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The situation in white South Africa

Saturday, March 25th, 2017
As many of you know, The League for long has had an interest in the plight of our white brothers and sisters in the former Rhodesia and South Africa. In

A little race reality

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016
If you put every negro in America in California or Texas with its present great wealth and infrastructure, those places would turn into uncivilized hell holes in no time at

Life sentence in South African white supremacist murder

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

South Africa (AFP) – A black farmworker convicted of killing South Africa’s white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’Blanche was on Wednesday sentenced to life imprisonment.

“I find no valid reason to deviate from the prescribed sentence,” Judge John Horn said, upholding the prosecution request for life in prison.

Chris Mahlangu “failed to express genuine remorse” for bludgeoning Terre’Blanche to death in his farmhouse outside the small town of Ventersdorp on April 3, 2010, Horn said. He displayed a “flagrant disregard for the deceased‘s right to life.” “You went so far as to accuse the deceased of sodomy, and undoubtedly caused the families hurt,” said Horn.

Mahlangu earlier claimed that the right-wing leader had raped and infected him with HIV. During the trial, the court found no evidence to support that claim.

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Parliament Seeks Answers over Submarine’s Inaction

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

The South African Navy could find itself at Parliament to explain the accident that put the submarine, the SAS Queen Modjadji, out of action.

A board of inquiry has been established to investigate an incident in which the vessel “nosedived” onto the seabed during a training exercise off the coast between Port Elizabeth and Durban, spokesman for the Department of Defence, Siphiwe Dlamini, said.

However, it is possible the SA Navy will also be called to explain the accident to Parliament’s defence oversight committee, as it means SA’s entire submarine fleet – estimated to have cost about R5 billion in the controversial arms deal – is either undergoing repairs or maintenance.

In April, The Star reported that one of SA’s three submarines – the SAS Manthatisi – had spent more than three years in dry dock and was set to remain out of the water for months as the navy waited for a new battery system for it.

The chairman of the National Assembly’s joint standing committee on defence, ANC MP Jerome Maake, did not want to pre-empt any decision to summon the SA Navy for an explanation by the committee, but said this would be discussed and members might ask the department to appear before it and account for the state of the submarine fleet.

Editor’s Note: A reader adds the following commentary:

South Africa bought three submarines in a notoriously corrupt arms deal. The SA Navy then fired most of its white officers, and replaced them with affirmative action appointees.

None of the three submarines is working any longer. The first one was damaged when its battery cables were connected the wrong way around. The second one crashed against a harbour wall. The third one “mysteriously” crashed into the sea floor.

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Malawi’s purse on illegal immigrants: 47 Ethiopians rounded up

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Malawi authorities are rounding up suspected illegal immigrants in a large-scale deportation drive which has seen the 47 Ethiopians arrested by Police in the northern border district of Karonga.

The illegal lags tried to enter Malawi through uncharted routes.

Karonga Station Officer William Kadzayekha said the Ethiopians entered Malawi through the Ngana area and that  eight of the illegal immigrants were rushed to Karonga District Hospital because they not fit and unwell.

President Mrs Joyce Banda is on record saying Malawi could not afford an “invasion of illegal immigrants” with the aid of some unpatriotic Malawians.

The government has also been blaming the illegal immigrants for the spike in crime.

Some of the Ethiopians arrested in Malawi for entering the country illegally

“’We have intensified border patrols along the lakeshore and the border (with Tanzania),” said Kadzayekha said.


Minister of Home Affairs, Uladi Mussa disclosed that his ministry is working with the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs to put in place stringent measures to restrain unlawful immigrants from mowing the country of its resources.

Chief immigration officer, Hudson Mankhwala, said his department wants to address the trend by some unpatriotic Malawians of aiding illegitimate entry into the country.

“We plan to concurrently address the challenge through joint operations with the Malawi Police Service by conducting border patrols countrywide,” explained Mankhwala who also asked government for robust support to achieve the desired outcome.

The Minister has since promised the department that government would provide fast and efficient vehicles to assist in combating illegal entry.


On 17 June, 49 bodies of Ethiopians were found floating on Lake Malawi after they failed to swim ashore after the overcrowded boat they were travelling in capsized.

A fortnight later, at least 42 Ethiopians were also found dead in a truck as they tried to head for Malawi en route to South Africa.

The group died from asphyxiation as they were locked behind the truck to avoid detection by authorities. The truck driver abandoned the truck.

