sparks 2 rallies

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

The brutal beating of a man by a group of young teenagers who said they did it because they were bored has shaken the Cincinnati suburb of North College Hill and drawn unwanted attention in the form of a group of self-described white separatists.

Five members of the National Alliance, considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a neo-Nazi organization, held a “solidarity” rally Friday on a main thoroughfare of the small, quiet, blue-collar community.

They called on white people to speak out about the Aug. 11 beating of Pat Mahaney, a 45-year-old white man. Six black teens are charged with felonious assault and aggravated rioting in the beating.

Police do not suspect race was a motive. They say the teens reported beating Mahaney because they were bored.

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Police vehicle carrying Pakistani man attacked

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

In Greece, a police vehicle carrying a Pakistani man accused of attempted murder, has been attacked by supporters of an extreme right-wing party.

The Golden Dawn activists ran onto a ferry near Athens, as the vehicle carrying the 21-year-old suspect left the ship.

The man is accused of attempting to kill a 15-year-old Greek girl on the island of Paros and was being transported to a mainland prison.

It comes after Greek police said they were deporting hundreds of illegal immigrants, after a major crackdown in Athens. Dozens of people were sent back to Pakistan at the weekend.

Golden Dawn, described by opponents as neo-Nazis, won enough votes in a recent election to enter parliament.

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Greek police ignore rising attacks on migrants – HRW

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Gangs of Greeks are regularly attacking immigrants with impunity across the country and authorities are ignoring or discouraging victims from filing complaints, advocacy group Human Rights Watch said in a report on Tuesday.

Greece is a major gateway into the European Union for undocumented migrants from Asia and Africa, and illegal immigration has become a hot-button issue as the country struggles through its worst economic crisis since World War Two.

A fifth straight year of recession and unemployment at a record high has helped fuel anti-immigrant sentiment, with migrants blamed for rising crime levels and accused of eating into a shrinking pot of subsidised services from the state.

Migrants and asylum seekers spoke to Human Rights Watch of virtual no-go areas in Athens after dark because of fear of attacks by often black-clad groups of Greeks intent on violence,” the report said.

“While tourists are welcome, migrants and asylum seekers face a hostile environment, where they may be subject to detention in inhuman and degrading conditions, risk destitution and xenophobic violence.”

Human Rights Watch said the true extent of xenophobic violence in Greece was not clear given many victims do not report the crime and since government statistics are unreliable.

The group said it interviewed 59 people who suffered or escaped a racist incident between August 2009 and May this year. That included 51 serious attacks and two of the victims were pregnant women.

Most of the attacks take place at night in or near town squares and are committed by groups of attackers in dark clothing, their faces obscured with cloth or helmets, Human Rights Watch said. The perpetrators have been known to wield clubs or beer bottles or just their bare fists, it said.

The victims consistently told the group that police discouraged them from filing complaints and that some were even warned they would be detained if they insisted on an investigation.

Many victims gave up after being told an investigation would be pointless if they could not identify the attackers or being told either to accept an apology or fight back, the group said.

Human Rights Watch also said there was evidence to suggest the perpetrators were members or associated with local vigilante groups and Golden Dawn, an extreme-right party elected to parliament this year – the first such development since the fall of a military junta in 1974.

The group said it had found no evidence that violent attacks are directed by the party, which denies it is neo-Nazi, but that Golden Dawn members have been implicated in specific attacks.

It quoted residents and a police officer saying party members were involved in beatings of migrants, and noted allegations of collusion between police and Golden Dawn members.

Golden Dawn, which campaigned on a pledge to rid Greece of all immigrants, denies carrying out attacks.

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Show on neo-Nazi John Ditullio is pulled after company admits errors

Friday, July 13th, 2012

An episode of I (Almost) Got Away With It featuring one of Pasco County‘s most infamous murderers, neo-Nazi John Ditullio, has been snatched from DVD production and is being revised.

“Regrettably, Indigo Films’ review confirmed that certain inaccuracies were presented in this episode,” the production company said in a written statement, after the Tampa Bay Timesand its coverage partner, Bay News 9, reported last weekend on errors in the show.

In the episode, which aired in June on the Investigation Discovery cable channel, Ditullio confessed to crimes he’s never been charged with — crimes that authorities doubt ever happened. Among other things, Ditullio boasted of murdering a transient and cutting off the pinky finger of a man who disrespected the American Nazi Party, along with threatening and battering what appears to be a legion of others, in the name of biker gangs, Nazi loyalty and just because violence pleases him.

“I’ve rendered a lot of people ineffective for life,” Ditullio said in his televised interview from prison, where he’s serving a life sentence for stabbing a teenager to death.

Members of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office were infuriated by the episode. The show said the agency launched an investigation after the homeless man’s body was found, when in fact there was no body, no investigation, no indication such an attack ever happened. Quotes from an interview with Capt. John Corbin were edited to make it sound like he was speaking about the alleged murder, when in fact he’d never been asked about it.

The agency said it would never work again with the TV company.

This week the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by executives with Indigo Films and Investigation Discovery. “They apologized,” said sheriff’s spokesman Doug Tobin.

They said they were pulling the episode from online rentals and DVD sales so they can revise it, Tobin said. The changed episode might include new interviews with Corbin and other Sheriff’s Office members.

“They are going above and beyond to make this right and we do appreciate that as an agency,” Tobin said. “We will work with them, if there is anything we can do to assist them.”

In a statement released Thursday, Indigo Films said it is working with the Sheriff’s Office to revise the script, specifically on Ditullio’s confession of murdering the homeless man.

“Indigo Films acknowledges errors were made regarding the alleged murder being reported to police and the ensuing investigation, as well as Captain Corbin’s commentary being taken out of context in regards to this unsubstantiated claim by Ditullio,” the statement reads.

Indigo Films, which says it has produced five seasons of I (Almost) Got Away With It, said it has taken steps within its research department to ensure these errors won’t happen again.

“Investigation Discovery and Indigo Films hold their relationships with the police across this country as paramount in presenting accurate programming and showcasing the commendable efforts of the authorities to keep our cities safe and bring offenders to justice,” the release states.

