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Anti racist is a codeword for Anti White

Thursday, March 14th, 2013


Anti racist is a codeword for Anti White

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No Runner Left Behind

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

The Supreme Court deliberations on the Texas affirmative action case bring to mind a terrible injustice which passed with little notice this past summer: At the London Olympics, 8 out of 8 of the sprinters in the finals of the men’s 100 meter dash were black.

And this has in fact been the case dating all the way back to 1984: 64 out of 64 finalists have been black.

In this country, the racism is even more egregious: there hasn’t been a single white man representing this country in the 4 x 100 relay since 1964.

This is the type of disparate impact which should not be tolerated in an enlightened society.

We should have a 4 x 100 sprint relay which looks like America — with at least two white members. This is not a quota, of course, merely a guideline.

Ameliorating institutional racism must start at the grass roots level. Slow white children from the suburbs should be put on remedial HeadStart exercise programs starting at age four. And white children should be encouraged to attend federally funded summer running camps.

After an initial grace period of five years, any public school at which whites don’t hold a proportional share of the school sprinting records will have its federal funding cut off. We will call this program No Runner Left Behind.

Much of the difference in performance stems from coach expectation. Coaches rarely encourage whites to go into the sprints on the mistaken assumption that they are less talented than blacks. This sort of subtle discouragement can have drastic effects on the psyche of a young athlete. Every coach must attend an indoctrination session to rid them of these erroneous racist beliefs.

We must also explore the role of other factors in the racial divide, such as prenatal nutrition, the home environment, self esteem issues, and intimidation at meets. All of these have subtly corrosive effects which must be counteracted.

And we must change a culture among young whites where running fast is considered “acting black” and looked down upon.

Perhaps it’s time to even reconsider the primacy of the stopwatch when it comes to judging runners. Perhaps we should consider stopping such a discriminatory practice and start looking at the runner holistically, as an entire person.

Just think of how much more competitive we will be internationally once we achieve the benefits of diversity. (Watch out Jamaica!)

Anyone who questions whether all this is a good use of resources, and who doubts that even with more training whites will perform up to the level of the top black sprinters, should be sent to a sensitivity training seminar. Hate speech must be eradicated.

Should anybody point out that blacks have a superior genetic predisposition to sprinting, with their proportionately long legs, their narrower hips, their fast twitch muscle fiber, and their higher testosterone levels, he will be branded a racist. He will be driven from public life, and if possible, fired from his job.

A tolerant society has no room for racial supremacists.

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White Males Now Classed as a ‘Minority Group’ at University

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Women now dominate Britain’s universities and professions to such an extent that a leading institution has launched a campaign to recruit more “white males”.

The move by the Royal Veterinary College, where more than three-quarters of the intake are female, marks the first time that white men have been included in a strategy to help under-represented groups.

While the college is an extreme case, it reflects a wider trend of women overtaking men in education. Of the 24 leading universities in the Russell Group, only three have a majority of male students.

Across UK universities, 984,000 female undergraduates are studying for degrees, compared to 713,000 male. The gap is expected to widen in future years as new government rules make it easier for universities to recruit students with A-level grades of AAB or better, more of whom are female.

While last week’s A-level results showed boys narrowly outperforming girls at the A* grade for the first time, girls remained significantly more likely than boys to achieve grades in the upper range of A* to B.

According to Mary Curnock Cook, the chief executive of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, the “very worrying gap” between male and female performance at school and university is leading to “fundamental shifts” in society.

Figures from professions which were traditionally male bastions reveal the workplace gender revolution.

In law, women made up 60 per cent of individuals qualifying to practise and admitted on to the roll of solicitors in 2010.

In the same year, 56 per cent of places in UK medical schools went to women, compared to less than a quarter in the 1960s, and it is predicted that by 2017 female doctors will be in a majority.

Yet while women account for 62 per cent of trainee GPs they make up less than a third of hospital consultants. A reluctance among female doctors to take on more demanding specialties, such as cardiology, has led to fears of shortages in key areas.

Women’s domination in veterinary science is also causing concern. About three-quarters of newly qualified vets are now female. By 2015, it is estimated that 90 per cent of those qualifying will be women.

