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Anti racist is a codeword for Anti White

Thursday, March 14th, 2013


Anti racist is a codeword for Anti White

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Asia For The Asians

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


Asia For The Asians

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For Asians, School Tests Are Vital Steppingstones

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

On Saturday, more than 15,000 students are expected to file into classrooms to take a grueling 95-question test for admission to New York City’s elite public high schools. (The exam on Sunday, for about 14,000 students, was postponed until Nov. 18 because of Hurricane Sandy.)

No one will be surprised if Asian students, who make up 14 percent of the city’s public school students, once again win most of the seats, and if black and Hispanic students win few. Last school year, of the 14,415 students enrolled in the eight specialized high schools that require a test for admissions, 8,549 were Asian.

Because of the disparity, some have begun calling for an end to the policy of using the test as the sole basis of admission to the schools, and last month, civil rights groups filed a complaint with the federal government, contending that the policy discriminated against students, many of whom are black or Hispanic, who cannot afford the score-raising tutoring that other students can.

Almost universally, the Asian students described themselves [in interviews as being] on one edge of a deep cultural chasm.

They cited their parents’ observance of ancient belief systems like Confucianism, a set of moral principles that emphasizes scholarship and reverence for elders, as well as their rejection of child-rearing philosophies more common in the United States that emphasize confidence and general well-being.

Several students said their parents did not shy away from corporal punishment as a means of motivating them. And they said that rigorous testing was generally an accepted practice in their home countries, with the tests viewed not so much as measures of intelligence, but of industriousness.

Complaints about the test and its effect on the racial makeup of the top schools date back at least to the civil rights era. When school officials began openly discussing changing the admissions policy in the early 1970s, white parents persuaded the State Legislature to pass a law cementing the test as the only basis of admission to the specialized high schools. At the time, according to an article in The New York Times in 1971, Stuyvesant High School was mostly white, 10 percent black, 4 percent Puerto Rican or “other Spanish surnamed,” and 6 percent Asian.

This year at Stuyvesant, 72 percent are Asian and less than 4 percent are black or Hispanic.

Melissa Potter, a spokeswoman for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, one of the groups that filed the complaint with the United States Department of Education in September, said that though some of the city’s poorest Asian immigrants had found their way into these schools, many were still being left out, for the same reason that poor blacks and Hispanics were: they do not have access to the grueling, expensive and time-consuming test preparation for the exam. {snip}

City education officials, as well as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, have rejected the idea that the one-test entry system should be rethought. “You pass the test,” the mayor said last month, “you get the highest score, you get into the school—no matter what your ethnicity, no matter what your economic background is.”

The city began offering a free test-prep program several years ago for black and Hispanic students, but after a legal challenge, other ethnic groups were granted the same access to the course. Today, 43 percent of the students in the program are Asian.

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Anti-whites like to say Diversity is “freedom”

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Anti-whites like to say Diversity is “freedom” for non-Whites to enter White living space and “mix in” with whomever they wish.

However, White people are not allowed to refuse this freedom, so it is your diversity we are FORCED to accept.

If Hitler made every male Jew live in a west African nation and every female Jew live in an east African nation and they were allowed to mate with whomever they chose within those nations, would it have been genocide? Duh, yea yuh.

NO to White geNOcide!

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It isn’t a law that people have to mix.

Monday, September 17th, 2012

“It isn’t a law that people have to mix.” There are laws to enforce integration in White nations, by gunpoint if needed. If Hitler made every male Jew live in a west African nation and every female Jew live in an east African nation and they were allowed to mate with whomever they chose within those nations, would it have been genocide?

Genocide is genocide, whether accomplished by bullets ,mustard gas, or mass immigration and social engineering.

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Bank of Canada Apologizes for $100 Bill Controversy After Racism Accusations

Friday, August 24th, 2012

In an unusual move, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney apologized on Monday for bank note changes that prompted critics to accuse the central bank of racism.

The initial design for the new C$100 note featured a picture of an Asian woman but this was scrapped after focus groups expressed concern Asians should not be the only ethnic group represented.

When the bill was released into circulation last year, the Asian woman had been removed and replaced by a woman who looked to be Caucasian, prompting complaints from Chinese groups and media commentators.

In the bank’s first formal apology in nearly a decade, Carney said the Bank had never intended bank notes to feature people who represented only one ethnic group.

“I apologize to those who were offended. The Bank’s handling of this issue did not meet the standards Canadians justifiably expect of us,” he said in a statement.

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Bill White may soon be headed back to Roanoke

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Neo Nazi Bill White had a scheduled hearing in U.S. District Court in Miami, Florida this morning.

The results of the hearing are unavailable.

It was a “removal” hearing in that White will most likely be moved from Miami to face a probation violation charge in U.S. District Court here in Roanoke.

Federal authorities allege White violated his probation last month by taking off unexpectedly to Mexico.

As part of his probation, White was not to leave the commonwealth without permission from his probation officer.

Court records show White never told his probation officer he was leaving and left a note for his Lexington landlord that he was not coming back.

Several sources said it will likely take two to three weeks for White to be transported back to Roanoke.

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Get with the Times, Baby Boomers

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Long associated in the popular mind with social and political change, the baby boomers are about to confront the biggest change in the American fabric in their lifetimes: our country’s new demographics. And they’re not ready.

Recent census numbers show that white babies are, for the first time, a minority of all births, putting an exclamation point on a trend that has been building for decades.

It is this diverse youth population that the largely white baby boomers will rely upon in their retirement years to keep paying into Social Security and Medicare.

Yet a Pew Research Center survey published in November showed only 23 percent of baby boomers regard the country’s growing population of immigrants as a change for the better. Forty-three percent saw it as a change for the worse. Almost half of white boomers said the growing number of newcomers from other countries represented a threat to traditional U.S. customs and values.

What’s emerging is a cultural gap between the largest generation and the youngest.

Boomers were born to parents whose upward mobility was aided by sweeping public programs such as the GI Bill. They benefitted from a wide array of programs supporting higher education and became a highly educated generation. Still, this generation—which will swell the ranks of senior citizens in the coming years—seems to be having trouble letting go, showing more than a little antipathy toward today’s diverse, younger Americans.

The 2010 Census told us we would have faced an absolute decade-long decline in our under-18 population, had it not been for the gain of 5.5 million Hispanic and Asian youths. Between now and 2030, there will be an absolute decline of 10 million (mostly baby-boom) whites from the ranks of our working-age population.

Those ranks can be replenished only by the growing minority youth population. Much of this growth will occur because of births, regardless of immigration trends.

The contributions these people make will depend heavily on the opportunities they receive, particularly through education. {snip}

Advancement of our young people into middle-class jobs at all skill levels is essential to future economic growth. That growth is, in turn, essential to our country’s ability to provide opportunities and social supports. Absent these investments, we are looking at a society whose members will be fighting over pieces of a shrinking pie.

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In Texas, 7 in 10 Children Under Age 1 Are Minorities

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

For the first time, as of 2011, more than half of the children under age 1 in the U.S. were minorities, the newest benchmark illustrating the widening age gap between mostly white, older Americans and fast-growing, younger minority populations, particularly Hispanics.

In Texas, nearly 7 in 10 people under age 1 were minorities as of July 2011, a slight increase from 2010, according to new census estimates out today. The data, covering the period from April 2010 to July 2011, are the first set of population estimates by race, Hispanic origin, age and sex since the decennial census. The Census Bureau said it defines a minority as anyone who is not single-race white.

Demographers have said for some time now that they expect racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by midcentury. Texas became a majority-minority state in 2004, and in 2010, Hispanics accounted for 65 percent of the state’s growth since 2000.

According to today’s census data, Hispanics remained the nation’s largest minority group in 2011, at 52 million. They also were the fastest growing; their numbers increased 3.1 percent since 2010, and Hispanics now constitute 16.7 percent of the U.S. population.

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Pizza Patron’s Free Deal for Spanish Orders Raises Eyebrows

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Pizza Patrón, a 104-unit, carry-out pizza chain headquartered in Dallas, is raising eyebrows both inside and outside the Latino community with a planned promotion to give away thousands of large pepperoni pizzas on the evening of June 5 to folks who order in Spanish.

It can be broken Spanish. It can be first-time Spanish. But it has to be Spanish.

Critics of the free pizza promo are lashing out—including some in the Latino community.