Though Ditullio confessed to the alleged transient killing, he denied the murder he’s sitting in prison for committing. In 2006, Ditullio lived with a neo-Nazi group in a mobile home on Teak Street. Prosecutors said Ditullio wore a gas mask and broke into the neighboring home and stabbed Kristofer King, 17, who died, and Patricia Wells, then 45, who was injured but survived. Authorities said the neo-Nazi group hated Wells because she had a black friend and her son was gay. On the night of the attack, King, a friend of Wells’ son, was at the house, but her son was not there. Prosecutors believed the attacker thought King was Wells’ son.

Ditullio is appealing his conviction.

Pasco Sheriff’s Lt. Eric Seltzer, who investigated the stabbings, said he appreciated that the production company pulled the show. But, he said, the damage is done. He said the show was “disrespectful” to Ditullio’s victims.

“They should be embarrassed they allowed him to manipulate them and run the show,” Seltzer said.

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German spy chief quits in neo-Nazi files scandal

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

The head of Germany‘s domestic intelligence service resigned on Monday after admitting that his agency had shredded files on a neo-Nazi cell whose killing spree targeting immigrants rocked the country late last year.

Heinz Fromm‘s resignation is the latest in a series of embarrassing setbacks for Germany’s security services over their handling of the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU), which went undetected for more than a decade despite its murder of 10 people, mostly ethnic Turkish immigrants.

An interior ministry spokesman confirmed that Fromm would quit his post, which he has held since 2000, at the end of July.

German lawmakers said there was no suggestion that Fromm had ordered the destruction of the files but that he was taking responsibility for others’ failures.

“Fromm was no firebrand but a solid custodian in the defense of the constitution.. He was no James Bond,” Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s ruling Christian Democrats, told Die Welt newspaper.

He and other lawmakers called for a swift and thorough investigation into the matter.

German media have said an official working in the intelligence agency is suspected of having destroyed files on an operation to recruit far-right informants just one day after the involvement of the NSU in the murders became public.

Fromm told the Spiegel weekly that the shredding of files in the case had done “grave damage to the reputation” of his agency, known in Germany as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Despite his resignation, Fromm is expected to appear as a witness in the NSU case before a parliamentary committee later this week, lawmaker Sebastian Edathy said.

Germans, burdened by their Nazi past, were mortified by last year’s news that three neo-Nazis had been behind the killings of eight ethnic Turks, an ethnic Greek and a police officer in a period running from 2000 to 2007.

The NSU cell’s culpability only came to light after two of the neo-Nazis committed suicide following a botched bank robbery last autumn. A third member was later arrested.

Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly apologized to the families of the murder victims for the catalogue of neglect and errors that allowed the NSU cell to operate with impunity for so long.

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Marijuana Changed Notorious Nazi Twins Into Peace-Loving Hippies

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

In 2003, California twin sisters Lamb and Lynx Gaede had formed a neo-Nazi band named Prussian Blue, after the by-product of the poison used to gas millions of Jews. Now that they are 20, the twins have changed dramatically into peace-loving hippies. Why? Marijuana.


According to the Daily Mail, the sisters — seen here as kids wearing matching smiley Hitler faced T-Shirts — are no longer racist and have actually become “pretty liberal” because of medical marijuana.

When Lynx was diagnosed with cancer during her freshman year of high school and had a tumor removed from her shoulder, she was prescribed OxyContin and morphine to deal with the pain. She then began smoking to ease withdrawal symptoms and nausea.

“I have to say, marijuana saved my life,” she said.

Lamb, who has scoliosis and chronic back pain also got her own medical marijuana card.

“We just want to come from a place of love and light,” Lamb said. “I think we’re meant to do something more  – we’re healers. We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can.

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UEFA fines German FA 25,000 euros over supporters’ neo-Nazi banner during Denmark clash

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

UEFA has fined the German Football Association (DFB) 25,000 euros over the behavior of a section of their supporters during the national team’s Euro 2012 clash with Denmark.

Die Mannschaft fans were accused of displaying a neo-Nazi banner during the Group B game in Lviv, as well as singing offensive songs and letting off fireworks.

The European game’s governing body has now reprimanded the DFB, having found the country’s fans guilty of “improper conduct”.

“The German Football Association (DFB) has been fined €25,000 by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body,” a statement released on Monday read. “The charges relate to the improper conduct of their supporters at the UEFA EURO 2012 Group B match against Denmark in Lviv on Sunday 17 June.

“An appeal can be lodged against this decision within 24 hours of the dispatch of the reasoned decision.”

Germany won the game 2-1, with Lars Bender popping up with the winner with 10 minutes remaining after Michael Krohn-Dehli had earlier cancelled out Lukas Podolski‘s opener.

Russia and Croatia have previously been fined by UEFA over the actions of their supporters in Poland and Ukraine.

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In Ukraine, football helps us tackle Nazis

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Pavel Klymenko is a man of convictions. He used to express them on the streets of Kiev, in hand-to-hand combat with neo-Nazis. Today, he fights racism and antisemitism in another way: with words and watchfulness.

From 2004-2006, Mr Klymenko and other teenagers tried to take the streets back from neo-Nazi groups who walked around “wearing Nazi symbols and beating up people they did not like”, said Mr Klymenko, who today is co-founder and chair of Football Against Prejudices, a group which monitors stadiums for hate crimes.

Back then, “we were like the punk fans against the Nazi invaders”. With no weapons, he and his friends took on the neo-Nazis, who sometimes used paving stones and screwdrivers.

Eventually, the young anti-fascists took another tack. “We had fulfilled our self-described role,” since the neo-Nazis stopped dominating the streets.

“It was a containment strategy. And we realised that this is not the way you can fight problems in society at large.”

Now, Mr Klymenko — who describes himself as an atheist — is working to raise awareness of right-wing extremism among football fans. During the current European Championship games in Poland and Ukraine, local volunteers have been watching the stands and reporting anything untoward.

A football fan himself, Mr Klymenko notes that neo-Nazis find the sport attractive because “there is a crowd mentality. It is a very fruitful field for neo-Nazis because you can say that bad things are the fault of foreigners or Jews, and everyone will say, ‘Yay!’”

But football may be bringing positive change. Rafal Pankowski, co-ordinator of the ‘Respect Diversity — Football Unites’ project, which operates under the umbrella of the London-based Football Against Racism in Europe (Fare) said: “For people in Poland and Ukraine to walk around and see this big, multi-national crowd, it is a positive confrontation with multi-culturalism. And we do our bit to encourage this good atmosphere.”
Some 2,500 spots in Poland and Ukraine have been turned into “inclusive zones”, with posters condemning racism, said Mr Pankowski’s colleague, Jacek Purski. A hotline encourages witnesses to report incidents.