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Which Way Western Man?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

When the environment changes, behavior that was so adaptive that it made a population supreme may be so maladaptive that it leads them towards extinction. Such is the case with whites, whose intra-group cooperation and altruism took them to the top, but now that they are no longer isolated from other races, their altruism is their Achilles’ heel, leaving them a mere resource to be used by others. Yet changing their innate, now maladaptive, behavior may be more difficult for them than watching their race disappear forever. To paraphrase Woody Allen’s dark humor:

We stand today at a crossroads: One path leads to a slow diminishment of our numbers, a weakening of our ability to defend ourselves, and the likely extinction of our people. The other leads to vicious conflicts with immense losses on all sides and the possible extinction of our people. Let us hope we have the wisdom to make the right choice


    The decline of the West has been lamented, 1 but warnings go unheeded and we continue to decline; indeed, our decline is accelerating. All the signs of a catastrophic collapse are there, and getting worse all the time – financing current consumption by massive foreign debt, lowering the national average IQ by subsidizing the reproduction of the less intelligent and permitting them to enter the country (La Griffe du Lion, 2005), and wasting thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars on counterproductive military adventures. Struggle and suffering can make a people great, but once they have achieved greatness they flee the caldron that made them so, lose their edge, indulge in hedonism and baseness, and are no longer the equal of those who begot them.
Today, white men in the military fight all over the world, but they do not fight for the one thing that is most important to the survival of their kind – who impregnates their women. 2 They not only condone the impregnation of white women by other races, 3 they not only facilitate it, they actually celebrate it! Unless they throw off the shackles of egalitarianism and fulfill their biological destiny, there will soon be no more white babies and no more whites.
Almost nothing is as maladaptive for whites as admitting non-white immigrants and refugees into white homelands (Salter, 2002a), yet every year white elites in churches and governments bring in tens of thousands of non-whites. Our territory is lost and our gene pool is desecrated, a slow genocide of the white race, all so the white elites can gloat in their supposed moral superiority.
The closer the West moves towards the precipice, 4 the more difficult it becomes to reverse directions and save it. (Stang, A., “A Warning for America from South Africa,” Nov. 6, 2008). The West is nominally democratic, and the best survival strategy in a democracy is to form an interest group and vote yourself somebody else’s money. There are dozens of coalitions of like-benefiting people – seniors for old-age benefits, blacks for affirmative action and welfare, Jews for foreign aid and military support for Israel, trial lawyers for laws that benefit plaintiffs, farmers for agricultural subsidies, manufacturers for tariffs on imports, and so on, with the government taking a “handling fee,” which can amount to as much as 90% of the money transferred. Each coalition is a small minority, but few politicians can afford to lose their votes or campaign contributions, so the coalitions and their power increases. Everyone ends up putting the interest of his own group first, until the system collapses.5 Since no coalitions are permitted to represent the interests of the whites who made the West – that would be racism – the only solution is to reduce the power of government so that it can no longer take from one person and give to another, but that is unlikely to happen. 6
Because whites are genetically programmed to be altruistic, it is difficult for them to resist financing their own extinction. 7 Every year billions of dollars are transferred from whites to blacks, 8 subsidizing blacks and their children while whites forego, postpone, or limit childbearing because of the expense. These transfers consist not only of government welfare payments, housing subsidies, food stamps, Medicaid, aid to schools and black organizations, but international aid to Africa. In addition, individual whites make huge transfers of funds to blacks in the form of donations to black organizations and scholarships, 9 and white businesses lose money complying with affirmative action laws 10 and paying out damages for discrimination. 11 A hidden cost, which extends indefinitely into the future, is the lost opportunities that whites would have had to survive and propagate, had they helped themselves and had not aided the survival and propagation of other races, all due to egalitarianism, the greatest triumph of ideology over adaptation in man’s entire lineage. 12
A conquering tribe claims the territory, resources, and women 13 of the conquered. The massive amount of wealth transferred from whites to blacks, the ubiquitous white women with mulatto children, 14 and the tens of millions of Mexicans claiming most of the western states as their own, are the proof that whites are the vanquished.“…African-Americans … are clearly dominant over whites. There is a tremendous and continuing transfer of property, land, and women from the subordinate race to the dominant race.”