The huge imbalance has prompted the Royal Veterinary College, with campuses in north London and Hertfordshire, to launch a campaign, outlined in its annual report to the admissions regulator Offa, to attract “white males”, among other under-represented groups such as pupils from poor backgrounds and ethnic minorities.

White males are defined as under-represented because while they make up about 45 per cent of the UK population, according to the last census, they account for only 20 per cent of the college’s intake.

Prospectuses and publicity materials have been redesigned to feature photographs and quotes from white male students. Visits to schools and college roadshows specifically target boys.

The college also targets other under-represented groups including ethnic minorities of both genders, who together make up about 10 per cent of the UK population but only 6 per cent of the students at the college.

They are sought out through schemes such as a science Saturday school for pupils from inner London.

By contrast, white women are overrepresented among the students, and are not being targeted for recruitment.

Professor Stephen May, vice-principal for teaching at the college, said: “Our concern is that just in terms of the professional community, having a good gender mix is healthy.

“It may be that in recent years, good quality male candidates have been attracted to more lucrative careers, such as banking.

“The decline in agriculture versus small animal practise could also be a factor. We are not in the business of quotas, that would be discriminatory, but we hope in the long term we will see progress with white males.”

This year, 84,000 more women applied to higher education than men. The only Russell Group universities where male students are in a majority are Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Imperial College, London.

Women outnumber men in the vast majority, including King’s College, London, where 67 per cent of students are female, and Cardiff University, where the figure is 60 per cent.

Mrs Curnock Cook said: “If you look at educational achievement through primary and secondary school and then university outcomes there is a very worrying gap between males and females.

“Somebody needs to address what it is about our education system that is allowing females to perform overall so much better than males. If this trend continues it will start to underpin quite a fundamental sociological change.”

While women are forging successful careers on the back of superior performances in school and university exams, some fear boys are being left on the scrap heap by an education system which disadvantages them.

Coursework and modular exams, less emphasis on the physical, outdoor curriculum and the lack of male teachers have all been blamed for boys’ underachievement. White working class boys now do worse at school than any other group.

Diane Houston, a psychology professor and graduate school dean at Kent University, said that whilst boys may be disadvantaged at school, women still faced a glass ceiling in the workplace.

“There are issues about the way in which schools have become feminised,” she said. “There is a culture in some schools which can be quite difficult for boys, the sitting still and being neat and organised.

“Some can be put off education at a critical point.

“But I’m not sure that at this point we should be screaming about percentage differences in attainment given the way in which women’s careers atrophy through their reproductive lives. There may be more women training to be solicitors, but the judges are men.”

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Which Way Western Man?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

When the environment changes, behavior that was so adaptive that it made a population supreme may be so maladaptive that it leads them towards extinction. Such is the case with whites, whose intra-group cooperation and altruism took them to the top, but now that they are no longer isolated from other races, their altruism is their Achilles’ heel, leaving them a mere resource to be used by others. Yet changing their innate, now maladaptive, behavior may be more difficult for them than watching their race disappear forever. To paraphrase Woody Allen’s dark humor:

We stand today at a crossroads: One path leads to a slow diminishment of our numbers, a weakening of our ability to defend ourselves, and the likely extinction of our people. The other leads to vicious conflicts with immense losses on all sides and the possible extinction of our people. Let us hope we have the wisdom to make the right choice