In addition, to combat antisemitism among fans, a travelling exhibition on the history of football in Poland includes a section on the involvement of Jewish athletes, club owners and fans in the early days of the game.
All these efforts appear to be helping, said Mr Pankowski. In the current international games, “people want to show they are normal Europeans and not eastern barbarians”, he said.

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‘Extreme right German fans with Nazi war banners’ behind Uefa’s DFB charge

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) has revealed the full details behind Uefa‘s decision to charge the German Football Association (DFB) for the improper conduct of their fans.

Uefa announced the charge on Tuesday after FARE reported that supporters unveiled a neo-Nazi banner inside the stadium during their Group B encounter with Denmark, which took place on June 17. 

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MPs expelled over neo-Nazi clothing brand

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The president of Saxony’s state parliament yesterday expelled eight far-right regional MPs from the assembly for wearing a clothing brand favoured by German neo-Nazis.


The NPD party MPs refused to remove T-shirts and shirts from the Thor Steinar company in an “openly provocative act,” Saxony state parliament spokesman Ivo Klatte said.

The brand, with its runic symbols and Nordic themes, is popular among neo-Nazis in Germany, even though the company has distanced itself from far right extremism in the past.

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Greek neo-Nazi MP presses charges against two female deputies he assaulted

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

A Greek neo-Nazi MP who shocked the country last week by assaulting two female deputies on live television pressed charges against his victims Monday.

Ilias Kasidiaris, 31, who is himself on trial for alleged involvement in a 2007 mugging, claims the two women insulted him.

Kasidiaris is a former army commando and the spokesman of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group, which entered parliament for the first time in Greek history in an inconclusive general election on May 6, winning 6.9 percent of the vote.

Another general election will be held on June 17.

Appearing on an early morning talk show on June 7, Kasidiaris threw a glass of water at Syriza party deputy Rena Dourou after she accused Golden Dawn of seeking to “drag Greece 500 years into the past.”

Kasidiaris then struck Liana Kanelli from the communist KKE party three times as she rose to push him away.

Accompanied to court by bodyguards on Thursday, he also filed a complaint against the TV station on the grounds of “illegal detention” because the network’s employees tried to keep him on the premises following the incident.

He further laid charges against a journalist present at the time, who called a prosecutor asking for action to be taken against him.

The prosecutor had ordered Kasidiaris’ arrest on the grounds of attempted grievous bodily harm. But a 48-hour deadline for his arrest on sight expired on Saturday, meaning he is entitled to walk free until his trial.

Kasidiaris was also in court on Monday for a hearing over the 2007 mugging of a student in Athens, which was postponed to September 3 due to the absence of his lawyer on other business.

The latest polls indicate Golden Dawn will remain in parliament after the June 17 elections, despite a slight drop.

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Thousands rally against Greece’s far-right party ahead of elections

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Thousands have protested in Greece against the far-right Golden Dawn party after one of its members assaulted a woman on live TV, BBC News reported.

Demonstrators shouted “Neo-Nazis out” in rallies called by left-wing and anti-racism groups in Athens.

On Thursday, June 7 Ilias Kasidiaris, a Golden Dawn MP, was filmed hitting a left-wing politician during a chatshow.

The rally comes nine days before elections which could result in a Greek exit from the Eurozone.

In polls a month ago, Golden Dawn surprised many by winning 21 seats in Greece’s 300-seat parliament.

A second election is taking place as no party was able to forge a coalition.

Prosecutors said an arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Kasidiaris, whose whereabouts remain unknown after he fled the television studio on Thursday. The assault took place during a live debate on a daily morning political show on the private Antenna television.

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Far-right and leftists clash in Hamburg

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in the German city of Hamburg as a neo-Nazi demonstration drew a larger counter-demonstration, with clashes breaking out between left-wing protesters and police in one part of the city.

Around 10,000 people gathered at the central rally on City Hall Square, under the slogan “Hamburg shows its true colours,” according to a police estimate.

The Neo-Nazi parade, called “The day of the German Future”, was held at the same time, with police expecting an estimated 1,000 participants.

In the eastern suburb of Wandsbek, where left and right-wing protesters had gathered, clashes broke out with police.

Several police were injured during the melee, which saw the leftists set fire to barricades and use pyrotechnics, bottles and stones to attack police and the far-right demonstrators.

Sandra Levgruen, a police spokeswoman, said the leftists tried to stop the far-right rally by erecting barricades and setting them ablaze.

Police stepped in and surrounded about 700 counter-protesters who had set up barricades to prevent a neo-Nazi march from passing.

Water cannons were used by police after some of the protesters threw stones and fireworks at them and set rubbish bins and barricades on fire, police officials said.

One participant tweeted: “At Eilbeker road 500-700 anti-fascists are making the streets unpassable 4 big barricades.”

Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz told the main rally, to overwhelming applause: “We stand together. We are proud to be a cosmopolitan city.”

The demonstration, organised by a broad coalition of politicians from all political parties, trade unions, social organisations and churches, was aimed to send a strong signal to the extreme right that Hamburg is a tolerant city.

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Former neo-Nazi leader White sought on federal probation violation

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Former neo-Nazi leader William A. White is being sought by federal authorities on a probation violation.

White, who is on supervised release following a 2½-year prison sentence for making threats, left his home in Rockbridge County without the permission of his probation officer, said Ron Donelson, a senior inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service.

“We’re actively looking for him,” Donelson said.

White had been scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Roanoke on May 14 for a resentencing after an appeals court ruled that the judge in his case did not properly follow sentencing guidelines.

The hearing was canceled with no explanation listed in court records. Later in the week, a probation officer stopped by White’s home and found that he had left.

White is required to keep in regular contact with supervising officials and notify them when he leaves town, Donelson said.

White, who once was the self-proclaimed commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, was convicted in Roanoke of making racially charged threats, usually by email or on a website he maintained at the time.

U.S. District Judge James Turk sentenced White in 2010 to 30 months in prison. White was released about a year ago and has been living in Rockbridge County

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Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Look at that man above. The face paint. The bandolier. The studded armband. The devil horns. This is Giorgos Germenis, bassist for Greek black metal outfit Naer Mataron, and he is the country’s new parliament representative.

Beleaguered by years of overspending, governmental infighting and fiscal mismanagement, Greece is finally turning to the one group of people who can get s**t done: black metal dudes.