Whitney, 1999


There is no doubt that whites, in their own homelands, could not be vanquished by other races, if they only believed in their own right to exist and had the will to resist. It is their own conscience, their own decency, that has brought them down. What better way is there to destroy an enemy with a conscience than to convince him that he is the cause of the misery of others and therefore should not survive? 15 Whites have been convinced that they are evil – responsible for the poverty and suffering of others, the destruction of the environment, and the carnage of wars. Even the crimes that other races commit against whites are blamed on whites – those crimes are excused as justifiable reactions to the racism of whites. An unexpressed, but critical, thought in the mind of a white about a non-white is a thought crime – proof that whites oppress other races. Both mentally and physically, whites have been demonized, demoralized, and disarmed by the relentless self-serving anger of non-whites and their fifth column allies, white egalitarians. Since non-whites gain from the defeat of the whites, there is no one who can or will save whites but themselves.
Are there populations living today that, unlike most whites, try to preserve themselves? Yes, there are. In fact, every other population on the planet believes in its own goodness and tries to preserve itself, but the population that has done so most effectively is, perhaps surprisingly, the European Jews. They strongly discourage marriage to non-Jews, nor do they proselytize to bring non-Jews into their genetic fold. They have strong in-group amity and out-group enmity, a dual morality that is supported and justified by their religious rules, the Talmud,16 and they support policies for white countries (multiculturalism, open immigration, miscegenation, 17 civil rights) that weaken and divide their out-group, the non-Jews. 18 19 They encourage their daughters to marry the most intelligent Jews and have many children, thereby raising their average IQ to the highest of any population. 20 They have many cultural practices that increase group coherence, including their own religion, language, holidays, rituals, and even humor. They have their own clubs and organizations, even one for keeping Jewish criminals out of jail (the “Alternative Sentencing Proposals” of the ALEPH Institute). Were whites to emulate the European Jews, they would be unstoppable.
Neuroses, according to Karen Horney, (1945) are caused by unconscious conflicts. By cowering before the Equality Police, whites have internalized a conflict between their innate, now-subconscious ethnocentrism and their conscious thinking processes, which warn them that any expression of their ethnocentrism is dangerous. Thus, they act according to their ethnocentrism by avoiding other races, then use their conscious thinking to rationalize their choices, i.e., they are hypocrites. 21 This is, of course, unhealthy, as a person who has internal conflicts cannot function as well as a person who is of one mind. 22
There is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the conflict will end when reality so blatantly conflicts with conscious thinking that the conflict can no longer be rationalized. At that time whites will have an epiphany and, in an exuberant feeling of joy and freedom, they will throw off their false view of reality and openly embrace their ethnocentrism. The epiphany will begin not with a few demoralized race realists on the fringes, who already know the score, but with a well-respected and loved leader who will stand up and say the obvious. There will be dead silence as whites wait for the Equality Police to push him down the memory hole. 23 When that does not happen, other whites will quickly agree with him because they have been waiting all their lives for a savior. The bad news is that whites may have to suffer considerably more before this happens.
In the meantime, a little push here, a bit of a nudge there, can only bring that day closer. David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary in Great Britain, now admits that multiculturalism is not working. 24 Perhaps a prominent person in the US could do the same? (e.g., Putnam, 2007). A few college debates on the benefits of diversity, or the lack thereof, would be refreshing. How about a study showing that white mothers of mulatto children feel alienated from their children? 25 Or a bold statement by the CEO of a large company that a decline in IQ is occurring and that it is not in the national interest? A moratorium on immigration, including refugees, would probably be too much to hope for, but you never know. Or how about “Proud and confident explicit assertions of ethnic identity and interests among white people, and the creation of communities where such explicit assertions are considered normal and natural rather than a reason for ostracism.” (MacDonald, 2006).
In the final analysis, the most valuable possession whites have is their genome. They can lose territory and wealth but, if their genome is intact, they can survive and recover all that they have lost. 26 In today’s times, however, it is racist and immoral for whites to love and cherish their own racial uniqueness. So on to the precipice we go. It won’t be a pleasant descent, but the wise and well-prepared will perhaps survive and, after much suffering, will rise again.
I leave the reader with one last question to ponder: Suppose, hypothetically, of course, that the information presented in this book is mostly correct, despite being extremely politically incorrect, what action, if any, would he take?

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South Africa deports 25,000 Zimbabweans

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

SOUTH Africa deported 25,827 Zimbabweans between October 7 last year and Tuesday this week, officials revealed as the latest group of deportees arrived at Beitbridge.

In 2009, South Africa invited Zimbabweans resident in that country to apply for special dispensation permits to legally live and work in the country.

Nearly 275,000 people were granted permits before the deadline expired, and South Africa announced in October 2011 that deportations would commence.

On Tuesday, South African authorities disgorged 587 illegal Zimbabwean immigrants from seven busloads at the border.

Charles Gwede, Zimbabwe immigration department’s assistant regional manager at Beitbridge, said they expected the number of people being deported to increase – because record numbers were entering South Africa at undesignated points.

“There has been a sharp increase in the number of people capitalising on the drop in water levels to cross the Limpopo River into South Africa,” he said.

“We would like to warn people against using undesignated entry points as they risk being attacked by robbers who operate in wooded areas along the river.”

Zimbabwean authorities are critical of South Africa’s decision to deport ex-convicts and ordinary families together. Gwede said this had fuelled crime in Beitbridge town as police were not able to isolate the “bad apples” for better policing.

Gwede said: “South African authorities are supposed to deport ex-convicts separately but sadly we continue to receive them mixed, and that is now a major challenge.