“Maybe they thought it was a cute thing to do, but I think it’s discrimination,” says Marcela Gomez, president of Hispanic Marketing Group, a Latino marketing firm in Nashville. “As an advertising agency, I would never recommend this to my client.”

One conservative group doesn’t like it, either. “It seems to punish people who can’t speak Spanish, and I resent that,” says Peter Thomas, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, which advocates English as the nation’s spoken language. “In public areas, people should be speaking English, and that includes pizza parlors.”

But Andrew Gamm, brand director at Pizza Patrón, says it’s all about creating a buzz within the brand’s target market: Hispanics. He says 70% of its customer base is Spanish-speaking. “It makes perfect sense for us,” Gamm says. “We’re trying to make our bond with the Hispanic community stronger.”

But Pizza Patrón is no stranger to controversial promos. In 2007, it promoted that fact it would start accepting (and still does) Mexican pesos.

Lisa Navarrete, spokeswoman for the advocacy group National Council of La Raza, says, “For people to get offended or upset at this seems a little bit silly. It doesn’t preclude anybody. Anyone can say, ‘por favor.’ ”

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Former neo-Nazi leader White sought on federal probation violation

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Former neo-Nazi leader William A. White is being sought by federal authorities on a probation violation.

White, who is on supervised release following a 2½-year prison sentence for making threats, left his home in Rockbridge County without the permission of his probation officer, said Ron Donelson, a senior inspector with the U.S. Marshals Service.

“We’re actively looking for him,” Donelson said.

White had been scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Roanoke on May 14 for a resentencing after an appeals court ruled that the judge in his case did not properly follow sentencing guidelines.

The hearing was canceled with no explanation listed in court records. Later in the week, a probation officer stopped by White’s home and found that he had left.

White is required to keep in regular contact with supervising officials and notify them when he leaves town, Donelson said.

White, who once was the self-proclaimed commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, was convicted in Roanoke of making racially charged threats, usually by email or on a website he maintained at the time.

U.S. District Judge James Turk sentenced White in 2010 to 30 months in prison. White was released about a year ago and has been living in Rockbridge County

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‘Why Don’t We Have Any White Kids?’

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

This classroom at Explore Charter School in Flatbush, Brooklyn, was full of black students in a school almost entirely full of black students.

In the broad resegregation of the nation’s schools that has transpired over recent decades, New York’s public-school system looms as one of the most segregated. While the city’s public-school population looks diverse—40.3 percent Hispanic, 32 percent black, 14.9 percent white and 13.7 percent Asian—many of its schools are nothing of the sort.

About 650 of the nearly 1,700 schools in the system have populations that are 70 percent a single race, a New York Times analysis of schools data for the 2009-10 school year found; more than half the city’s schools are at least 90 percent black and Hispanic. Explore Charter is one of them: of the school’s 502 students from kindergarten through eighth grade this school year, 92.7 percent are black, 5.7 percent are Hispanic, and a scattering are of mixed race. None are white or Asian. {snip} The school’s makeup is in line with charter schools nationally, which are over all less integrated than traditional public schools.

At Explore, as at many schools in New York City, children trundle from segregated neighborhoods to segregated schools, living a hermetic reality.

Tim Thomas, a fund-raiser who is white and lives in Flatbush, writes a blog called The Q at Parkside, about the neighborhood. He has spoken to white parents trying to comprehend why the local schools aren’t more integrated, even as white people move in. “They say things like they don’t want to be guinea pigs,” he said. “The other day, one said, ‘I don’t want to be the only drop of cream in the coffee.’ ”

Decades of academic studies point to the corroding effects of segregation on students, especially minorities, both in diminished academic performance and in the failure to equip them for the interracial world that awaits them.

One way race presents itself at Explore is in the makeup of the teaching staff. It is 61 percent white and 35 percent black, a sensitive subject among many students and parents who would prefer more black teachers. Most of the administration and central staff members—including the school’s founder, the current principal, the upper-school’s academic head and the lower-school’s academic head, as well as the high school counselor and social worker—are white.

AFTER school one Tuesday, 10 students assembled in a classroom to talk about the school and race.

What did they think of the absence of racial diversity?

“It doesn’t really prepare us for the real world,” said Tori Williams, an eighth grader. “You see one race, and you’re going to be accustomed to one race.”

Shakeare Cobham, in sixth grade, offered a different view: “It’s more comfortable to be with people of your own race than to be with a lot of different races.”

Tori came back: “I disagree. It doesn’t prepare us.”

Yata Pierre, in eighth grade, said, “It doesn’t really matter as long as your teachers are good teachers.”

Trevon Roberts-Walker, a sixth grader, responded, “When we are in high school and college, it’s not going to be all one race.”

Ashira Mayers, in seventh grade, said: “We’d like to hear from other races. How do they feel? What’s happening with them?”

Later on, Ashira elaborated: “We will sometimes talk about why don’t we have any white kids? We wonder what their schools are like. We see them on TV, with the soccer fields and the biology labs and all that cool stuff. Sometimes I feel I have to work harder because I don’t have all that they have. A lot of us think that way.”

Explore students wear uniforms and have a longer school day and year than the students in the other schools in the building, schools with which they have a difficult relationship. A great deal of teaching is done to the state tests, the all-important metric by which schools are largely judged. In the hallway this spring, before the tests, a calendar counted down the days remaining until the next round.

Explore’s academic performance has been inconsistent. Last year, the school got its charter renewed for another five years, and this year, for the first time, three students, including Jahmir, got into specialized high schools. Yet, on Explore’s progress report for the 2010-11 school year, the Education Department gave it a C (after a B the previous year). In student progress, it rated a D.

Convinced that student unruliness was impeding learning, the school installed a rigid discipline system. Infractions—for transgressions like calling out without permission, frowning after being given a demerit, being off task—lead to detention for upper-school students. On some days, 50 students land in detention, a quarter of the upper school.

Positive behavior does bring rewards, like making the Respect Corps, which allows a student to wear an honorary T-shirt. Winning an attendance contest can lead to treats for the class or the freedom to wear jeans.

Still, some students have taken to referring to Explore as “the prison school.”

Oout of uniform and barefoot, Amiyah Young was getting her books in order for homework. She was at home, two blocks from school, in an apartment she shares with her grandparents, mother and 2-year-old brother.

Would it be better if it were integrated?

“I think they would stop calling me white girl if there were white kids,” she said. “Because my skin is a little lighter and I can’t dance, they call me that. Some of them can’t dance, either.”

What else?

“I could talk the way I talk.”

Other students speak street slang that she repudiates: “They will say to me, ‘You are so white.’ I tell them, I have two black parents. Do I look white?”

She had been having trouble making friends. This year, her mother noticed a speech change. “She’s slacking off more to fit in,” Ms. Kingston said. “She’s saying: ‘I been there.’ ‘I done that.’ ”

Amiyah confirmed this: “I speak a bit more freelance with my friends. Not full sentences. I don’t use big words. They hate it when I do that.”

She said she had become more popular.

Other students also relate the use of parlance linked to skin color. Shakeare Cobham, one of Amiyah’s friends, said: “If you’re darker, they’ll call them burnt. Light-skinned ones get called white.”

Zierra Page, who is in eighth grade, said: “The lighter-skinned girls think they’re prettier. They’ll say: ‘She’s mad dark. Look at me, I’m much prettier.’ ”

Amiyah said, “The white teachers can’t relate as much to us no matter how hard they try—and they really try.”

She is curious about better-off white children. “I’d like to see how they would react in the classroom when we have dance parties,” she said. “I’d like to see how they would react to a birthday party. And to being around so many of us. I’d like to see what they would think of some of the girls in our school who have big hair and those big earrings.”

Marc Engel, a former investment banker turned librarian and media coordinator at Explore, is 53 and white. He frets about power differentials and how to transcend race, how to steer the students’ inner compass. “I worry so much about their role models,” he said. “The rap stars. The fashion models. The basketball players.”

He has his way of trying to fit in. “I call every kid brother and sister,” he said. “I say, hey, brother; hey, sister. One kid once asked me, ‘Are you my uncle?’ ”

Many of the teachers are young, from different backgrounds, and there is steady turnover—from 25 percent to 35 percent in each of the past three years, a persistent issue at charter and high-poverty schools.