According to Blabbermouth, “Germenis… will represent the extremist Golden Dawn party, which is described as perhaps the most extreme of the far-right parties in all of Europe. Comparisons are made to Germany‘s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party and many say Golden Dawn’s logo resembles a swastika.”

Oh. Ummm. Yeah. This story’s not as fun anymore.

Like many of your favorite far-right extremists, Germenis thinks the problems with Greek’s faltering economy can be traced to those lazy, friggin’ immigrants and their sneaky, job-taking ways. “Greek factories must be reborn,” said Germenis. “Their chimneys must be filled with smoke once more, and of course all illegal immigrants must leave. If all the illegal immigrants left—and there are more than three million—there would be three million jobs for Greeks.”

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German Police raid neo-Nazis linked to Freies Netz Süd, which collaborates with the DSSS

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

German Police in Bavaria have raided the Jagdstaffel D.S.T., a neo-Nazi group that regularly travels to the Czech Republic to train its members in the use of firearms. During the extensive police action, officers confiscated 5 800 items, including weapons. Czech extremists from the Workers’ Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti – DSSS) and the Workers’ Youth (Dělnická mládež – DM) collaborate with the German neo-Nazi organization Freies Netz Süd, which is connected to the Jagdstaffel D.S.T.

News server Welt.de reports that the items confiscated from the German neo-Nazis included a revolver, so-called decorative weapons, knives, brass knuckles, munitions, Nazi-themed items, and Nazi propaganda. Charges are now being filed against 19 members of the Jagdstaffel D.S.T. group, who range in age from 20 to 33 and who police say are in contact with the neo-Nazi organization Freies Netz Süd. All of the defendants were released after being deposed.

The raid on 31 different sites in Munich and its environs involved 300 officers. Police say the revolver that was discovered, as well as a flare gun, were being held in violation of laws on weapons possession, and the confiscated munitions probably violate the law on the control of military materiel. Several so-called decorative weapons – real weapons that have been disarmed – also ended up in police evidence. Police are now determining whether the extremists were repairing them to be used for sharpshooting once more. The weapons included a double-barreled gun from WWII.

Detectives are now taking an interest in the extensive collection held by the father of one of the members of the organization. The man, who is a sport shooter, owns more than 50 weapons. Nevertheless, police said he had the required permits for all of them and that they were properly secured at the time his home was searched.

The spokesperson for the Green Party faction in the Bavarian state assembly, Susanna Tausendfreund, considers the Jagdstaffel organization dangerous and says their shooting trips to the Czech Republic are proof of that. Tausendfreund has information that members of the organization have practiced targeting shooting in the Czech Republic on targets representing human figures. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann also warned last week of the organization’s firearms-training “trips to Czechia”.

The organization Jagdstaffel D.S.T. was established in 2009 in Geretsried near Munich; it was originally called the Jagdstaffel Süd. The group is comprised of a “hard core” of about 10 people and an outer circle of other members. The letters in its name stand for the words “Deutsch” (German) “Stolz” (Proud) and Treu (“Authentic”). According to official estimates, as many as 200 violent neo-Nazis live in Munich.

Czech extremists from the DM and DSSS collaborate with the Freies Netz Süd, as they do with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD). For example, anti-Romani demonstrations in Ostrava and Rotava (October 2011) and the 1 May demonstration on 2001 in Brno were attended by neo-Nazis from Freies Netz Süd and the NPD.

As the Antifa.cz website has reported, the demonstration in Ostrava was attended by a “prominent” neo-Nazi, Katrin Köhler, an NPD member who is currently a town council member in Chemnitz. Bavarian politician and active neo-Nazi Robin Siener (NPD, Freies Netz Süd) was there as well. Siener spoke at last year’s 1 May demonstration in Brno. His speech there included anti-Semitic and racist statements, as well as insults of Polish guest-workers; he is currently being prosecuted for his statements.

Siener said the following in Brno: “Look at the big European cities, where women are being raped right in the middle of the square…, where this human garbage can commit crime without the local population intervening… When will the nation finally get its rights? … We are sending our blood to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Lebanon, and in return we just get human garbage that no one wants… I ask each of you, how far will it go in our countries before we take up staffs and and torches and run those who are oppressing us and sending us their human garbage here out of the European fortress and send them back to where they came from? We would do best to send them immediately back to Israel or the USA with one-way tickets… We are divided by only two things, the border and language, nothing else…” (See Romea.cz’s reporting on the 1 May demonstration at http://www.romea.cz/english/index.php?id=detail&detail=2007_23d97).

Two busloads of neo-Nazis, most of them from Bavaria and linked to the organizations Freie Netz Süd and the NPD, attended the Rotava demonstration to support it. Several carloads of cohorts from Saxony also made it to the demonstration, which was also attended by the top leadership circle of the DSSS (Vandas, Štěpánek, Kotáb), reinforced by activists from local organizations and representatives of the DM.

Among the most important of the Czech attendees was the chair of the Karlovy Vary regional DSSS, Jiří Froněk. From the neo-Nazis living in Karlovy Vary, there was the stalwart of the neo-Nazi scene, DSSS candidate Pavel “Kevin” Petrů, who is a member of the racist white power band “Hlas krve” (Voice of Blood). The main person besides Froněk who was behind the actual inviting of the German extremists to Rotava was Lukáš Stoupa, who has been a neo-Nazi for many years. He has long been in contact with significant German neo-Nazis. The organization of the two buses from Bavaria for the Rotava demonstration was handled by the neo-Nazi Freies Netz Süd (FNS), whose leading members are in contact with Stoupa.

The FNS was created in 2008 in Bavaria. It is a very active organization in which several local-level cells are associated. Their activities include monitoring their political opponents and physically assaulting them. Many racist attacks have been ascribed to members of the FNS. The core of this organization is comprised of members of the banned neo-Nazi organization “Fränkischen Aktionsfront” (FAF), who also attended the demonstration in Rotava.

One of the top neo-Nazis active in Germany is Matthias Fischer, a founder of the FNS and FAF. Fischer has been active since the 1990s; currently he is active within the Anti-Antifa movement and has been convicted of neo-Nazi activities in the past. He is also the founder of the group “Aryan Hope”, the logo of which is tattooed on his head. Through that organization, he has established contacts around the world, most closely with the Hungarian neo-Nazi scene.