“They are supposed to be vetted first and then categorised accordingly because most of them end up engaging in criminal activities.”

On arrival in the country, the deportees are received by the immigration authorities at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Beitbridge Reception and Support Centre (BRSC) who vet them to ascertain whether they are bona fide Zimbabweans.

Soon after that process, IOM offers the deportees overnight accommodation, medication, food and transport to proceed to their respective homes.

The IOM BRSC has the capacity to accommodate 600 people at any given time.

Some of the deportees turn down any form of assistance from the IOM and those who opt to go home using their own means are released.

Buw Gwede says many of those let go simply cross back into South Africa an undesignated entry points.

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White supremacist murder trial sparks protests in South Africa

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

A court found a black farm-worker guilty on Tuesday of murdering a white supremacist in rural South Africa. A younger farm-worker was acquitted of murder, but found guilty on other charges.

The two black farm-workers were accused of beating 69-year-old Eugene Terreblanche to death with an iron rod in April 2010. The verdict ends a case that has lasted two years and fanned racial tensions in Ventersdorp, west of Johannesburg.

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SA Jews call for firing of pro-Nazi banker

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

PRETORIA, South Africa – The South African Israel Public Affairs Committee (SAIPAC) called on Sunday for the director of the South African Reserve bank to be fired from his post because of his pro-Nazi opinions.

In interviews and articles last week Stephen Goodson expressed his admiration for the Nazi regime, and claimed that the Holocaust was a “huge lie.”

Speaking at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony held in Pretoria on Sunday, David Hersch, head of SAIPAC, called on the South African Reserve Bank to release Goodson immediately from his public position.

“Goodson should be fired immediately or made to resign immediately. The Reserve Bank should be ashamed to have someone like this on their board of directors and now that he has been exposed, they should act immediately,” he said. Hersch emphasized that the bank’s reaction to the issue, stating that Goodson’s mandate would end this July, “is not good enough.”

Hersch also called upon the South African government to issue a clear statement “condemning Goodson and distancing them from him and his statements, opinions, his denial of the Holocaust and adherence to anti-Semitic hate speech and complete falsehood.”

The South African Mail and Guardian revealed last week that Goodson has written articles depicting an “historical analysis of banking history,” according to which Jewish bankers invented the Holocaust just to extract money from Germany. In an interview with an extreme-right American radio station two years ago, Goodson refers also to “ritual murder” executed, so he claimed, by Jews in the early centuries.

The South Africa Jewish Board of Deputies assured the Jewish community on Monday that they are following up very closely on the issue, as they systematically do on all anti-Semitic incidents.

David Jacobson, executive-director of the board in Cape Town, stated that the community was “shocked” over the “grossly anti-Semitic and racially inflammatory views” propagated by Goodson, and that the community welcomed the fact that the Reserve Bank has distanced itself from the opinions expressed by him. This adds to the statement made by the Board’s chairman, Mary Kluk, last week, condemning Goodson’s “hurtful and offensive” views.

Members of the Jewish community emphasized that although they identify with the call to fire Goodson, they understand that legally the Reserve Bank cannot do so, as he is serving as a non-executive director, representing the Reserve Bank’s shareholders, and is not employed by the bank.

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Genocide Watch returns South Africa to stage 5 “polarization” on its Countries at Risk Chart

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

After upgrading South Africa to stage 6 “preparation” in September 2011 due to the increasing power of Julius Malema, then the Marxist racist President of the African National Congress Youth League, two quite significant developments have occurred.  The first was a South African court’s ruling that Malema’s singing of the “Shoot the Boer” song constitutes “hate speech” in violation of South African law.  The court issued an injunction prohibiting Malema from singing the song.  The second development is the suspension of Julius Malema from the African National Congress (ANC) and his removal as President of the ANC Youth League.

Stage 5 of the eight stages of genocide is “polarization”. Given the history of Apartheid in South Africa, there is deep-rooted polarization between whites and black in the nation. Part of the polarization in South Africa is the legacy of Apartheid and the continuing dominance in the economy of white owned businesses and farms.  There is also polarization from the black population, who feel excluded from real power and jobs, even though the ANC now controls the government.

A response to this black polarization was Julius Malema’s call for redistribution of wealth from the white population to the black population, which Malema claimed to be a “correction of the injustices of Apartheid.” The current socio-economical inequalities in South Africa are leading to an increasing, rather than decreasing polarization. Since poverty and unemployment among black youth remains, tensions between impoverished blacks and wealthier whites is likely to increase.

This general polarization, which is normally non-violent, created a fertile ground for political radicalization. That was the case with the rise of Malema, former President of the ANC Youth League, when he and his followers sang the old anti-Boer song: “Kill the Boer” at rallies of the Youth League. Malema called for expropriation of white owned land when he was in Zimbabwe visiting Robert Mugabe and called Botswana’s racially harmonious society “neo-colonial”. These practices of Malema, and the slowness of the leadership of the ANC to discipline him, made Genocide Watch upgrade South Africa to stage 6 in September 2011. But now that Malema has been removed from his position of growing power, Genocide Watch is returning South Africa to stage 5.