    The decline of the West has been lamented, 1 but warnings go unheeded and we continue to decline; indeed, our decline is accelerating. All the signs of a catastrophic collapse are there, and getting worse all the time – financing current consumption by massive foreign debt, lowering the national average IQ by subsidizing the reproduction of the less intelligent and permitting them to enter the country (La Griffe du Lion, 2005), and wasting thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars on counterproductive military adventures. Struggle and suffering can make a people great, but once they have achieved greatness they flee the caldron that made them so, lose their edge, indulge in hedonism and baseness, and are no longer the equal of those who begot them.
Today, white men in the military fight all over the world, but they do not fight for the one thing that is most important to the survival of their kind – who impregnates their women. 2 They not only condone the impregnation of white women by other races, 3 they not only facilitate it, they actually celebrate it! Unless they throw off the shackles of egalitarianism and fulfill their biological destiny, there will soon be no more white babies and no more whites.
Almost nothing is as maladaptive for whites as admitting non-white immigrants and refugees into white homelands (Salter, 2002a), yet every year white elites in churches and governments bring in tens of thousands of non-whites. Our territory is lost and our gene pool is desecrated, a slow genocide of the white race, all so the white elites can gloat in their supposed moral superiority.
The closer the West moves towards the precipice, 4 the more difficult it becomes to reverse directions and save it. (Stang, A., “A Warning for America from South Africa,” Nov. 6, 2008). The West is nominally democratic, and the best survival strategy in a democracy is to form an interest group and vote yourself somebody else’s money. There are dozens of coalitions of like-benefiting people – seniors for old-age benefits, blacks for affirmative action and welfare, Jews for foreign aid and military support for Israel, trial lawyers for laws that benefit plaintiffs, farmers for agricultural subsidies, manufacturers for tariffs on imports, and so on, with the government taking a “handling fee,” which can amount to as much as 90% of the money transferred. Each coalition is a small minority, but few politicians can afford to lose their votes or campaign contributions, so the coalitions and their power increases. Everyone ends up putting the interest of his own group first, until the system collapses.5 Since no coalitions are permitted to represent the interests of the whites who made the West – that would be racism – the only solution is to reduce the power of government so that it can no longer take from one person and give to another, but that is unlikely to happen. 6
Because whites are genetically programmed to be altruistic, it is difficult for them to resist financing their own extinction. 7 Every year billions of dollars are transferred from whites to blacks, 8 subsidizing blacks and their children while whites forego, postpone, or limit childbearing because of the expense. These transfers consist not only of government welfare payments, housing subsidies, food stamps, Medicaid, aid to schools and black organizations, but international aid to Africa. In addition, individual whites make huge transfers of funds to blacks in the form of donations to black organizations and scholarships, 9 and white businesses lose money complying with affirmative action laws 10 and paying out damages for discrimination. 11 A hidden cost, which extends indefinitely into the future, is the lost opportunities that whites would have had to survive and propagate, had they helped themselves and had not aided the survival and propagation of other races, all due to egalitarianism, the greatest triumph of ideology over adaptation in man’s entire lineage. 12
A conquering tribe claims the territory, resources, and women 13 of the conquered. The massive amount of wealth transferred from whites to blacks, the ubiquitous white women with mulatto children, 14 and the tens of millions of Mexicans claiming most of the western states as their own, are the proof that whites are the vanquished.“…African-Americans … are clearly dominant over whites. There is a tremendous and continuing transfer of property, land, and women from the subordinate race to the dominant race.”