Stoupa was seen in Rotava conversing with Daniel Weigl, a member of the NPD who is also a leading member of the FNS. Weigl is currently on parole for attacking fans of the FC Bayern football club and for giving the Nazi salute. Another important FHS member who was spotted in Rotava was Kai Zimmerman. He is currently working primarily as a convener and organizer of neo-Nazi demonstrations. One of his activities is to follow and videotape the group’s political opponents, and he brought his camera with him to Rotava. In the past, Zimmerman has been convicted of committing grievous bodily harm and disseminating neo-Nazi materials. You can find more details about the collaboration between Czech and German neo-Nazis in our piece from January at http://www.romea.cz/english/index.php?id=detail&detail=2007_3122 .

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Greek media accuse far-right party of bullying

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Greek journalists on Tuesday accused the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party of intimidation after they became the first far-right group to enter parliament since military dictatorship ended.

At a news conference after securing 7 percent of the vote on Sunday, Golden Dawn members ordered journalists to stand to attention for party leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos. Many journalists left the room in protest.

Mihaloliakos also marched down the street on Sunday flanked by muscular men with shaved heads and tight t-shirts, and yelling “liars!” at the foreign journalists following him.

“The Greek Federation of Journalists (POESY) warns Hitler nostalgics and especially the ‘brave boys in black t-shirts’ that no journalist will be coerced, threatened and above all terrorized,” the union said in a statement.

The Athens Union of Journalists (ESIEA) said: “Acting like bouncers, they showed their true colors. We are not afraid of you. We will reveal your role. You will not have your way.”

Promising to rid Greece of immigrants and with a swastika-like logo, Golden Dawn is the first far-right party to enter parliament since the fall of the military dictatorship in 1974.

The party, which denies that it is neo-Nazi, rose from obscurity in just over a year by appealing to Greeks who feel that a rise in crime driven by five years of recession has made the streets unsafe.

Many Greeks were shocked by its success, also fuelled in part by anger with the two parties that have been in power for decades and led Greece into its debt crisis: the conservative New Democracy and the socialist PASOK.

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Ukraine’s Nazi militia training ‘football hooligans’ to interrupt England’s Euro games

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Neo-Nazi paramilitaries are clandestinely training football hooligans to inflict mayhem during Ukraine’s Euro 2012 match against England.

An investigation by The Sun has filmed members of extreme right-wing militia ‘The Patriot of Ukraine’, as it drilled thugs in unarmed combat, knife fighting and use of rifles and pistols at a secret camp.

One of those football hooligans boasted about how they planned to riot and hurl racist abuse at black England stars such as Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole.Of course we will boo your black players. There will be fighting too. Why should we apologise for it?” he said.

The group’s leaders said the hooligans were seen as “foot soldiers” that would proclaim their contemptible message of racial hatred to the world during Euro 2012.

All three of England’s group matches are in the Ukraine, which is jointly hosting the tournament with Poland. ThePatriots, whose 3,500 members run illegal military training camps, teach the thugs fighting skills and offer “education” in their ideology.

In return the hooligans agree to chant white supremacist slogans from the stands and swell the Patriots’ ranks at anti-immigration rallies on the streets.

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After Beating, Neo-Nazi Newspapers Show Up

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Neighbors on Delmar Drive woke up to Neo-Nazi newspapers on their front lawns and doorsteps Thursday morning.

It’s the same neighborhood where witnesses say a white man was severely beaten by a group of black men.

“These newspapers are wrong,” Marsha Parker, one of the neighbors, said. “This is evil. I called police immediately.”

The newspapers were 2009 editions of The Aryan Alternative, published by a former Ku Klux Klan leader and a Neo-Nazi figurehead in Missouri.

Neighbors say all they want is peace, and this is an obvious attempt by racists to incite violence.

“This is putting gas on the fire,” Kendric Reese said. “This is just pure hate. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Reese and Parker said the beating was a feud between neighbors, and was not racially motivated. The neighbors said there are no racial tensions between blacks and whites on Delmar Drive.

Local 15 News contacted the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that tracks hate groups. They said last year, a chapter of Neo-Nazis called the American Aryan Reich in Mobile crossed their radars.

Mobile Police say they know the person or group who delivered the newspapers, but would not specify who they were. Police say the newspapers fall under the protection of freedom of speech.

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Neo-Nazis Hold Rally: Verbal Sparring But No Frankfort Arrests

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

A neo-Nazi demonstration at the state Capitol ended peacefully Saturday after more than an hour of white-separatist rhetoric and caustic shouting matches with those participating in a counterprotest.

About 50 members of the National Socialist Movement and the Ku Klux Klan brandished Nazi symbols, yelled “white power” and performed Nazi salutes from the Capitol steps as speakers called for political revolution.

Another 200 protesters — separated from the rally by a line of police — gathered on a side lawn to condemn the movement, holding up signs and chanting for the neo-Nazi demonstrators to “go home.”

But the clash never rose above insults and profanity, and the Frankfort police reported no arrests.

In the most heated moments, speakers from the neo-Nazi movement shouted rants against illegal immigrants, Jews, homosexuals and communists, and called for African Americans to return to Africa.

They accused the counterprotesters of treason against their own race and referred to them as inbred drug addicts.

“If you are black, we don’t want you back,” yelled one demonstrator.

But most of the speeches centered on policy — everything from high gas prices to education and welfare.

“The National Socialist Movement has been all over this country fighting for white civil rights,” said NSM commander Jeff Schoep. “We have a lot of support in this state, and we are going to continue to grow and expand in the state of Kentucky.”

Dozens of law enforcement officers from Frankfort police, the Franklin County sheriff’s office, Kentucky State Police and facilities security, maintained broad separation between the two groups.

Chris Hartman, who serves as director of the Fairness Campaign — which advocates for the rights of those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community — and helped organize the counterprotest, said people from more than a dozen social and advocacy organizations showed up to condemn the rally.

One waved a sign the read “nerds against hate.” Another read “no human being is illegal.”

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Suspect In Black Girl’s Attack Has ‘SS’ Tattoo

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

A sketch of one of the men who attacked a black foreign exchange student in Berthoud last week further suggests that the crime was racially motivated.


Berthoud police released the sketch on Wednesday and described him as a tall, blond white man with a Neo-Nazi tattoo on his arm. The tattoo is described as an ‘SS‘ symbol with the number 11 between the two ‘S’ s.