It is very important to note that downgrading Genocide Watch’s risk assessment, does not mean that the situation is safe now in South Africa.  Unfortunately, we still think Malema has a large following among unemployed youth, and tensions between black and white people are still high.

Genocide Watch continues to be alarmed at hate crimes committed against whites, particularly against Boer farmers, an important early warning sign that genocide could occur.  Those who commit such crimes must be promptly brought to justice, and denounced by the political leaders of South Africa.  Genocide Watch’s first six stages do not constitute genocide.  Genocide Watch does not believe that genocide is currently underway in South Africa.  Nevertheless, Genocide Watch will keep a watchful eye on the situation.

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Americans march in solidarity with boer brethren to protest ‘racist’ crime in SA

Friday, March 2nd, 2012


Marches are being held across the United States to draw attention to what one group calls widespread “black on white racist crimes” in South Africa.

The rallies, scheduled for later today and organised by Louisiana-based South Africa Project, are planned for 13 states across the US.

According to a recent post on the group’s website, the goal of the February 27 rallies is “to arouse the attention of the mainstream media to the rapes, murders and other atrocities our brethren in South Africa endure on a daily basis”.

The post continues: “We simply want to get the message out to the media and elected officials — without anyone spewing ‘hate rally‘ — that the South African Boers…need our help now!…If the United States is so adamant about sending funds to places like Haiti and Zimbabwe, why won’t they do anything for the White Boers in South Africa?”

Lucy Holborn, Research Manager at the South African Institute of Race Relations, said the American group has no legitimate claim for genocide against white South Africans.

“There’s no evidence to suggest that’s the case,” she said in a telephone interview from Johannesburg.

Claims that white South Africans are facing an organised attempt at ethnic cleansing is detrimental to the reconciliation work people have done since the end of apartheid, Holborn added.

“There is a danger in suggesting genocide is going on…it builds resentment in the other direction,” she said. “The more people hear white people complain about their situation, the more goodwill, promoted by people like Mandela, will fade. For a lot of people that’s frustrating, because in most cases crime is still happening in greater numbers against blacks.”

Holborn pointed out that while white farmers have been the victims of violent crime, research shows 80% of these attacks were motivated by robbery, while only two % were racially driven.

Genocide Watch
Disturbing posters — stating, “Stop the Genocide of Boer Farm Families” with graphic images of bloodied bodies in bathtubs and beds — have been produced in preparation for marches in California, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Idaho, Florida and Connecticut.

Organisers of the marches argue that South Africa should be ranked at stage seven — the “extermination” stage” — on Genocide Watch’s eight-stage risk chart due to the high level of violent crime against whites.

Genocide Watch downgraded the nation’s status from a stage six “preparation” stage, to a stage five “polarisation” stage on February 2 — though it “continues to be alarmed at hate crimes committed against whites, particularly against Boer farmers.”

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Anti-‘Genocide’ Protests Around Nation Were Organized by Neo-Nazis

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Small protests against the “genocide” of white South Africans took place in 11 states Monday, drawing a smattering of media accounts that noted that some leftist counter-protesters accused the demonstrators of being white supremacists.

But the Sacramento (Calif.) Bee quoted Michael Myers, a coordinator for the South Africa Project (SAP) from Oakland, Calif., denying that SAP was racist and complaining that “when a white person tries to stick up for an issue based on race, they’re automatically labeled racist, neo-Nazi Klan members.” The Bee did note that the SAP page later “chided ‘those of you who call yourselves White Nationalists’ who didn’t participate,” but did not further explore the nature of the group beyond noting one marcher’s anti-Semitic comment. The Associated Press alsoreported that counter-protesters accused SAP of being white supremacist, but, like the Bee, did not report any further on the allegation.

They might have dug a little deeper. The first quote on the SAP website comes from Morris L. Gulett —an infamous neo-Nazi leader and key Aryan Nations official who has served prison terms for assaulting a police officer and for conspiracy to rob banks. A few inches below that is a video of David Duke, the neo-Nazi and former Klan leader, bemoaning the fate of whites in post-apartheid South Africa. The page rails on about the “GENOCIDE of our race” and, a little farther down, proposes a solution for the killings by “racist blacks.” “Why, oh why are we not avenging these deaths? Why are we letting the bastards get away with this?” it asks. “The killing is only going to stop if we hit back and make a few examples out of them.”