Whitney, 1999


There is no doubt that whites, in their own homelands, could not be vanquished by other races, if they only believed in their own right to exist and had the will to resist. It is their own conscience, their own decency, that has brought them down. What better way is there to destroy an enemy with a conscience than to convince him that he is the cause of the misery of others and therefore should not survive? 15 Whites have been convinced that they are evil – responsible for the poverty and suffering of others, the destruction of the environment, and the carnage of wars. Even the crimes that other races commit against whites are blamed on whites – those crimes are excused as justifiable reactions to the racism of whites. An unexpressed, but critical, thought in the mind of a white about a non-white is a thought crime – proof that whites oppress other races. Both mentally and physically, whites have been demonized, demoralized, and disarmed by the relentless self-serving anger of non-whites and their fifth column allies, white egalitarians. Since non-whites gain from the defeat of the whites, there is no one who can or will save whites but themselves.
Are there populations living today that, unlike most whites, try to preserve themselves? Yes, there are. In fact, every other population on the planet believes in its own goodness and tries to preserve itself, but the population that has done so most effectively is, perhaps surprisingly, the European Jews. They strongly discourage marriage to non-Jews, nor do they proselytize to bring non-Jews into their genetic fold. They have strong in-group amity and out-group enmity, a dual morality that is supported and justified by their religious rules, the Talmud,16 and they support policies for white countries (multiculturalism, open immigration, miscegenation, 17 civil rights) that weaken and divide their out-group, the non-Jews. 18 19 They encourage their daughters to marry the most intelligent Jews and have many children, thereby raising their average IQ to the highest of any population. 20 They have many cultural practices that increase group coherence, including their own religion, language, holidays, rituals, and even humor. They have their own clubs and organizations, even one for keeping Jewish criminals out of jail (the “Alternative Sentencing Proposals” of the ALEPH Institute). Were whites to emulate the European Jews, they would be unstoppable.
Neuroses, according to Karen Horney, (1945) are caused by unconscious conflicts. By cowering before the Equality Police, whites have internalized a conflict between their innate, now-subconscious ethnocentrism and their conscious thinking processes, which warn them that any expression of their ethnocentrism is dangerous. Thus, they act according to their ethnocentrism by avoiding other races, then use their conscious thinking to rationalize their choices, i.e., they are hypocrites. 21 This is, of course, unhealthy, as a person who has internal conflicts cannot function as well as a person who is of one mind. 22
There is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the conflict will end when reality so blatantly conflicts with conscious thinking that the conflict can no longer be rationalized. At that time whites will have an epiphany and, in an exuberant feeling of joy and freedom, they will throw off their false view of reality and openly embrace their ethnocentrism. The epiphany will begin not with a few demoralized race realists on the fringes, who already know the score, but with a well-respected and loved leader who will stand up and say the obvious. There will be dead silence as whites wait for the Equality Police to push him down the memory hole. 23 When that does not happen, other whites will quickly agree with him because they have been waiting all their lives for a savior. The bad news is that whites may have to suffer considerably more before this happens.
In the meantime, a little push here, a bit of a nudge there, can only bring that day closer. David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary in Great Britain, now admits that multiculturalism is not working. 24 Perhaps a prominent person in the US could do the same? (e.g., Putnam, 2007). A few college debates on the benefits of diversity, or the lack thereof, would be refreshing. How about a study showing that white mothers of mulatto children feel alienated from their children? 25 Or a bold statement by the CEO of a large company that a decline in IQ is occurring and that it is not in the national interest? A moratorium on immigration, including refugees, would probably be too much to hope for, but you never know. Or how about “Proud and confident explicit assertions of ethnic identity and interests among white people, and the creation of communities where such explicit assertions are considered normal and natural rather than a reason for ostracism.” (MacDonald, 2006).
In the final analysis, the most valuable possession whites have is their genome. They can lose territory and wealth but, if their genome is intact, they can survive and recover all that they have lost. 26 In today’s times, however, it is racist and immoral for whites to love and cherish their own racial uniqueness. So on to the precipice we go. It won’t be a pleasant descent, but the wise and well-prepared will perhaps survive and, after much suffering, will rise again.
I leave the reader with one last question to ponder: Suppose, hypothetically, of course, that the information presented in this book is mostly correct, despite being extremely politically incorrect, what action, if any, would he take?

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The Mantra

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?
How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?
But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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Suspect In Black Girl’s Attack Has ‘SS’ Tattoo

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

A sketch of one of the men who attacked a black foreign exchange student in Berthoud last week further suggests that the crime was racially motivated.


Berthoud police released the sketch on Wednesday and described him as a tall, blond white man with a Neo-Nazi tattoo on his arm. The tattoo is described as an ‘SS‘ symbol with the number 11 between the two ‘S’ s.


“The ‘SS’ obviously is a Nazi era symbol that has been adopted by a number of white supremacist organizations,” said Scott Levin of the Anti-Defamation League.

student from Germany, said she was walking through Ellen Bunyan Bein Park, next to the school, on Thursday night after a track meet when four white men blocked her path and made “racial statements.”



Berthoud police say one of the attackers had this tattoo on his neck.



“Racial statements that were very intimidating racial statements. And obviously, they scared her a great deal,” said Berthoud police Chief Glenn Johnson.


She told police the four men told her they were looking for a minority and that she would do.


The men then told her to bow to them and slashed her forehead with a knife before she was able to get away, according to Berthoud police.


Police are looking for any help in tracking down the men. No witnesses have come forward.


“My strongest feeling is that they’re not from our town,” Johnson said.


The girl’s host family fear for her safety.


“We’re just trying to take care of her. The whole thing’s been a nightmare,” her host “dad” said. “This shouldn’t happen here. It shouldn’t happen anywhere. It shouldn’t be tolerated.”


“She’s a very private girl so the attention has been hard on her,” her host “mom” said.


Heather Ehnert, a 7th grader who lives next door to the victim, said the victim is “really scared.”


“I think it’s pretty weird, cause, everybody’s like, a big family here and I’ve never heard of that happening before,” Ehnert said.