Tracy Rebe, the principal, is leaving this year. Her replacement, the fourth in the school’s short history, will be the first black principal, though not by design.

A gauazy night in early spring, and the PTA meeting in the auditorium drew about three dozen parents.

Lakisha Adams, 35, who has three children in the school, spoke brightly of a Harlem mentoring program: “It teaches about how to shake someone’s hand, how to walk without your pants dragging down. This is all black. We put our kids in a lot of programs with kids that don’t look like us. Our kids don’t relate to Great Neck.”

“I don’t know that segregation is this horrible thing,” Ms. Adams said. “The problem with segregation is the assumption that black is bad and white is good. Black can be great. That’s what I instill my kids with.”

Would she prefer an integrated school? “I can’t say that I would.”

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Schools Try to Pull Out of Science Slump

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

New educational science standards due out Friday give teachers hope that they can turn around U.S. students’ lackluster science performance.

The effort to boost science skills comes one day after the federal government released findings showing that eighth-graders’ science scores were nearly flat from 2009 to 2011.

The scores aren’t the only bad news. Several international comparisons over the past decade have painted a bleak picture. In one, 15-year-olds ranked average among dozens of industrialized nations in science, above the Czech Republic and below Hungary.

Test results from the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress, released today, show that eighth-graders’ knowledge of basic science rose, but only slightly, from 2009 to 2011. The percentage of students rated “at or above proficient” also rose slightly, from 30% to 32%.

The NAEP results are available online at nationsreportcard.gov.

[Editor’s Note: The results reveal an average score for white 8th graders of 163, compared to a black average of 129, a Hispanic average of 137, and an Asian average of 161.]

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City Minority Contracts Investigated

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Critics charge that when it comes to awarding lucrative city contracts, Atlanta’s anti-discrimination policy discriminates against certain minorities.

FOX 5’s I-Team found that the city’s minority goals in multimillion dollar construction contracts are set aside for African American and female business owners only. Latino and Asian business owners aren’t eligible.

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Child sex grooming case WAS about race and it would be a ‘national scandal’ if political correctness meant it was not stopped sooner, says equality chief Trevor Phillips

Monday, May 14th, 2012


Equalities chief Trevor Phillips has described as ‘fatuous’ the idea that there was no racial link in the Rochdale child sex grooming case.


Last week, nine men – eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan – were jailed after being found guilty of running a sexual exploitation ring involving girls as young as 13.


Yesterday, Mr Phillips, the chairman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, said it would be a ‘national scandal’ if it emerged that social services and schools had not acted on reports of abuse for fear of ‘demonising’ minority communities.



Making a point: Trevor Phillips said it would be a 'national scandal' if political correctness hampered investigations into the Rochdale child sex scandalMaking a point: Trevor Phillips said it would be a ‘national scandal’ if political correctness hampered investigations into the Rochdale child sex scandal



He was asked on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show whether the case illustrated a cultural problem in part of the Pakistani Muslim community about the way men regard white women as ‘fair game’.



Mr Phillips replied: ‘Let’s remember the most important thing about this is that these men are criminals; these children are street kids.


‘However, I think anybody who says that the fact that most of the men are Asian and most of the children are white is not relevant, I mean that’s just fatuous.’

He said he was looking forward to an inquiry by the Children’s Commissioner to find out whether others in the Asian communities of Rochdale knew about the abuse, but did not speak out.

‘These are closed communities and I worry that in those communities there are people who knew what was going on and didn’t say anything either because they’re frightened or because they’re so separated from the rest of the communities that they think, “Oh that’s just how white people let their children carry on; we don’t need to do anything”,’ he said.

Mr Phillips went on to say it would be wrong if action had not been taken to protect children in care for fear of inflaming racial tensions.

The first Rochdale scandal: Eight of the nine men who were jailed this week following an investigation into an entirely separate sex grooming ringThe first Rochdale scandal: Eight of the nine men who were jailed this week following an investigation into an entirely separate sex grooming ring

He said: ‘The other issue would be if anybody in any of the agencies that are supposed to be caring for these children – schools, social services and so on – took the view that being aggressively interventionist to save these children would lead to the demonisation of some group because of the ethnicity.’

‘If it is true that people in Asian communities had not spoken out about abuse, or if social services had underplayed it, ‘then it is a national scandal and something that we would need to deal with urgently’.

Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West of England, has said the authorities should have acted sooner to protect girls in care. Speaking on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House, he said he had offered to apologise to a 15-year-old girl whose complaints were not acted upon in 2008, as reported by the Daily Mail last week.

‘We are on a journey of improvement,’ said Mr Asfal, himself a Muslim. ‘We have come across victims who deserve better. She deserved better.

‘I think women suffer enough without being let down by the criminal justice system.’

He said part of the problem was that some immigrants bring ‘cultural baggage’ with them from misogynistic societies.

‘What some communities believe is there is a right of self-determination for men but not women. Women are seen as lesser beings.’

But he added: ‘By focusing on race, you are diverting from the reality which is men. Most of them were taxi drivers but no one is talking about this as an issue for the taxi drivers’ community.’

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Man, 78, Recounts Assault by 6 Youths in E. Toledo

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

It was six against one.

Six juveniles—the youngest 11, and the oldest 17—nearly boxed in Dallas Watts, a 78-year-old man from East Toledo.

Mr. Watts was on his way home from the nearby Gas Express Mart at Starr Avenue and White Street about 4:45 p.m. Saturday when the boys approached him.

One pointed at Mr. Watts and said, “take him down,” the victim recounted in an interview Monday.

Mr. Watts, carrying home two small bags of pork rinds to dole out as treats to his three dachshunds, looked at the youth and said, “Why you picking on me?” Mr. Watts recalled. “Remember Trayvon. Why you picking on me?”

The boy, again, allegedly told his friends to “take him down.”


Mr. Watts said one of the boys delivered a single blow to the back of his head during the incident Saturday, knocking the victim to the ground.

At one point, the victim recalled being lifted from the ground so one of the boys could “drop-kick” him in the chest.

One boy, he said, put his foot on the back of the victim’s neck, with another shouting, “Kill him.”

While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, “[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon . . . Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man],” according to a police report.

The boys fled when a man shouted at them, according to the report.

Mr. Watts said it’s possible the assault was retribution for the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, a Neighborhood Watch captain in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26. {snip}


When asked about the Trayvon remarks, Mr. Watts said, “All I meant by saying ‘remember Trayvon’ is to remember what happened to him, don’t duplicate it here,” suggesting that he was minding his own business as he walked home.

“The only reason I mentioned Trayvon, that was my defense,” Mr. Watts said. “Don’t pick on me. I am not your enemy.”

The assault occurred only a few hours after a peaceful rally, near the Thurgood Marshall Building, 420 E. Manhattan Blvd., to show support for the Martin family.


During the Vietnam War, Mr. Watts, who served in the military from 1950 to 1961, refused to let his boys play GI Joes.

There would be no more killing, he said.

But now, Mr. Watts says he plans to buy a gun and obtain a permit to carry it.

“What happened to me … down here on the corner, that changed my perspective on humanity,” Mr. Watts said.

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Monday, April 2nd, 2012

We must make it an imperative duty of our government to protect the gifts which Nature has bestowed on America and to insure the maintenance of a clean, healthy, wholesome environment for our people. We must not only eliminate pollution and conserve our resources, but we must gradually bring about a whole new mode of living in America, a mode with less emphasis on forcing man into a mold determined by a congested, neon-and-asphalt urban rat race and more emphasis on changing that mold to fit the racial propensities of Aryan man. 

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Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ Race Relations

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

White Power music is mainstream rock’s evil twin, sounding almost OK if you don’t really listen to it. And you can’t listen to it, because it’s illegal. But white supremacists distribute it online as part of their recruitment game, and it’s easy to imagine that a kid listening to songs with titles like “Hate Train Rolling“ will adopt insensitive racial attitudes.

But what about a white college student who listens to Radiohead? There’s nothing racist about “In Rainbows,” right?

Right. But new research from the University of Minnesota shows that white students who are exposed to run-of-the-mill rock ‘n’ roll music experience something called in-group favoritism — which means that when tested, they favor their own race.