“The ‘SS’ obviously is a Nazi era symbol that has been adopted by a number of white supremacist organizations,” said Scott Levin of the Anti-Defamation League.

student from Germany, said she was walking through Ellen Bunyan Bein Park, next to the school, on Thursday night after a track meet when four white men blocked her path and made “racial statements.”



Berthoud police say one of the attackers had this tattoo on his neck.



“Racial statements that were very intimidating racial statements. And obviously, they scared her a great deal,” said Berthoud police Chief Glenn Johnson.


She told police the four men told her they were looking for a minority and that she would do.


The men then told her to bow to them and slashed her forehead with a knife before she was able to get away, according to Berthoud police.


Police are looking for any help in tracking down the men. No witnesses have come forward.


“My strongest feeling is that they’re not from our town,” Johnson said.


The girl’s host family fear for her safety.


“We’re just trying to take care of her. The whole thing’s been a nightmare,” her host “dad” said. “This shouldn’t happen here. It shouldn’t happen anywhere. It shouldn’t be tolerated.”


“She’s a very private girl so the attention has been hard on her,” her host “mom” said.


Heather Ehnert, a 7th grader who lives next door to the victim, said the victim is “really scared.”


“I think it’s pretty weird, cause, everybody’s like, a big family here and I’ve never heard of that happening before,” Ehnert said.


“She’s a great student. And on top of that, she balances athletics,” said ninth grader Mikalah Millheim. “Now that, you know, she’s been attacked here, I’m pretty sure that she’ll have a different impression of America.”


The man police are looking for is said to be between 6 feet to 6 feet 5 inches tall. He has greenish gray eyes and an athletic build, police said.


He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt with a band of white flames around the chest, gray jeans and black boots. He was with three other white men who were described as two blond-haired males and a shorter, stocky male with dark hair.


One student who talked to 7NEWS reporter Tyler Lopez said the school has not publicly told students about the attack.


“There’s people who could hurt us out there and they haven’t told us about it,” said Millheim. “It’s now become a hazard.”

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Gov. Steve Beshear says neo-Nazi group has right to march in Frankfort despite ‘reprehensible’ views

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Gov. Steve Beshear has issued a statement saying he doesn’t agree with a neo-Nazi group that will hold a rally on the Kentucky Capitol steps April 21 but he respects the rights given the group under the U.S. Constitution.

“The Constitution affords the right to free speech and free assembly to all, and we will respect those rights, even for this Michigan-based, hate-filled group,” Beshear said in a statement.

The National Socialist Movement has said it will hold its national meeting and rally in Frankfort. It is opposed to people who are Jewish, gay or not of European descent.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, the National Socialist Movement is known for its violent anti-Jewish rhetoric.

“This group should know that their ideology is reprehensible to Kentuckians, and that Kentucky is a tolerant, progressive, and welcoming state for all people,” Beshear said in a statement.

Jeff Schoep, the group’s commander, contended that the National Socialist Movement is not hate-filled as Beshear said in his statement and that “the governor is being a bit biased.”

Schoep said the group chose Kentucky because it holds its annual national meetings in different cities and chose Kentucky this year after it’s national meeting in Trenton, N.J., spurred violent counter protests last year.

“We have lots of support” in Kentucky, Schoep said. “It was a natural fit.”

Schoep said the rally will address illegal immigration and white civil rights.

Some 50 to 100 members of the organization are expected to attend, he said. Schoep said he didn’t know how many members of the National Socialist Movement are based in Kentucky.

And while he said his group is a white separatist organization, it’s not a hate group because it doesn’t use racist language.

Lawmakers agreed with Beshear’s stance on the group.

“I’m delighted that they expose themselves as the depreciated mental dregs that they are,” said Sen. Gerald Neal, D-Louisville.

Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, said that such rallies are the cost of living in a free society.

“I’m not thrilled they are coming … (but) I don’t know that there is much we can to do to stop them just because we don’t like what they have to say,” he said.

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Neo-Nazis Send Photos of Two Unarmed Members in Sanford, Insist They Really Do Exist

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Attacked from across the political spectrum for exaggerating their “armed patrols” in Sanford, neo-Nazis have fired back — with pictures of two people holding a Nazi flag in the central Florida town.

No guns. Virtually no proof to back up their claims there are “ten to 20 people” in the area. “We’re here to hopefully keep violence from breaking out,” says one of the people in the photo, a 33-year-old Hernando County resident who gave his name as Anthony Rushford. “We’re just out here taking a stance for the white community. Of course, bearing the swastika, people confuse us with some of the other knucklehead groups that just run around acting like fools.”

Sanford police issued the following statement in response to the pictures: “The photograph shows two alleged members of NSM with a possible third (taking the photograph), at night at city hall and across the street at Veterans Memorial Park. This by no means indicates a significant presence of the organization in Sanford.”

The photos came to New Times from National Socialist Movement leader Jeff Schoep. Schoep continues to be hazy about how many of his Hitler-loving kinsmen have set up shop in Sanford in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s shooting, but he swears the two people photographed are not the only Nazis in town.

The others “don’t want to be photographed,” he says; the two pictured — Rushford and an unidentified woman — didn’t pose with their guns because they were worried about breaking Florida law.


Rushford, meanwhile, says he’s in Sanford to “protect whites… We’re here and we’re going to continue to be here as long as people want us here.”

Neo-Nazis Sanford 2.jpg
Neo-Nazis posing in front of Sanford’s Recreation Department

Miami New Times disclosed the group’s presence in the area last week.

According to Rushford and Schoep, the NSM is also passing out flyers advertising its presence in town. Apparently, the group was stung by a recent Wall Street Journal op-edpiece that denied their arrival in Sanford.

“I didn’t really appreciate that Wall Street Journal article,” Schoep said.

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White Civil rights group patrolling Sanford

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
White Civil Rights Group in Sanford
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Czech Republic: 100 gather for anti-Romani demonstration in Varnsdorf

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Yesterday afternoon yet another anti-Romani demonstration took place in Varnsdorf, attended by approximately 100 people. The protesters do not want Romani tenants to live in the prefabricated apartment buildings on Kovářská and Pražská streets, alleging there is a risk that a new “ghetto” will form there.

The protesters signed an open letter to the Czech Government on the issue. A march on Romani dwellings in the town was originally announced by convicted con artist Lukáš Kohout, an active organizer of anti-Romani protests in the area, but in the end it did not take place because too few people were interested.