“She’s a great student. And on top of that, she balances athletics,” said ninth grader Mikalah Millheim. “Now that, you know, she’s been attacked here, I’m pretty sure that she’ll have a different impression of America.”


The man police are looking for is said to be between 6 feet to 6 feet 5 inches tall. He has greenish gray eyes and an athletic build, police said.


He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt with a band of white flames around the chest, gray jeans and black boots. He was with three other white men who were described as two blond-haired males and a shorter, stocky male with dark hair.


One student who talked to 7NEWS reporter Tyler Lopez said the school has not publicly told students about the attack.


“There’s people who could hurt us out there and they haven’t told us about it,” said Millheim. “It’s now become a hazard.”

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Monday, April 2nd, 2012

We must make it an imperative duty of our government to protect the gifts which Nature has bestowed on America and to insure the maintenance of a clean, healthy, wholesome environment for our people. We must not only eliminate pollution and conserve our resources, but we must gradually bring about a whole new mode of living in America, a mode with less emphasis on forcing man into a mold determined by a congested, neon-and-asphalt urban rat race and more emphasis on changing that mold to fit the racial propensities of Aryan man. 

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Calling whites racist is real discrimination

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Webster’s dictionary defines prejudice as: “(1) Pre-conceived judgment or opinion; (2) an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge.” This perfectly describes the Un-Fair Campaign.

The campaign wanted to begin a discussion about race, but it entered into the discussion seemingly already having decided that everyone who is white is racist, or at least prejudiced. The only basis for this was the color of people’s skin, and that sounds pretty racist to me.

If people want to have a discussion about race, that’s fantastic; let’s talk. But don’t start the discussion basically by telling me I am, and can be nothing but, a racist just because I’m white. That is discrimination (and hypocrisy) in its purest form, and it needs to stop so we can make way for real discussion.

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White supremacy group, opponents confront each other at Duluth Civic Center

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

About eight members of a white supremacy group arrived at the Duluth Civic Center shortly after 10 a.m. today and were immediately confronted by dozens of people who had gathered in opposition.


Snowballs were thrown at the white supremacist group, and it appeared that several opposition protesters who threw them were taken into custody. There was a large police presence, with officers wearing safety helmets.


After some time, the members of the white supremacist group were escorted into City Hall by police officers. Opponents stayed on the west steps of City Hall – overlooking the Civic Center plaza – for some time. The area was almost entirely clear by 11:30 a.m.


The Supreme White Alliance rally was a reaction to the Duluth Un-Fair Campaign that urges white people to be aware of racism in the community.

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Americans march in solidarity with boer brethren to protest ‘racist’ crime in SA

Friday, March 2nd, 2012


Marches are being held across the United States to draw attention to what one group calls widespread “black on white racist crimes” in South Africa.

The rallies, scheduled for later today and organised by Louisiana-based South Africa Project, are planned for 13 states across the US.

According to a recent post on the group’s website, the goal of the February 27 rallies is “to arouse the attention of the mainstream media to the rapes, murders and other atrocities our brethren in South Africa endure on a daily basis”.

The post continues: “We simply want to get the message out to the media and elected officials — without anyone spewing ‘hate rally‘ — that the South African Boers…need our help now!…If the United States is so adamant about sending funds to places like Haiti and Zimbabwe, why won’t they do anything for the White Boers in South Africa?”

Lucy Holborn, Research Manager at the South African Institute of Race Relations, said the American group has no legitimate claim for genocide against white South Africans.

“There’s no evidence to suggest that’s the case,” she said in a telephone interview from Johannesburg.

Claims that white South Africans are facing an organised attempt at ethnic cleansing is detrimental to the reconciliation work people have done since the end of apartheid, Holborn added.

“There is a danger in suggesting genocide is going on…it builds resentment in the other direction,” she said. “The more people hear white people complain about their situation, the more goodwill, promoted by people like Mandela, will fade. For a lot of people that’s frustrating, because in most cases crime is still happening in greater numbers against blacks.”

Holborn pointed out that while white farmers have been the victims of violent crime, research shows 80% of these attacks were motivated by robbery, while only two % were racially driven.