“It’s direct, empirical evidence that listening to music — even when you don’t realize you’re listening to it, even when you’re not paying attention to the lyrics, even when you didn’t pick the music yourself — just being exposed to it can influence the way you treat other people,” said Heather LaMarre, an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Researchers asked undergraduate students — who didn’t know they were part of an experiment — to allocate tuition money to on-campus student groups: African American Studies, Rural and Agricultural Studies, Arab American Studies and Latino American Studies.

Researchers couldn’t ask students to give funds to a Center for White Studies because centers like that don’t exist — but past research has shown that students equate rural and agricultural studies with white people.

Before they had to make the budgeting decisions, students sat in a waiting room for seven minutes. Music played softly.

For one group of students, radical White Power music played. For another group, it was mainstream rock — like the Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Radiohead. The third group was exposed to Fergie, Rihanna and other Top 40 artists.

“We didn’t think Top 40 would have any kind of an effect at all because it’s very widely consumed by all kinds of peopleb and it’s so diverse. And that’s exactly what we found,” LaMarre said.

Top-40 listeners tended to distribute the money equally across all groups.

Students exposed to the mainstream rock favored the white group.

“They didn’t harm or hurt any other groups. They just took a little bit of money from every other group and gave extra,” LaMarre said.

And then students who were exposed to the hateful White Power music actively punished the African-American and Arab-American groups, taking money from them and depositing it into the white group.

“And the reason why that’s interesting is that those are the groups targeted by the songs,” LaMarre said.

LaMarre said that this study isn’t just about white people and rock ‘n’ roll — it’s about how listening to music that we culturally identify with strengthens positive associations we have with our race.

“People pick and select music that they identify with, that they like, that relates to their life. But the more they do that, the more they favor people like themselves,” LaMarre said.

LaMarre said that this research has significant implications, but the only way that these concepts will become more accepted is through repetition.

“It matters for public policy. It matters for the way we treat each other in our personal lives, but also the way we support political initiatives,” she said.

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Children in single-parent families by race (Percent) – 2010

Saturday, March 17th, 2012
United States Scale
Non-Hispanic White 24%
Black or African American 66%
American Indian 52%
Asian and Pacific Islander 16%
Hispanic or Latino 41%
Total 34%


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Minorities form racial majority in 106 U.S. cities

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

More than 100 markets across America have qualified for “majority-minority” racial status, according to an On Numbers study of U.S. Census Bureau    data.

A majority of the residents of 106 metropolitan and micropolitan areas are members of minority groups, a term that encompasses blacks, American Indians, Asians and Hispanics.

The most extreme case is Rio Grande CityRoma, Texas, a micropolitan area that hugs the Mexican border. Only 1.2 percent of its residents are white. The other 98.8 percent are minorities. Almost all are Hispanics.

On Numbers analyzed raw data from the Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey, making adjustments to isolate Hispanics as a distinct race. (The bureau classifies Hispanics as an ethnic group. It assigns separate racial identities to individual Hispanics — generally white or black. On Numbers removed those identities.)

Texas contains nearly a quarter of the nation’s “majority-minority” markets — 25 of 106. Next are California with 17, New Mexico with 13 and Mississippi with 10.

The following database has racial breakdowns for 942 markets. Use the tab to winnow out a single state, or simply hit Search to see everything at once. Areas are ranked by percentages of white residents, led by St. Marys, Pa., at 98.3 percent.

You can re-sort the list by clicking the appropriate column header. Reverse the sort by clicking a second time.

The “majority-minority” list includes 21 major markets, defined as metropolitan areas with more than 500,000 residents. Among the leaders are Honolulu (80.7 percent minorities), Los Angeles (67.6 percent) and Miami (63.8 percent).

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White supremacy group, opponents confront each other at Duluth Civic Center

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

About eight members of a white supremacy group arrived at the Duluth Civic Center shortly after 10 a.m. today and were immediately confronted by dozens of people who had gathered in opposition.


Snowballs were thrown at the white supremacist group, and it appeared that several opposition protesters who threw them were taken into custody. There was a large police presence, with officers wearing safety helmets.


After some time, the members of the white supremacist group were escorted into City Hall by police officers. Opponents stayed on the west steps of City Hall – overlooking the Civic Center plaza – for some time. The area was almost entirely clear by 11:30 a.m.


The Supreme White Alliance rally was a reaction to the Duluth Un-Fair Campaign that urges white people to be aware of racism in the community.

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Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Alabama and Georgia will try to salvage their laws targeting illegal immigrants in arguments before a federal court that already said there’s a “substantial likelihood” some parts will be thrown out.

A three-judge panel set to hear cases today in Atlanta temporarily blocked Alabama from requiring illegal immigrants to carry registration papers and forcing schools to determine the legal status of students as they enroll. It refused to block other provisions.

The Justice Department and nongovernment advocacy groups are likely to win parts of their challenges to the statutes because the federal government exclusively controls immigration, a different three-judge panel of the court said earlier.

Today’s oral arguments on three cases, two from Alabama and one from Georgia, will take place separately in one session for each state.

Georgia’s law would allow the police to check immigration status and bar transporting illegal aliens in some circumstances. It would require employers to verify whether a worker is a legal resident. The statute was blocked in June by a trial judge’s preliminary injunction. The state appealed.

Both states argue in court papers that they are trying to help the federal government manage immigrants. The laws are aimed at authorities who police and teach illegal residents, not the immigrants themselves, the states say.

Lawyers for Georgia say the law will help prevent illegal immigrants from being “victimized by employers or others” and “forced to work in horrific conditions.”
Georgia Argument

“The state does not regulate immigration but rather criminalizes its consequences,” Georgia Attorney General Samuel S. Olens said in a brief.

Alabama will get the most time from the judges, 40 minutes for each side in one case and 20 in the other. One suit was filed by the U.S. government and one by the Hispanic Interest Coalition.

Georgia’s lawsuit was filed by the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. Each side will get 20 minutes to argue to the court.

Alabama’s law would require students and their parents to provide documentation of their legal status to their schools. The state argues that illegal residents consume scarce government resources.

The documentation rule would “have a chilling effect,” causing children to drop out of school and thus denying them due process of law guaranteed in the Constitution, Justin Cox, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, said in court papers. The ACLU joined the lawsuits filed by the Hispanic groups in both states.

The Alabama law would encourage illegal residents to “self-deport to states that are supportive” of illegal residents, making it more difficult to find them, the Justice Department said in court papers. The statute “frustrates the federal government’s ability to pursue removal proceedings” when necessary, it said.

The federal government has also sued to block laws aimed at apprehending illegal immigrants and keeping them from taking U.S. jobs in South Carolina, Arizona and Utah.

The U.S. Supreme Court in December agreed to review a ruling against Arizona’s requirement that police officers check the status of someone arrested who they reasonably suspect is in the country illegally. The Georgia and Alabama laws have the same provision.

The Arizona case will be heard in April by the high court.

The cases are U.S. v. State of Alabama, 11-14532, and Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama v. Bentley, 11-14535, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit (Atlanta) and Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights v. Deal, 11-cv-01804, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia (Atlanta).

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The Perniciousness of Quotas On All Aspects of Society

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Liberals and demagogues steadfastly claim that under-representation of chosen minority groups in selected high profile, income or powerful positions or even the job de jour, can only be possible because of discrimination. There can be and is not any other rational or acceptable explanation so they claim. This is the ideology that Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk subscribe to and which has become entrenched in our government’s policies.

Unfortunately, this specious explanation results in unwarranted quotas and reverse discrimination and engenders reactive racism, cynicism and frustration. Those who would have been most qualified, deserving and productive and contributed far greater to the welfare of society as a whole have been denied the opportunity because of bean counting. Thus, in the end, we all pay a price for this unfounded, pernicious demagoguery.

Juvenile Jabs Don’t Deserve Standing O‘s

Thomas Sowell 08/09/2010

A graduating senior at Hunter College High School in New York gave a speech that brought a standing ovation from his teachers and got his picture in the New York Times. I hope it doesn’t go to his head, because what he said was so illogical that it was an indictment of the mush that is being taught at even our elite educational institutions.

Young Justin Hudson, described as “black and Hispanic,” opened by saying how much he appreciated reaching his graduation day at this very select public high school. Then he said, “I don’t deserve any of this. And neither do you.”

The reason? He and his classmates were there because of “luck and circumstances.”

Since Hunter College High School selects its applicants from the whole city on the basis of their test scores, “luck” seems a strange way to characterize why some students are admitted and many others are not. If you can’t tell the difference between luck and performance, what has your education given you, except the rhetoric to conceal your confusion from others and perhaps from yourself?