Petr Heinrich, who convened the gathering, read the text of the open letter out loud to the crowd as well as letters from dissatisfied residents in the prefabricated apartment houses. “I have lived in Kovářská street for 20 years and the situation is already unbearable. Eight people are living in a studio apartment. Dogs are running around the building who don’t belong to anyone,” one woman wrote.

The building, which was reconstructed only a year and a half ago, now has graffiti on the facade and damage to its main doors. The protesters said there are also problems with the garden at the local nursery school, which must be constantly cleaned of trash.

In their letter to the Government, the protesters are demanding that the cabinet concern itself with their request to prevent the creation of a “ghetto”. However, the Government will find it difficult to do anything with those demands, because the apartments in which the Romani tenants are living and into which more Romani people are moving belong to a private owner. The protesters’ letter also includes demands for changes in welfare policy so that housing contributions for poor families cannot be paid directly to landlords.

Some ethnic Czechs gathered on the square clearly had even more radical demands. “The Czech state should do its best to make sure we remain the majority here. Welfare should be paid only to whites,” the local daily Děčínský deník quoted one protester as saying. A van from the so-called “Holešov Appeal” (Holešovská výzva) of the National Council/Real Democracy (Národní rada/Skutečné demokracie) groups seeking the resignation of the current cabinet was also present at the anti-Romani demonstration.

One hour after the start of the assembly, convicted con artist Lukáš Kohout called for everyone to march through the town to the Sport residential hotel and the apartment buildings on Kovářská street, but Heinrich distanced himself from that appeal. Kohout was a central figure in most of the local protests last summer, which culminated on 10 September with neo-Nazis attacking the police, who responded to the aggressive crowd by deploying firecrackers, mounted police and water cannon. Since not enough people on the square yesterday were interested in marching with Kohout, no march took place.

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Talks called over ‘anti-Semitic’ Malmö mayor

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

In an interview published last week in the liberal-leaning magazine, Reepalu alleged that the Sweden Democrats, a political party with a clear anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim line which has its roots in Sweden’s neo-Nazi movement, had “infiltrated” to foster anti-Muslim sentiments.

While Reepalu later said he had “no basis” for the remarks, the interview riled Sweden’s Jewish community and prompted the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities (Judiska centralrådet i Sverige – JC) to send a letter to Löfven blasting Reepalu’s “anti-Semitic” rhetoric.

Speaking with the TT news agency following the release of the Jewish community’s letter, Reepalu once again defended himself.

“I’ve never been an anti-Semite and never will be,” he said.

In response to the letter, Löfven and Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin have agreed to meet with Jewish community leaders to discuss the comments and actions of the Malmö mayor, who has now also come in for criticism from his own party colleagues.

“I still have confidence in Ilmar, but these comments are extremely unfortunate. It doesn’t help that he says that he’s not an anti-Semite,” Heléne Fritzon, chair of the Social Demcrats’ party chair in Skåne to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

She explained that she has received a number of letters from party members expressing their disappointment.

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, a Social Democrat and deputy chair of the Malmö municipal council, also expressed her frustration over Reepalu’s comments.

“His comments create mistrust. And damage relationships which we must now try and rebuild,” she told DN.

While some party colleagues are have expressed concerns of Reepalu’s statements, no prominent Social Democrats have openly called for him to be removed from office or formally disciplined over the issue.

“There have been statements that can give one cause for reflection. But on the whole, Ilmar is a good and worthy representative for social democracy,” Anna Johansson, Social Demcrat party chair in Gothenburg, told the paper.

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Germany for the Third Time

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

What is it about Germany that keeps the warlike Hun rising time after time? One would have thought that after World War I the Germans would’ve had enough. Certainly the lessons of World War II, where the Hitler regime caused the death of 50 million people, should have been enough to temper any Bavarian bloodlust.

Evidently, not so.

Hackers recently attacked several German neo-Nazi websites. Lo and behold, some of the subscribers included high-ranking politicians from the Bavarian wing of the ruling Christian Democrats.

Honestly, should we have expected anything less? It took 8000 people to run the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp where at least one and a half million Jews were slaughtered in the gas chamber after which their ashes were blown out the crematorium smokestack. How many of these 8000 murderers were brought to justice? Barely 800: One in 10. Most of the rest went back to their pre-war jobs as trolley drivers, policemen, bankers, etc.

“Former” SS members continued to have annual reunions, and it is hard to imagine that they regretted their wartime “activities.” It was well-known that after the war a number of senior members of the German banking community were “former” Nazis. These influential unpunished war criminals could well have spread their hate to their colleagues and children. That’s why it is not surprising to see so many present day politicians subscribing to a neo-Nazi website.

Let a bruised and battered world take note.

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Thor Steinar Names New Store after Norwegian Killer

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Norwegian diplomats have long fought to stop the use of the country's symbols in clothing made by Thor Steinar, which is a symbol of Germany's neo-Nazi scene.

In an apparent deliberate act of provocation, the Thor Steinar clothing brand, popular among German neo-Nazis, has opened a store in the eastern German city of Chemnitz bearing the name of the far-right Norwegian mass murderer responsible for killing dozens of people, including scores of youth, last summer.


The company opened a store named “Brevik” in the city last Thursday, prompting outrage in Germany and Norway over the name. German daily Die Welt reports that the company has defended the name, noting that each of its stores is named after a town in Norway. Brevik is a town located south of Olso with around 2,700 residents. According to the paper, the company opened a store with the same name several years before Anders Behring Breivik went on a killing spree by bombing a government building in Oslo and posing as a police officer and massacring 77 people at a summer political camp for youth on the Utoya island.


The store’s opening has already angered many in Chemnitz, where residents and officials are concerned about the damage the store opening will have on the city’s reputation — both in Germany and abroad.


“It is out of the question for a store to have a name like that,” city spokeswoman Katja Uhlemann told Die Welt’s website. “We have already contacted the landlord and will plan every step necessary to shut down this business as quickly as possible.”

Contacted by several newspapers, the owner of the building said he had been deceived at the time the rental contract was signed and that he was unaware a Thor Steinar outlet would be opened at the site.

According to the newspaper, Hanka Kliese, a member of the state parliament with the center-left Social Democratic Party, has an office located just a few meters from the store. “This scandalous naming shows a new quality in the aggression, right-wing extremism and capacity of violence of Thor Steinar,” she told Die Welt. “Now we know just who we are dealing with.” Kliese accused the state government of Saxony, where the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) also holds seats in parliament, of doing too little to combat right-wing extremism.