Genocide Watch
Disturbing posters — stating, “Stop the Genocide of Boer Farm Families” with graphic images of bloodied bodies in bathtubs and beds — have been produced in preparation for marches in California, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Idaho, Florida and Connecticut.

Organisers of the marches argue that South Africa should be ranked at stage seven — the “extermination” stage” — on Genocide Watch’s eight-stage risk chart due to the high level of violent crime against whites.

Genocide Watch downgraded the nation’s status from a stage six “preparation” stage, to a stage five “polarisation” stage on February 2 — though it “continues to be alarmed at hate crimes committed against whites, particularly against Boer farmers.”

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Racial justice, pro-white rallies scheduled concurrently this Saturday morning

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

This Saturday should be an interesting one up in Duluth.

Backers of the Un-Fair Campaign’s controversial “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” billboards have scheduled a pro-racial-justice counter-rally set to happen concurrently with a white nationalist group’s pro-white rally.

The racial justice group is meeting at 10 a.m. at the Aerial Lift Bridge —  at the same time, the white nationalists will be gathering nearby at Duluth City Hall.

The controversial billboards tell passersby that “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white,” but some white folks locally and nationally object to being singled out and argue the campaign contradicts itself by using racism to combat racism.

Saturday’s pro-white rally is being organized by the Supreme White Alliance, whose members share “a common belief that our race and our heritage are in danger of disappearing from existence due to the lies that come from multiculturalism.”

supreme white alliance.jpg
SWA: Un-Fair Campaign suggests whites are “automatically racist because they are white.”

A statement on the SWA’s homepage says the Un-Fair Campaign “has plastered advertisments [sic] all over these towns basically telling white people that they are automatically racist because they are white. The rally will be held on March 3rd to protest this outrageous claim.”

Supporters of the Un-Fair Campaign and its billboards first planned to ignore the SWA rally, but have now decided to make their presence felt this Saturday morning.

Duluth activist Joel Kilgour told the Duluth News Tribune that he and other counter-rally organizers look at it “as an opportunity for people to recommit, as a community, to work on racial justice and grow together as a stronger community.” He said that 50 Duluth-based organizations and nearly 200 community members have signed an open letter calling on Duluth residents to take action Saturday to counter racism and promote community.

Saturday’s festivities probably won’t be quite on par with the Selma to Montgomery marches, nonetheless it’s surprising that Duluth and its 90 percent white population has emerged as Minnesota’s hotbed of racial controversy. Hard to see racism when you’re white? Not when hundreds of white supremacists are rallying in your city.

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I’m Racist!

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I’m a racist!
I know many people have touched on this subject be for, and I may be just spewing out what’s probably a common opinion. But anyway.
Am I’m a racist? Yes. You don’t like people of color? True, but I don’t hate! I just prefer the company of my own kind, and who doesn’t? BET wouldn’t exist if people didn’t seek their own.

What makes me a racist? Ummm… nature? Natural law? Instinct? Take your pick. How ever, I never declared ” Hello word! I’m a racist!” what I said was. “that’s not right” “they shouldn’t do that” ” can you believe what their doing” “what kind of people do that?”. The answer to these questions was ” Your a Racist!” yelled by whom ever was standing near me when I instinctively spoke out as a reaction to seeing or hearing something. I was declared a racist! By people with less moral character and more guilt. I can almost understand the ” less moral character” you know the saying ( it takes all kinds)
But the guilt? Really? I should feel guilty for winning the genetic lottery? They call us racist out of fear, envy, and ignorance. That’s rooted in a deep seeded knowledge that they need us a lot more than we need them. Because we don’t.

So yes I’m a racist, not because I chose to hate, or feel superior. I just feel different. Like a wolf is different from a dog. And like wolves we thrive in an environment dominated by wolves.
Economically speaking with geographical and political environments aside we can see that the whiter and area is the more prosperous it is.

The word racist/ racism stem from a time where ist and ism were placed on word to give them negative a sounding stigma, to advance a political or social agenda.
” who wants to be called a racist?
Who supports racism?”
and it works great! We can’t deny it. It’s shut us up for decades! They are such new words in fact,

Wikipedia says ; (As a word, racism is an “ism”, a belief that can be described by a word ending in the suffix -ism, pertaining to race. As its etymology would suggest, its usage is relatively recent and as such its definition is not entirely settled.)
it’s the second paragraph under definitions.