SAP says it held rallies Monday in Little Rock, Ark., Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif., Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Nashville, Tenn., and Spokane, Wash. Photos on its website show groups of up to about 30 people in most of those locations — images of dozens of men with shaved heads, many sporting tattoos and symbols like the triskelion, used by neo-Nazi groups around the world. One photo caption notes that the Arkansas SAP protest was led by Billy Roper, who once led the neo-Nazi White Revolution group.

The protests might not even have gotten the attention they did were it not for counter-protesters in Sacramento, who pelted SAP protesters and police with objects, resulting in two officers being injured and three counter-protesters being arrested. The counter-protesters who were arrested, according to the AP and the Bee, were members of the left-wing populist Occupy Oakland movement.

The South Africa Project shares a Louisiana mailing address with the current “world headquarters” of Aryan Nations, a tiny remnant of a once-important group that is headed by Gulett. Gulett was a lieutenant in Aryan Nations chapter led by the lateRay Redfeairn, the incredibly violent Ohio state leader whose chief claim to fame in the movement was his near-fatal shooting of a police officer. In 2002, after a Southern Poverty Law Center suit bankrupted Aryan Nations, Gulett and Redfeairn founded the Church of the Sons of Yhvh, a group that explicitly supports “white racial supremacy” and the creation of violent “warriors for God.”

Gulett has a serious history with the law. In 1997, he was convicted of assault on a law enforcement officer after he rammed his vehicle into a police cruiser during a high-speed chase. And, in 2005, he pleaded guilty to various conspiracy charges in an armed bank robbery plot. He was sentenced in 2006 to 72 months in prison and only released last September. Most recently, Gulett has been in the news because he recently returned to Louisiana (Gulett is originally from Monroe) where he plans to open a “world Aryan headquarters” in Converse. Local community leaders and residents have not been supportive of his efforts, but in a statement released to the press, Gulett said that he is going ahead: “I or Aryan Nations will not be run off or discouraged by the Jews, Negros, Queers, Mestizos or Mulattoes of the diversity cult,” he said. “As I said of this once great Christian Republic in the interview, diversity is NOT our greatest strength, but our greatest weakness.”

While the South Africa Project is not a pleasant organization, it is true that violence has long been a problem in South Africa. But that violence began among whites.

Between 1948 and 1994, the apartheid government forcibly resettled millions of black people to maintain racial separation, ensured that black citizens would live in poverty, and regularly assassinated and tortured to death its political opponents.  Government officials poisoned and bombed their enemies and encouraged strife in other African countries. The post-apartheid Human Rights Commission found that some 21,000 deaths were the result of political violence under apartheid.

Since 1994, some 3,000 white farmers have been killed, according to a 2010 BBC article, although in 2009 The Economist put the figure at 1,650 since 1991. The magazine reported that the primary motive of the killings was robbery, not racial hatred or any attempt to carry out an anti-white “genocide.” In 2001,Human Rights Watch released a report about the violence in South African farmlands that reported that post-apartheid violence toward black farm workers from employers and law enforcement and government officials was widespread, as well, but less likely to be investigated. The report noted, like The Economist, that common criminality like robbery seemed to be the primary motive in the killings of white farmers.

In his comments to the Bee, Michael Myers’ whiney lament was typical, suggesting that anyone who stands up for whites would be called a racist, a neo-Nazi or a Klan member. In the case of the Monday protests orchestrated by Myers, Gulett and their co-religionists, at least, such a characterization would be entirely accurate.

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Motion to shut down ‘hate camp’

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

A motion to shut down Afrikaner survivalist group Kommandokorps’s “hate camp” was adopted by the Mpumalanga provincial legislature, the province said on Wednesday.

The Democratic Alliance‘s motion was adopted on Tuesday, provincial spokesman Lebona Mosia said.

“We support it 1/8the motion 3/8 and agree that this thing must be shut down,” he said.

DA provincial leader Anthony Benadie said the motion was “a decisive victory in the fight against racism”.

“Mpumalanga provincial police commissioner, Lt-Gen Thulani Ntombela (has been) requested to use every legal means available to him to shut down the camp, pending a full investigation into what is happening there,” Benadie said in a statement.

“The house condemns racism of all kinds, both in this house and elsewhere in our province. The continued existence of this camp must be regarded as an affront to our democratic order, and it must be stopped now.”

The Mail & Guardian reported on Friday that the Kommandokorps’s instructors taught boys as young as 13 that there was a race war in the country and that South Africa’s black population was the enemy.

Following an infantry-style curriculum, the youths were lectured by camp leader Franz Jooste, 57, on racial differences, which included a claim that black people had a smaller cerebral cortex than whites and could not take the initiative or govern effectively.

He was quoted as saying that aside from the aborigines in Australia, the African black was the “most under-developed, barbaric member of the human race”.

On Monday, Jooste denied the reports.