Young Mr. Hudson‘s concern, apparently, is about what he referred to as the “demographics” of the school — 41% white and 47% Asian, with blacks, Hispanics and others obviously far behind.

“I refuse to accept” that “the distribution of intelligence in this city” varies by neighborhood, he said.

Native intelligence may indeed not vary by neighborhood but actual performance — whether in schools, on the job or elsewhere — involves far more than native intelligence. Wasted intelligence does nothing for an individual or society.

The reason a surgeon can operate on your heart, while someone of equal intelligence who is not a surgeon cannot, is because of what different people actually did with their intelligence. That has always varied, not only from individual to individual but from group to group — and not only in this country, but in countries around the world and across the centuries of human history.

One of the biggest fallacies of our time is the notion that, if all groups are not proportionally represented in institutions, professions or income levels, that shows something wrong with society. The very possibility that people make their own choices, and that those choices have consequences — for themselves and for others — is ignored. Society is the universal scapegoat.

If “luck” is involved, it is the luck to be born into families and communities whose values and choices turn out to be productive for themselves and for others who benefit from the skills they acquire. Observers who blame tests or other criteria for the demographic imbalances which are the rule — not the exception — around the world, are blaming whatever conveys differences for creating those differences.

They blame the messenger who brings bad news.

If test scores are not the same for people from different backgrounds, that is no proof that there is something wrong with the tests. Tests do not exist to show what your potential was when you entered the world but to measure what you have actually accomplished since then, as a guide to what you are likely to continue to do in the future. Tests convey a difference that tests did not create.

But the messenger gets blamed for the bad news.

Similarly, if prices are higher in high-crime neighborhoods, that is often blamed on those who charge those prices, rather than on those who create the higher costs of higher rates of shoplifting, robbery, vandalism and riots, which are passed on to those who shop in those neighborhoods.

The prices convey a reality that the prices did not create. If these prices represent simply “greed” for higher profits, then why do most profit-seeking businesses avoid high-crime neighborhoods like the plague?

It is painful that people with lower incomes often have to pay higher prices, even though most people are not criminals, even in a high-crime neighborhood. But misconstruing the reasons is not going to help anybody, except race hustlers and politicians.

One of the many disservices done to young people by our schools and colleges is giving them the puffed-up notion that they are in a position to pass sweeping judgments on a world that they have barely begun to experience. A standing ovation for childish remarks may produce “self-esteem” but promoting presumptuousness is unlikely to benefit either this student or society.

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Barrington man found out he was black when his mom gave him up

Thursday, March 1st, 2012


Mark Cannon of Barrington was raised by his black father after his white mother gave him away.As the youngest child born into an all-white family, Mark Cannon found out his real racial roots when his mother drove him to a parking lot one night and gave him away to the black father he had never met. He would never see his mom again.

“I was 3 or 4 or 5, and I got handed off in the middle of the night,” Cannon remembers. “I cried and screamed and screamed and cried.”

It turned out just fine.

“Life is good,” says the 57-year-old Barrington businessman, who identifies himself as an African-American but often gets mistaken for Puerto Rican, Italian, Hawaiian, Samoan or whatever ethnic background other people want to see. Cannon, owner of M Cannon Roofing Co. in Schaumburg, says he is inspired to share his story after reading a column about Michael Fosberg, an actor who grew up with a white family in Waukegan and learned during a phone call at age 33 that his biological father was black.

“Mark’s story and his desire to reach out to me and talk are exactly why I continue to do what I do,” Fosberg emails from Washington, D.C., on the last day of Black History Month as he performs “Incognito,” his one-person play about his experience. “The one thing that comes to mind about our stories is the deep pain, caused by our society’s entrenched racism, that both our mothers endured in the late ’50s and early ’60s.”

Both men were born to white moms and black dads in the suburbs of Boston. Fosberg was raised “white” by his white family in racially diverse Waukegan, and Cannon was raised “black” by his African-American father in the black neighborhood of the largely Irish suburb of Medford, Mass. Both men say they are happy with who they are and with their ability to break through any of the racial prejudices they see.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” Cannon says of the way some people use race to judge others. “My father emphasized that I was black, but there was no racial animus. There was none of that.”

Cannon remembers being angry at his white mother, even tearing up a letter she sent him at his high school when he was 16. “Today, as an adult, I can start to understand what she was dealing with,” Cannon says. He credits his father with putting him on a better path.

George “Ziggy” Sayles had already reared a family when his illicit affair with a white co-worker resulted in him being a single father in his 40s. A high-school dropout, Sayles worked as a clothes-presser at a dry-cleaners and as a janitor in the VFW hall when he brought home his son. He earned his nickname because of the way he zigged and zagged up and down basketball courts in his youth. Cannon ended up surpassing his father’s athletic ability.

As the star running back of his Malden Catholic High School football team, Cannon was named to the Parade All America Football Team and was recruited by dozens of colleges and big-time football programs across the nation. Cannon says one of the main reasons he chose the College of the Holy Cross in nearby Worcester, Mass., was so his dad could watch him play.

Cannon was recruited by Father John Brooks, a legendary Jesuit priest at Holy Cross who broke the color barrier by bringing in black students such as future Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ed Jones, noted attorney Ted Wells and Wall Street financier Stan Grayson.

Having received help, guidance and inspiration throughout his career from whites and blacks, Cannon says he has learned the key is simply “to treat people like I want to be treated.” He recently organized a huge gathering for his old high school football coach, who is white.

His white mother and black father are both dead now. Racism remains a problem, but the racial environment today is better for Cannon and Fosberg than it was for their parents, Cannon says.

“I know from where I came. I appreciate where I am. And I try to do what’s right,” Cannon says. “I’m comfortable in my skin.”

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Racial justice, pro-white rallies scheduled concurrently this Saturday morning

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

This Saturday should be an interesting one up in Duluth.

Backers of the Un-Fair Campaign’s controversial “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” billboards have scheduled a pro-racial-justice counter-rally set to happen concurrently with a white nationalist group’s pro-white rally.

The racial justice group is meeting at 10 a.m. at the Aerial Lift Bridge —  at the same time, the white nationalists will be gathering nearby at Duluth City Hall.

The controversial billboards tell passersby that “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white,” but some white folks locally and nationally object to being singled out and argue the campaign contradicts itself by using racism to combat racism.

Saturday’s pro-white rally is being organized by the Supreme White Alliance, whose members share “a common belief that our race and our heritage are in danger of disappearing from existence due to the lies that come from multiculturalism.”

supreme white alliance.jpg
SWA: Un-Fair Campaign suggests whites are “automatically racist because they are white.”

A statement on the SWA’s homepage says the Un-Fair Campaign “has plastered advertisments [sic] all over these towns basically telling white people that they are automatically racist because they are white. The rally will be held on March 3rd to protest this outrageous claim.”

Supporters of the Un-Fair Campaign and its billboards first planned to ignore the SWA rally, but have now decided to make their presence felt this Saturday morning.

Duluth activist Joel Kilgour told the Duluth News Tribune that he and other counter-rally organizers look at it “as an opportunity for people to recommit, as a community, to work on racial justice and grow together as a stronger community.” He said that 50 Duluth-based organizations and nearly 200 community members have signed an open letter calling on Duluth residents to take action Saturday to counter racism and promote community.

Saturday’s festivities probably won’t be quite on par with the Selma to Montgomery marches, nonetheless it’s surprising that Duluth and its 90 percent white population has emerged as Minnesota’s hotbed of racial controversy. Hard to see racism when you’re white? Not when hundreds of white supremacists are rallying in your city.

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Racist blacks want to kill whites

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Racist blacks want to kill all whites, why is it okay for blacks to want to kill whites . . but not okay for whites to want to live separately?
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Duluth activists plan to actively ignore white supremacist rally

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

The best way to rally against a white pride rally, according to local activists: Just don’t.

The Supreme White Alliance is planning a gathering in Duluth next month to protest an anti-racism campaign that has gotten national attention. Musician Sara Thomsen of the Echoes of Peace Choir said this is a time to get together with friends and celebrate exactly what hate-groups hate.

The main point is to not show up and do a counter-rally in the same place as this group,” Thomsen said. “That is something they’re hoping for to draw attention to themselves. We’re hoping to draw attention to positive impactful things to honor and respect diversity.”