In recent months, Saxony has drawn attention because the state was long home to a neo-Nazi terror cell that committed 9 murders of immigrants and one of a police officer. The group lived for a time in both Chemnitz and nearby Zwickau during their years in hiding.


On Monday, several thousand Chemnitz residents gathered to protest against right-wing extremism and neo-Nazis in the city. The city’s mayor, Barbara Ludwig, told the local Freie Presse newspaper that 2,000 people had gathered in the inner city, to send a “message of a peaceful, cosmopolitan, diverse and tolerant Chemnitz in which there is no place for Nazis.” The protest was part of a commemoration of the city’s destruction 67 years ago during World War II.


According to the Freie Presse, Norway has long sought to distance itself from Germany’s Thor Steinar brand, which has used the Norwegian flag and other Nordic symbols on its clothing in the past. “We consider it very regrettable that Thor Steinar uses Norwegian place names in order to associate Norway as such with Thor Steinar and the extreme right-wing scene,” Anne-Kirsti Wendel Karlsen of the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin told the newspaper. “Acting at the request of a number of communities, we have asked that Norwegian town names not be used. But we unfortunately have no legal recourse to pursue it through the courts.”

Over the weekend, major Norwegian newspapers including Verdens Gang andAftenposten reported on the store’s opening.

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Anti-‘Genocide’ Protests Around Nation Were Organized by Neo-Nazis

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Small protests against the “genocide” of white South Africans took place in 11 states Monday, drawing a smattering of media accounts that noted that some leftist counter-protesters accused the demonstrators of being white supremacists.

But the Sacramento (Calif.) Bee quoted Michael Myers, a coordinator for the South Africa Project (SAP) from Oakland, Calif., denying that SAP was racist and complaining that “when a white person tries to stick up for an issue based on race, they’re automatically labeled racist, neo-Nazi Klan members.” The Bee did note that the SAP page later “chided ‘those of you who call yourselves White Nationalists’ who didn’t participate,” but did not further explore the nature of the group beyond noting one marcher’s anti-Semitic comment. The Associated Press alsoreported that counter-protesters accused SAP of being white supremacist, but, like the Bee, did not report any further on the allegation.

They might have dug a little deeper. The first quote on the SAP website comes from Morris L. Gulett —an infamous neo-Nazi leader and key Aryan Nations official who has served prison terms for assaulting a police officer and for conspiracy to rob banks. A few inches below that is a video of David Duke, the neo-Nazi and former Klan leader, bemoaning the fate of whites in post-apartheid South Africa. The page rails on about the “GENOCIDE of our race” and, a little farther down, proposes a solution for the killings by “racist blacks.” “Why, oh why are we not avenging these deaths? Why are we letting the bastards get away with this?” it asks. “The killing is only going to stop if we hit back and make a few examples out of them.”

SAP says it held rallies Monday in Little Rock, Ark., Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif., Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Nashville, Tenn., and Spokane, Wash. Photos on its website show groups of up to about 30 people in most of those locations — images of dozens of men with shaved heads, many sporting tattoos and symbols like the triskelion, used by neo-Nazi groups around the world. One photo caption notes that the Arkansas SAP protest was led by Billy Roper, who once led the neo-Nazi White Revolution group.

The protests might not even have gotten the attention they did were it not for counter-protesters in Sacramento, who pelted SAP protesters and police with objects, resulting in two officers being injured and three counter-protesters being arrested. The counter-protesters who were arrested, according to the AP and the Bee, were members of the left-wing populist Occupy Oakland movement.

The South Africa Project shares a Louisiana mailing address with the current “world headquarters” of Aryan Nations, a tiny remnant of a once-important group that is headed by Gulett. Gulett was a lieutenant in Aryan Nations chapter led by the lateRay Redfeairn, the incredibly violent Ohio state leader whose chief claim to fame in the movement was his near-fatal shooting of a police officer. In 2002, after a Southern Poverty Law Center suit bankrupted Aryan Nations, Gulett and Redfeairn founded the Church of the Sons of Yhvh, a group that explicitly supports “white racial supremacy” and the creation of violent “warriors for God.”

Gulett has a serious history with the law. In 1997, he was convicted of assault on a law enforcement officer after he rammed his vehicle into a police cruiser during a high-speed chase. And, in 2005, he pleaded guilty to various conspiracy charges in an armed bank robbery plot. He was sentenced in 2006 to 72 months in prison and only released last September. Most recently, Gulett has been in the news because he recently returned to Louisiana (Gulett is originally from Monroe) where he plans to open a “world Aryan headquarters” in Converse. Local community leaders and residents have not been supportive of his efforts, but in a statement released to the press, Gulett said that he is going ahead: “I or Aryan Nations will not be run off or discouraged by the Jews, Negros, Queers, Mestizos or Mulattoes of the diversity cult,” he said. “As I said of this once great Christian Republic in the interview, diversity is NOT our greatest strength, but our greatest weakness.”

While the South Africa Project is not a pleasant organization, it is true that violence has long been a problem in South Africa. But that violence began among whites.

Between 1948 and 1994, the apartheid government forcibly resettled millions of black people to maintain racial separation, ensured that black citizens would live in poverty, and regularly assassinated and tortured to death its political opponents.  Government officials poisoned and bombed their enemies and encouraged strife in other African countries. The post-apartheid Human Rights Commission found that some 21,000 deaths were the result of political violence under apartheid.

Since 1994, some 3,000 white farmers have been killed, according to a 2010 BBC article, although in 2009 The Economist put the figure at 1,650 since 1991. The magazine reported that the primary motive of the killings was robbery, not racial hatred or any attempt to carry out an anti-white “genocide.” In 2001,Human Rights Watch released a report about the violence in South African farmlands that reported that post-apartheid violence toward black farm workers from employers and law enforcement and government officials was widespread, as well, but less likely to be investigated. The report noted, like The Economist, that common criminality like robbery seemed to be the primary motive in the killings of white farmers.

In his comments to the Bee, Michael Myers’ whiney lament was typical, suggesting that anyone who stands up for whites would be called a racist, a neo-Nazi or a Klan member. In the case of the Monday protests orchestrated by Myers, Gulett and their co-religionists, at least, such a characterization would be entirely accurate.

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