“No utterances of hate speech are ever made. Cadets are taught to love their own language, culture, traditions, religions and race. That is in the Constitution,” he said in a statement.

Benadie said the training took place on a farm outside Carolina in Mpumalanga.

“It is not a permanent camp or militant base, and the owners of the farm hold no connection to the Kommandokorps,” he said.

“While the DA motion is now a resolution of the legislature and must be implemented, the DA has already traced and interacted directly with the owners of the farm, and appealed to them not to allow further Kommandokorps training or activities to take place at their facilities.” – Sapa

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THIS IS ANC YL ARROGANCE PER SE (White Genocide South Africa)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

This is typical what the ANC created among their “youths.”

Anger over ‘shoot to kill cops’
03/11/2008 10:38 – (SA)
Sydney Masinga

Badplaas – Badplaas police have asked the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for help after accusing an ANC councillor and member of the Young Communist League (YCL) of inciting their members to “shoot to kill” police officers.

The threat was reportedly made at a Young Communist League (YCL) meeting in Badplaas on October 18 where a memorandum protesting against alleged racism at the Badplaas police station was handed over to station management.

Badplaas police commissioner Charles Marivate said the police had been compelled to ask the SAHRC for protection after YCL secretary Sibusiso Radebe and ANC councillor in the Albert Luthuli local municipality Pro Khoza had explicitly threatened local officers with physical harm.

“I myself was threatened that if I supported my white officers, I would be out of the window. The threats against the other officers were worse,” said Marivate.

‘Days are numbered’

Two of those targeted by the YCL are deputy inspector Jacobus Vermeulen and Inspector Lucas van Rooyen, who were singled out by name at a large public meeting and told that there “days are numbered”.

“During the gathering, the secretary of the YCL started to swear at the station commissioner and other police members, accusing us of not doing our jobs. In front of everyone present, he pointed fingers at Vermeulen and myself, saying our days were numbered because we are racists,” said Van Rooyen.

Van Rooyen added that Radebe and Khoza also told the community that white policemen “gaan ***” (will ****) and that “julle broeke gaan vol *** wees” (your pants will be full of ****).

“This incitement needs to be investigated and be stopped. Khoza has only a handful of followers and is disrupting the community’s peaceful existence. He also incites attacks on other members of the community,” Van Rooyen said.

The two officers’ black colleagues agree, with 23 policemen from the Badplaas station signing a petition to the SAHRC asking for an urgent investigation and possible charges against Radebe and Khoza.

The office of acting Mpumalanga police commissioner Rex Machabi has also been asked to do a full scale investigation into the matter.

Police officers ‘really racist’

Radebe said the police officers were welcome to complain to the SAHRC.

“These guys are really racist,” he said. “We did not say the [ANC Youth League President Julius] Malema thing [shoot to kill]. We only said that we were prepared to lay down our lives for the pre-dominantly farm worker community in Badplaas because they are ill-treated and the police are failing to investigate their cases,” he explained.

Radebe said that if white residents of Badplaas did not stop being racist and ill-treating farm workers, “daar gaan *** wees” (there will be ****).

Khoza, denied all the accusations made by the police, but agreed with Radebe that there were racist attitudes towards farm workers in Badplaas.

“There is more going on in Badplaas than what the police are telling you. Someday the truth will come out. I did not say any inciting statements against them, but I would like to appeal for them to take cases of our people seriously,” said Khoza.

Complaints ‘taken seriously’

The YCL memorandum complains that cases reported by black people against whites were not taken seriously and not investigated properly. They also accuse the station commissioner of calling Khoza stupid.

The YCL demands that all racism related cases be investigated by provincial instead of local police to prevent bias.

He said his officers took all reported cases seriously.

“We take all cases reported to us seriously. And, yes, we do get cases of suspected racism reported by farm workers, but our people should understand that we work with evidence and not speculation. If there is no evidence then there is no case,” Commissioner Marivate explained.

He said he would not be threatened by anyone who tried to tell him how to treat his staff.

“I was not appointed at the police station by the community members, but by the provincial commissioner. He is the only one who can remove me,” he said.


Spokesperson for the provincial police commissioner’s office, Superintendent Sibongile Nkosi, said a case of intimidation against Radebe and Khoza is being investigated.

“We are taking these threats seriously and we will investigate this matter to the end. Members of the public should know that there are proper channels that should be followed when they have complaints against the police, it is not right to make intimidating statements like “shoot to kill”,” said Nkosi.

Legal officer at the SAHRC in Mpumalanga, Bafana Ngwenya, said they have not yet seen the complaint.

“We think that the complaint might have been sent to our head office in Johannesburg, and we will investigate and respond to it as soon as head office refers it to us,” said Ngwenya.