Thomsen and Joel Kilgour of Loaves and Fishes have been sending out emails spreading the “stay away” message and encouraging people to invite a neighbor to dinner, gather with community members or hold a rally at a separate location away from the white supremacist group. Consider pledging money to a local group that works toward issues of equality – a certain amount for each minute the Supreme White Alliance is in town.

“If they stay all day, we raise a bunch of money and we win,” said Thomsen. “If they don’t want to stay, then we win.”

It’s a plan that was tested in 1997 when the Ku Klux Klan traveled to Ironwood, Mich., and some residents opted for a prayer vigil at a church and a Love and Unity gathering at a park. Locally, Thomsen and Kilgour were part of a similar effort when members of Westboro Church of Topeka, Kan., came to town with its anti-homosexual message.

“Don’t show up. Just ignore. This is such an extreme and hateful group. For us to spew hate at the hating group was just creating more hate,” Thomsen said.

“Gatherings happened all over Duluth. So that was the thing we were remembering — that positive experience. It really pulled people together.”

Supreme White Alliance has planned a white pride rally to be held at 10 a.m. March 3 at the Duluth Civic Center. An organizer told the News Tribune on Tuesday that it could last up to three hours. They were prompted by the Un-Fair anti-racism campaign, which has billboard ads with a white person’s face and the words “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.”

Kilgour said that when hate groups gather, they expect to gain new members and reaffirm their victimhood and belief that they are victims of white genocide.

“We’re not going to show up and engage them,” Kilgour said. “We’re going to use it as the chance to strengthen our community.”

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Boy, 7, in racist rap for Africa question

Monday, February 20th, 2012

A BOY of seven was accused of racism after asking a fellow pupil if he was “brown because he was from Africa“.

Elliott Dearlove’s mum Hayley White was summoned to the head’s office after the other boy’s mother complained.

Healthcare worker Hayley, 29, was read the school’s zero-tolerance policy on racism and asked to sign a form saying Elliott had made a racist remark.

But she said: “I refused to sign it. It was simply curiosity from a seven-year-old boy, nothing more.”

She added: “Elliott was extremely distressed by it all. He kept saying to me, ‘I was just asking a question. I didn’t mean it to be nasty.’ ”

Janet Adamson, head of Griffin Primary School in Hull, issued a statement saying: “We acted in accordance with council guidance on reporting racist incidents.”

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Moral Authority By David Lane

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

As long as the media, in all its aspects, is able to maintain the fraudulent portrayal of moral authority for the political and religious institutions engaged in the murder of the White race, we will continue our headlong plunge toward extinction. Because America is, and has been, the instrument designed by the world’s self “chosen” rulers to administer the coup de grace, the final death blow to our race, I have constructed the following short declaration in an attempt to utterly obliterate the executioners false illusion of moral authority. This letter is to request that you use said declaration as soon and as extensively as possible, because our race is over the abyss. Please send the declaration to friends, to publications, and give it massive exposure on the internet.

If you wish to use the declaration within the framework of your own creative writing, please use it complete, as is, because it is designed for maximum effect, emotion, content and relationship.


In the wars, occupations and revolutions that America has instigated, financed, and participated in, from Dixie, to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Lybya, to Bosnia, to Serbia, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, and on and on, the dead and maimed number a bare minimum of two hundred million, half of them being White people.

In it’s determination to mix and destroy the integrity of races, nations and cultures, and particularly to mix, overrun, integrate, miscegenate, reduce by wars, and ultimately exterminate the White race, the Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine is, and has been, an engine of holocaust, genocide and death, unmatched in human history. As always, the tyrants falsely accuse defeated freedom fighters of the self same holocaust tactics which the tyrants employ themselves, thus claiming false moral authority. But observers with personal integrity and uncontaminated reasoning ability look at the big picture, i.e. two hundred million holocaust victims, and recognize that the propaganda of the Victors becomes the history of the Vanquished. America denies us White nations, White schools, White neighborhoods, White organizations, and everything necessary for racial survival, then unceasingly promotes inter-racial mating for what will soon be the last generation of White women. That is deliberate, malicious, conscious genocide. True moral authority belongs to those who resist genocide, in obedience to Nature‘s first and highest law which is the preservation of ones own kind.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.
Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth

David Lane

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Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Launching in January, concerned White residents of Duluth, Minn., formed the Un-Fair Campaign to help fellow Whites in their community recognize their “white privilege” and encourage an honest dialogue to foster racial justice. What they did next, though, has many whites  — locally, nationally, and even internationally — up in arms: They set up a number of billboards, such as “It’s Hard To See Racism When You’re White,” around their community, which has ignited a firestorm.

RELATED: Louisiana Students’ Drawings Depict Violence Against President

With other billboards asking, “Is White Skin Really Fair Skin?” many of Duluth’s White residents were reportedly angered by the displays, complaining they are being indiscriminately upbraided for racism.

According to the Star Tribute:

Hundreds of the city’s white residents have complained that the campaign’s kick-off images and messages are offensive. The campaign, they say, blames all racism on whites and implies that white people aren’t smart enough to recognize racism.

One resident, Phil Pierson, was so upset by the Un-Fair Campaign’s placards that he formed the “Stop Racist Unfair Campaign” on Facebook, with more than 425 people becoming members almost immediately.

You can’t open a discussion on race and hope to see it move in a positive direction when you raise the topic by stereotyping an entire race, Pierson said. It spreads animosity and hate, teaches a new generation to point fingers and [focuses] on the color of our skin instead of the idea that we’re all human.

And Pierson — and the hundreds of White Duluth residents — aren’t alone. A number of white supremacist groups and racists are said to now be sending “hateful messages and e-mails from all over the world” to both the campaign and Mayor Don Ness, who is said to be one of the campaign’s sponsors.

I became kind of a lightning rod for groups outside our community, said Ness, who was accused in messages from as far away as Scotland of inviting “white genocide” and being a “traitor” to his race. It was disappointing to see the level of hate and ugliness, he said.

Members of the Un-Fair Campaign say they started the organization because of the local issues in their community. Duluth is said to be 90 percent White, making multi-racial contact hard to come by.

Ellen O’Neill, a YWCA director and campaign sponsor, adds:

“It’s possible to never interact with a person of color here,” O’Neill said. “It makes the problem more invisible.”

More to the point, the majority of the Black and American Indian populations not only have obscene high school graduation rates at 25 and 34 percent, respectively, they also have poverty rates of 67 percent and 56 percent, respectively.

The Un-Fair Campaign and its supporters feel as though this discrepancy in wealth and education is the effects of institutional racism and have organized meetings and workshops, such as “Cracking the White Shell,” to help put an end to this injustice.

To see the backlash residents and campaign members have received isn’t surprising, but what is surprising is the taking up of this endeavor at all. We live in such a racially polarized society, that oftentimes, the simple acknowledgement of racial injustice seems, dare I say it, radical.

But then to go a step further and actually look to bring awareness to this issue shows a courage that is in line with Dr. Martin L. King Jr.’s ethos that all people are capable of calling out injustice even when it is uncomfortable,  disadvantageous, and inconvenient to do so.

While many — if not most — would like to see this nation as strictly Black and White, news events such as this remind us that we aren’t just one-dimensional products of our society. In fact, each and everyone of us has the potential to be much more dynamic and powerful in our complexity.

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Sex and Women

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

It is the first necessity for reproduction and preservation of a species. It is a preoccupation of men and women alike. It is the driving instinct of males. Sex is used to sell everything from automobiles to zircons. It is a woman’s power and a man’s curse. It is the catalyst in the “Battle of the Sexes.” It both unites and divides, bringing both pleasure and pain. It unleashes emotion too powerful for logic or reason to control, yet it is vital to life. It is a misused tool of merchants, priestcrafters and statecrafters. Without a natural outlet a misdirected sex drive can lead to all manner of neurosis and conflict. Sex is perhaps the single most important subject that those who struggle for the life of our people should understand. Yet, due to centuries of mind-poisoning from alien religions, most are unable to discuss sex with total frankness. But the taboo must be broken. The question begs to be asked, “Is the natural way and the upward path even possible in the modern, industrialized world?” Self-evidently the natural way and the upward path are impossible within nation-states ruled by those dedicated to the mixing and extermination of the race which created so-called “Western Civilization.”