It’s so new it’s definition isn’t entirely settled! That means its up for grabs! “it’s racist to make whites feel guilty”.
“forcing multiculturalism on whites only is racism” Wow!

So knowing that being a racist is new, and it’s still undefined. Is it bad to be a racist? It doesn’t feel bad.
I’m called a racist because I’m confident, intelligent, creative, have strong moral character, and work ethic, because I care about the future of my people and want them to prosper in the future. Well, maybe the new definition of racist should be

Racist, adj. One who is proud of his people’s heritage and history. One who wishes to see his people flourish in the future and grow in numbers. And remain pure and untainted

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Racist blacks want to kill whites

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Racist blacks want to kill all whites, why is it okay for blacks to want to kill whites . . but not okay for whites to want to live separately?
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Dianne Abbott MP – A Racist Pig

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
Just to prove racism cuts BOTH ways, here is lefty MP Dianne Abbott squirming with embarassment at Andrew Neill’s questions.
Watch as she refuses to acknowledge her public racist remarks, proving SHE is one herself.
If we are ever to treat the problem seriously we have to be honest with ourselves and Dianne is not being.
A champagne socialist, too.
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Moral Authority By David Lane

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

As long as the media, in all its aspects, is able to maintain the fraudulent portrayal of moral authority for the political and religious institutions engaged in the murder of the White race, we will continue our headlong plunge toward extinction. Because America is, and has been, the instrument designed by the world’s self “chosen” rulers to administer the coup de grace, the final death blow to our race, I have constructed the following short declaration in an attempt to utterly obliterate the executioners false illusion of moral authority. This letter is to request that you use said declaration as soon and as extensively as possible, because our race is over the abyss. Please send the declaration to friends, to publications, and give it massive exposure on the internet.

If you wish to use the declaration within the framework of your own creative writing, please use it complete, as is, because it is designed for maximum effect, emotion, content and relationship.


In the wars, occupations and revolutions that America has instigated, financed, and participated in, from Dixie, to Cuba, to Mexico, to Panama, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Japan, to Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Iran, to Lybya, to Bosnia, to Serbia, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, and on and on, the dead and maimed number a bare minimum of two hundred million, half of them being White people.

In it’s determination to mix and destroy the integrity of races, nations and cultures, and particularly to mix, overrun, integrate, miscegenate, reduce by wars, and ultimately exterminate the White race, the Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine is, and has been, an engine of holocaust, genocide and death, unmatched in human history. As always, the tyrants falsely accuse defeated freedom fighters of the self same holocaust tactics which the tyrants employ themselves, thus claiming false moral authority. But observers with personal integrity and uncontaminated reasoning ability look at the big picture, i.e. two hundred million holocaust victims, and recognize that the propaganda of the Victors becomes the history of the Vanquished. America denies us White nations, White schools, White neighborhoods, White organizations, and everything necessary for racial survival, then unceasingly promotes inter-racial mating for what will soon be the last generation of White women. That is deliberate, malicious, conscious genocide. True moral authority belongs to those who resist genocide, in obedience to Nature‘s first and highest law which is the preservation of ones own kind.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.
Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth

David Lane

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Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Launching in January, concerned White residents of Duluth, Minn., formed the Un-Fair Campaign to help fellow Whites in their community recognize their “white privilege” and encourage an honest dialogue to foster racial justice. What they did next, though, has many whites  — locally, nationally, and even internationally — up in arms: They set up a number of billboards, such as “It’s Hard To See Racism When You’re White,” around their community, which has ignited a firestorm.

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With other billboards asking, “Is White Skin Really Fair Skin?” many of Duluth’s White residents were reportedly angered by the displays, complaining they are being indiscriminately upbraided for racism.

According to the Star Tribute:

Hundreds of the city’s white residents have complained that the campaign’s kick-off images and messages are offensive. The campaign, they say, blames all racism on whites and implies that white people aren’t smart enough to recognize racism.

One resident, Phil Pierson, was so upset by the Un-Fair Campaign’s placards that he formed the “Stop Racist Unfair Campaign” on Facebook, with more than 425 people becoming members almost immediately.

You can’t open a discussion on race and hope to see it move in a positive direction when you raise the topic by stereotyping an entire race, Pierson said. It spreads animosity and hate, teaches a new generation to point fingers and [focuses] on the color of our skin instead of the idea that we’re all human.