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SA farmers lodge formal genocide complaint against ANC-regime

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT. BRUSSELS. South African farmers represented in the Transvaal Agricultural Union have lodged a formal genocide-complaint against the ANC-government for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, announced TAU deputy-chairman Henk van de Graaf today.

“The farm murders are not ordinary crimes but fit into the context in which the ANC-regime wants to rid itself of especially its Afrikaner- and other white farmers purely for political reasons. This is in other words, a genocide and a crime against humanity.’

This was the shocking message by the South African Henk van de Graaf, the deputy-chairman of the Transvaal Agricultural Union. He was addressing the European parliament’s international conference, attended by more than 50 European parliamentarians and other high-level functionaries from Great-Britain, France, Italy, Flanders and Austria.

“The farm-murders are encouraged in a deliberate atmosphere of violence created by the ANC-regime against its (white) farmers. The ANC is for instance constantly telling unproven stories about farm-workers being poorly treated – even though the evidence is always sorely lacking for their claims.

Farmers also are unjustly and without any kind of proof, arrested and accused of crimes: one statement by (suspended) ANC youth leader Julius Malema was: ‘Shoot the Boers, they are all rapists’. The ANC is also constantly claiming that ‘the whites own 80% of all the land – when in  fact the private-farmland ownership only was 33% ten years ago in 2001 – and has been rapidly dropping ever since. Meanwhile the extent of the farm murders indicates that this is a genocide: with the Transvaal Agricultural Union verifying 1,554 murders, this statistic is very understated, said Mr Van de Graaf. Thus far in January 2012, a total of 17 Afrikaner people were murdered – of whom at least six on farms.

“The Afrikaners are calling on the world to help stop the genocide, the farm murders, in South Africa. To this end the Transvaal Agricultural Union has lodged a formal genocide complaint at the International Criminal Court,’ he concluded.

Euro-MP Philip Claeys, who hosted the conference, said ‘we will do our utmost to continue to place this problem on our agenda over the next months,’ said at the conference’s conclusion.

Original Article with Videos

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South Africa’s Protest Crackdown Sparks Apartheid Déjà Vu

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The battle over Rondebosch Commons is heating up after riot police adopt old methods to confront “occupy” protesters in an historic area of suburban Cape Town.

South Africa,Protest ,Apartheid, global news, police violence

South African authorities have lifted charges on 41 protesters who were arrested this weekend in connection with peaceful protests in a rich, white suburban area, but although the demonstration is over, the national conversation about how the demonstrators were treated has only begun.



On Friday, protesters from several community organizations planned a three-day summit dedicated to addressing issues affecting Cape Town’s poor, including, land, jobs and housing. Part of the gathering included peaceful demonstrations in the exclusive Rondebosch Commons area of Cape Town, however, when the mostly all-black group of protesters showed up, they were greeted by officers in riot gear who sprayed the crowd with a blue dye — similar to an apartheid-era move where police used purple dye to identify and arrest protesters — and allegedly assaulted many of the protesters during arrest.



However, the site where the demonstrations took place is not just any upscale neighborhood, the Commons has a long history that includes both reverence by the Khoisan indigenous people and a site of racist segregation after people of color were forbidden under apartheid and not allowed to return until 1994. Even after Blacks were allowed, it remained largely unapproachable for those living miles away in townships.
While South African scholar Christopher McMichael told the Mail and Guardian that the protest crackdown was simply “indicative of the police response to the Occupy phenomenon throughout the world,” others went farther.



“The police’s reaction was inappropriate. I am not sure if it is because Black people cannot come and protest on the Common,” said Tony Ehrenreich, city council ANC leader according to the Independent.
The protesters have vowed to return to the Common next weekend and continue their demonstrations.



“We will occupy every golf course, we will occupy every piece of vacant land until both the DA [Democratic Alliance] and ANC governments listen to the people instead of the corrupt business people and big corporates who fund their election campaigns, and dictate land, economic and fiscal policy,” said Jared Sacks of Communities for Social Change, as quoted in the Independent.

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White Genocide Watch Upgrades South Africa to Risk Level Six

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011


The independent watchdog organization Genocide Watch recentlyupgraded the genocide warning for the white population in South Africa from a level five to a level six.

According to a paper by Genocide Watch President Gregory Stanton titled “The Eight Stages of Genocide,” risk level six is the level just before mass exterminations commence. Up until August 20 of this year, Genocide Watch categorized the white population in South Africa as being at a level-five risk of genocide. That determination was largely made because native blacks have been killing Afrikaner farmers at an alarming rate.

Indeed, more white farmers were murdered in South Africa during 2009 alone than have been killed in Zimbabwe since Robert Mugabe came to power. Since the end of apartheid, over 3,000 white farmers have been murdered,according to the bbc. This figure amounts to almost 7 percent of the total population of white farmers in South Africa.



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