In olden times a woman taught her daughters, “Tis far better to be mistress of a king than wife of a servant.” Of course, in those days, kingship was determined by valor and other valuable genetic traits, like cunning and determination. So, a woman knew that if her children were sired by a king, or other nobility, the chances were greater that her offspring would develop into exceptional individuals. In this foul age, when the kings of the earth are usurers, word-twisters and degenerates, the olden ways do not apply. The systems under which we live are craftily constructed so that the White folk who obey the instincts given them by nature find that obedience to authority, to law, to religious precepts or to sociably acceptable mores is racial suicide. And by nature, most Aryans are not anarchists. In the cold climes of the North, social cooperation was necessary for survival. When living exclusively among our own kind with benevolent leaders, acceptance of higher authority was then our greatest strength. Conversely, however, in a multi-racial society, ruled by Zionists, acceptance of authority is the Achilles heel of our race. It leads us to fraternal wars, acceptance of genocidal practices like forced bussing and the insanity of a statement like, “My country, right or wrong!”

Because we are by nature an open and honest people, we assume that others are like us. And this makes us the most gullible race on the earth. The minds of the masses are almost exactly analogous to blank computer disks which can be programmed however the operator desires. Years ago I was with Bob Mathews in a large city. We saw a White girl get off a bus; she was flirting with two Negro boys. While we felt great anger surge through us, our anger should not be directed at her. For that little girl, feel sadness. From the time she was a toddler she had been programmed by teachers, preachers, TV, radio, magazines, movies, songs and every influence in her life that race-mixing was noble. Could she be expected to make a judgment contrary to her entire perceived world? Anger should be directed at the programmers. The programming carries into every aspect of the lives of the masses, both male and female. If young girls are taught that being cheerleaders, wives and mothers is a praise-worthy life, then this is what will make them happy and fulfilled. But if they are programmed to believe such lives are demeaning, and that careers as soldiers, construction workers, police, firemen, lawyers and the like are fulfilling, then they will demand and follow the Feminist agenda. Men are equally susceptible to programming. So we see them fixated on multi-racial athletics, on artificial political systems and so on. It was in recognition that minds are programmable that our ancestors built fertility rites into our organic and indigenous religions, realizing that reproduction is Nature‘s divine command for the preservation of our race.

All of the above serves as a necessary preface to what follows, because while we have precious few women dedicated to our cause, the few we do have are so extremely valuable that they must not be alienated. Nevertheless, it is, always has been and forever will be male testosterone that decides all things. The male sex drive of a race that would survive must never be diminished, thwarted, misdirected or slandered. History shows that from the dawn of time, those out of power raised armies with promises of plunder and the seizing of women. Those exceptional women who already share our cause do not need to react in horror at the word “seize” with visions of rape and mistreatment. It is the duty of the Aryan male to treat women with chivalry, whether they come voluntarily or are captured. When this discourse speaks of the masses of either women or men, the exception should not take umbrage. The mind of the exceptional man or woman is as different from that of the masses as night is from day. The unenlightened masses are asses — dangerous asses, but nonetheless asses. So do not judge yourselves by them. Bearing this in mind, let us plunge into the “Battle of the Sexes” with total frankness and brutal honesty.

The great hermetic (or nature) philosophers have taught throughout history that the creative force and intelligence (whatever that means to you) formed all we perceive as duality, light and dark, hot and cold, positive and negative, male and female. Existence, as we know it, requires polarity and by extrapolation the tension or struggle that results. Indeed, life would be true Hell, or a living death, without competition. Be it war, a golf tournament or the Battle of the Sexes, the joy is in the struggle. On a false intellectual level we can speak of the equilibrium of “peace,” but it is sugar-coated deception, whether in the realms of religion, politics, sex or anything else. An eternity of sitting on a cloud singing, “Jesus loves me” would be a torture just a step behind the Christian alternative lifestyle called hell. True pleasure comes from struggle, from achieving, from accomplishments which require time, effort and sacrifice. So why would anyone think the Battle of the Sexes would be different? The word “battle” is absolutely appropriate and those who would abstain from the contest deserve neither life nor pleasure. In a primitive and natural society the strongest or otherwise most successful male captures the most females and the most desirable females. Thus, the greater share of the best genes are passed along for the strength, beauty and preservation of the race. In species with social structures, the female then attempts to “tame” the male who has captured her. This she must do in order that the hunting and providing skill of the male will aid her offspring.

Few of us today would want to return to a society as rugged as in ages past. Although we have reached the ridiculous in pursuit of plastic gadgets, not many would give up flush toilets, anesthesia, electricity, housing and other things that require cooperation in a social structure. However, the basic instincts given by nature do not change. The tension between male and female does not end with a ceremony, a pronouncement of marriage or a sanction by artificial entities like Church and State. May the Gods forbid it — for the absence of tension and struggle is found only in death! Scientists have been telling us for years that the sperm count of White males is dropping. And why not? The brain is the largest sex organ, even though symbolically it is common to judge a man with the hoary phrase, “he has a lot of balls.” The White male has been effectively castrated by subtle feminist and zionist poison that has infected all of our people — of both sexes.

The male is meant to capture females, not beg for their favor like some whipped spaniel. In our now alien-occupied countries a man “woos” a woman with promises of material goods, with $60 or $100 bouquets of flowers; he is an emasculated idiot. Jewish movie producers, magazine editors, television network owners, stock brokers, bankers, lawyers and assorted billionaires offer the most beautiful of our young women the world on a platter. Sports cars, penthouses, roles as movie starlets, as centerfolds, buckets of money, jewelry, glitter and adulation awaits any pretty White girl. We who are racially aware and active can offer them poverty and the chance to share in the abuse heaped upon our heads. We can attempt to reason with our beautiful women until blue in the face and they will reply with the buzzwords “racist” and “sexist.” Neither human nature nor female nature have changed. As long as the destroyer owns the media, the money, the military and the minds of the masses our slide to extinction will continue and accelerate.

Until our males realize that death in battle is far better than the slow death of racial extinction, or the mental torture of watching our women be defiled, there is no hope. Until thousands emulate Bob Mathews, the enemy will laugh at our own feeble efforts. Until White men show the courage of our ancestors and do whatever it takes — welcoming what awaits on the other side — there is no chance of victory. Only a people whose males accept and welcome death over slavery can be free. Again, males are designed to capture females, not beg for their favors. Males of the same species put aside their rivalries over females when necessary for hunting or defense of the tribe or race. But once external threats are over, the competition must resume, for nature declares “the best should reproduce the most.”

Whether that means polygamy is decreed by nature is a subject for legitimate debate. That strong and lasting bonds are often formed in monogamous pairing is evident. Equally evident is that social systems of the last two centuries and the last two millennia have been disastrous for the Aryan race. In the final analysis we must remember that allowing the meddlers of Church or State to dictate sexual relationships or marital affairs opens doors to endless tyranny. Decisions must be made by individuals, based on personal circumstances, folkish needs, common sense and the conditions imposed by external factors of the age. True Aryan men, of course, recognize their duty to provide for and protect their wives and children.

By conditioning and false intellectualization the modern woman convinces herself she should “own” one man, rather than be the possession of a superior man. But the fire fades. The spark dies. Her orgasms are weak and faked. Because once a man is “tamed,” the natural attraction is gone. He is now her working drone, she no longer needs to compete with other women. In her heart of hearts she despises “her man,” while her innermost being longs to be taken by a dominant male. Her sexual nature is sublimated and she adopts any false and destructive doctrine that captures her attention. Preachers and anti-nature religion become her substitute masters. Jewelry, make-up, possessions, universalist social causes become obsessions. Mindless sophistries turned to slogans become her code of life. Cats and dogs substitute for children. Her instincts are denied. One only has to look at the groupies who flock around rock stars, movie stars and sports figures to see that the instincts given by nature never change. These groupies know full well they are but one of many in the virtual harem of such public figures. Degenerate though these figures may be, they are perceived as extraordinary by the groupies who desire them.

Part of the Battle of the Sexes is a woman’s need to be recognized as valuable. In the natural world, that means first of all sex appeal, especially for young women. A woman is in competition with other women. The book “Might is Right” proclaims that women dislike and distrust each other intensely. Women authors have written the same thing. Whether true or not, the competition is real. Men lust for women. Women in turn can meet the competition of other women by sharpening their “weapons of war” or by attempting to “tame” a man. The former is good, the latter she will inevitably try in this unnatural age, to her material benefit but sexual frustration. A man cherishes what he desires and for which he has labored or struggled to attain. While there are exceptions to most rules, a man does not mistreat that which he cherishes. So a wise woman keeps herself desirable.

Virtually all White women are blessed with natural beauty and attraction. Aryan women keep their beauty until late in life if they keep fit. Inevitably youthful beauty fades with age, no one can change that, but there is no greater treasure to a man than a woman old enough to be a companion, yet with the discipline to keep herself attractive. Hopefully men having such a woman will appreciate her. Women should not be deceived that jew-elry makes them attractive, neither does nail polish, pancake make-up, fancy hair styling or gaudy clothes. These artificial devices serve to enrich Jewish coffers, and as an ill-conceived attempt to impress or depress other women.

Nature made sex enjoyable to ensure propagation and preservation of the species. Men without the courage to fight for women, either as individuals or as a race, do not deserve the pleasure of sex. Because of the long time it takes to rear and nurture our offspring, nature made sex a pleasure even when not specifically for conception, so enjoy! The alien religions made “sex is sin” a major part of their doctrine. They made it the insane idea of “original sin,” because sex is unavoidable for survival of the race. Priestcrafters needed an unavoidable “sin” from which to “save” the sheeple. It is all a lie. Sex is both duty and pleasure. In our indigenous religions sex was elevated to the status of a sacrament. The marital or sexual affairs or arrangements of the folk are not the business of government or guilt-laying priests. Bear in mind that the primal law and moral absolute is preservation of one’s own kind and it will provide a guide to proper sexual mores. Then enter the Battle of the Sexes with all the joy that competition is meant to bring!

David Lane

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The Boy With the Swastika Tattoo!

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

A citizen calls for assistance just outside the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory downtown. Apparently she bit into some sugar-free taffy and her tooth popped out. Alas, she didn’t know it popped out when she tossed the offending taffy in the garbage, and now the city’s public works department has to come and open the bin up. Was it a gold crown or something? We don’t know, but it should be …

Friday, Jan. 20:

6:25 p.m. Some dude’s Honda has run out of fuel in the 2900 block of S. Coast Hwy., so he’s calling the cops and demanding they give him gratis gas since “the police protect and serve, and that should be part of the service.”

Saturday, Jan. 21:

12:15 a.m. In the 400 block of N. Coast Hwy., somebody, perhaps the female caller’s ex, super-glued both her garage and front doors shut, and now she can’t get inside. So apparently that goop really works …

Sunday, Jan. 22:

12:04 a.m. A case of sexual battery at the Marine Room Tavern? Mmm … not quite. But that’s what the woman calling says. Seems that she had left the MarBar, returned, and was trying to get her purse, but for whatever reason, she was being refused re-entry. Annoyed, the woman then claims the employee at the front door sexually assaulted her by “touch(ing) her inside her clothing on her vagina.” The cops come, where they eventually find out there was no assault, and that the woman “only said that to get officers to the location faster.”

11:43 a.m. Someone at Thousand Steps Beach actually calls 911 to report seeing a guy with a swastika tattoo on his chest. Unfortunately, blatant acts of douchebaggery—as perpetrated by both the Nazi and the caller—aren’t illegal …

4:16 p.m. Busy day today—false crimes, Nazis, and now, sweaty, chanting, peeing dudes! That’s the party going on over in Bluebird Canyon, anyway, where it’s reported that some 25 guys are in a house and gathered in a large circle, holding arms, chanting, and participating in a Native American sweat lodge ceremony, in a real sweat lodge on the property. And the funny thing is, nobody would have known this if one of the perspiring gents hadn’t stepped outside and whizzed on some bushes. The LBPD came out and found the secretive sprinkler, who said it will not happen again.

8:04 p.m. Say what you will about the folks working in the Laguna Beach Police Department, but they do, occasionally, show a wry sense of humor. How else to explain this report of two raccoons fighting over on Coast View Drive: “Both suspects appear to have sustained two black eyes, but neither desired prosecution. They left the scene on foot without further assistance.”

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Residents blame racism for changes to Bastrop ISD diversity committee

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

BASTROP – Parents on Tuesday protested a Bastrop school board member who they accuse of derailing diversity.

Back in February, the principal of Bastrop Middle School lost her job after she held meetings with students by race. She told African American kids that they needed to improve their test scores.  That led the district to form a diversity committee. Now that committee is at the center of a new racial controversy.

Tuesday night , Bastrop resident Steve Miller asked for the resignation of board member John Eaton. Miller says Eaton is the driving force behind reducing the number of African Americans in the district’s newly created diversity plan from seven to two.

“The fact that (Easton) was so blatant and brazen to strip all the original African Americans on the committee is racist in tone, it is racist in act,” said Miller. “I just cannot  believe in this day and time he would even have the nerve or the gall to come up with a plan like that and then an entire school board pass it.”

Miller says the 21 member committee should be made up of one-third Caucasians, one-third Hispanics and one-third African Americans. Eaton says that’s not how the plan was presented and the original intent was for the committee to reflect the demographics of the district.

“That was like six percent African American, 50 percent Hispanic and 40 percent Caucasian,” said Eaton. “That is not 33, 33, 33.”

“We need to keep that in mind when we are hiring,” said Ty McDonald, the Bastrop Independent School Board president. “It needs to be reflective of the demographics of the district. However,  when you are talking about a committee that is going to advise the board about the issues of diversity, you really need diversity on that committee. I am an African American woman but my experience is going to be different than other African Americans. So it will benefit the committee to have more than just two African Americans there.”

KVUE News asked Eaton if he was hurt by the fact that some residents were calling for his resignation.

“Not at all,” he said. “Honestly. They can call for it all they want.  I stand by my views and my beliefs.”

McDonald said the board can censure a member, but cannot ask for his resignation. If residents want any board member replaced, they have to do it at the ballot box. In the meantime, any action to change the number of African Americans on the diversity committee will come at the next board meeting at the earliest.

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Doll hanging by chain found at Parks Dept

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

A New York City Parks employee found an African-American doll hanging by a chain wrapped around her neck Tuesday morning.

The doll was found by a seasonal employee who is also African-American and who was just returning from sick leave.

The facility just off the Bronx River Parkway is the Bronx headquarters for the Parks Department.

Many workers there are black or Hispanic.

The parks commissioner issued a response: “The Parks Department does not tolerate hateful acts such as this or any form of discrimination.”

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Woman Marrying White Supremacist Isn’t as Crazy as She Seems

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

love is blindWe’ve all heard of unconventional couplings before — you know, the really serious accountant-type who ends up with the wild child party girl, or the tall, young starlet who marries the short, fading star Scientologist. Ha. But those pairings are so played out by now that we don’t even really blink when we see ’em. Now, there’s an odd couple in the news who will DEFINITELY shock you … A mixed-race (half Hawaiian, half Hispanic) woman named Erica Herrera is planning to marry jailed white supremacist murder suspect Curtis Allgier in a ceremony at the Utah State Prison on August 8. OMG.

And Allgier isn’t just your everyday, run of the mill white supremacist with a buzz-cut and maybe a Nazi tattoo on his upper bicep. Oh no. This guy has tattoos of swastikas and the word “skinhead” COVERING HIS FACE. Yet, Erica claims you can’t judge her book by his cover. She says Allgier’s “kinder” and “gentler” than he’s publicly portrayed. Oh. Wow.

The only thing I can conclude from this entirely screwed-up situation is that love is blind. Forget these two wackos for a sec. Being blinded by love is something that affects us all at one time or another. Usually early in a relationship, we see our partners not as they are, but as we want them to be. When we’re in love, we can’t help but put our lover on a pedestal and idealize them. Shrug off their flaws and focus on their best attributes.

But sooner or later, those flaws and tics do come out of the woodwork and cannot be ignored. And for a relationship to evolve, you’ve got to learn to love the whole person, bad, annoying views or behaviors and all. Still, when you really love someone, the rose-colored glasses remain to some extent, off and on.

That has to be the only way to explain what’s going on here between Herrera and Allgier. Or he’s got her brainwashed somehow. Either way, I’m not sure I see these two landing a very happy ending. But I guess there are worse things they could be doing than being in love.

What do you think about this “love story”?

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