And Pierson — and the hundreds of White Duluth residents — aren’t alone. A number of white supremacist groups and racists are said to now be sending “hateful messages and e-mails from all over the world” to both the campaign and Mayor Don Ness, who is said to be one of the campaign’s sponsors.

I became kind of a lightning rod for groups outside our community, said Ness, who was accused in messages from as far away as Scotland of inviting “white genocide” and being a “traitor” to his race. It was disappointing to see the level of hate and ugliness, he said.

Members of the Un-Fair Campaign say they started the organization because of the local issues in their community. Duluth is said to be 90 percent White, making multi-racial contact hard to come by.

Ellen O’Neill, a YWCA director and campaign sponsor, adds:

“It’s possible to never interact with a person of color here,” O’Neill said. “It makes the problem more invisible.”

More to the point, the majority of the Black and American Indian populations not only have obscene high school graduation rates at 25 and 34 percent, respectively, they also have poverty rates of 67 percent and 56 percent, respectively.

The Un-Fair Campaign and its supporters feel as though this discrepancy in wealth and education is the effects of institutional racism and have organized meetings and workshops, such as “Cracking the White Shell,” to help put an end to this injustice.

To see the backlash residents and campaign members have received isn’t surprising, but what is surprising is the taking up of this endeavor at all. We live in such a racially polarized society, that oftentimes, the simple acknowledgement of racial injustice seems, dare I say it, radical.

But then to go a step further and actually look to bring awareness to this issue shows a courage that is in line with Dr. Martin L. King Jr.’s ethos that all people are capable of calling out injustice even when it is uncomfortable,  disadvantageous, and inconvenient to do so.

While many — if not most — would like to see this nation as strictly Black and White, news events such as this remind us that we aren’t just one-dimensional products of our society. In fact, each and everyone of us has the potential to be much more dynamic and powerful in our complexity.

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Our view: Duluth mayor threatened; anti-racism campaign has its moment to seize

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The post on Duluth Mayor Don NessFacebook page Sunday evening was shocking and frightening — and a call to action in more ways than one.

White supremacists from all over the world are sending me threats and some of the most hateful messages I’ve ever read,” the mayor wrote five days after helping launch an anti-racism project called the Un-Fair Campaign; he did so at a press conference, apparently making himself a face of the movement — and a target for its backlash.

“The racism I’ve seen this weekend is all the proof I need that we (need) good people to step up,” Ness continued in a post that was “liked” nearly 500 times in less than a day, that received more than 150 comments and that was reposted on countless walls.

Not exactly viral, but certainly not invisible.

“No, the (Un-Fair Campaign) is not calling all white people racists,” Ness wrote. “It’s saying white folk need to be part of the solution. And I’m not backing down from that. Will you join me?”

So there was a call to action from the mayor. And by early Monday afternoon, his smiling mug was popping up on the Facebook walls of Duluthians from across the city accompanied by the words, “I got your back, Don. Stand against racism and intimidation.” The graphic included the Un-Fair Campaign’s website.

The website contains tons of information about the campaign’s 15 partners, about racist laws, about “seeing” racism, about white privilege and more.

But is the campaign doing enough, in this moment, to seize another call to action, that to educate? Much of Duluth is paying attention — right now. Many are offended by billboards reading, “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white.” Others are curious, like gawkers at a car wreck, about those who are offended and why they’re so on the defensive.

One goal of the Un-Fair Campaign was to engage the community. That’s been accomplished. Another goal was to educate. Doing so while the community is engaged seems the opportune time.

“We will be meeting with our partners, and we’ll be talking about how we want to address that,” a member of the campaign — who asked not to be identified because “it’s dangerous” — told the News Tribune Opinion page today. A meeting should take place this week, she said.

The sooner the better.

“We are not calling individual people racist. That is not the intent of the campaign,” the woman said, speaking on behalf of the campaign. “What we’re saying is we live in a monoculture where whiteness is the norm, and if you fit that norm then you have advantages. All the campaign is doing is … asking people to look at the advantages they get by fitting the norm.”

The campaign has received about 150 e-mails, a third of which have been supportive. The other 100 or so messages have been from white people who think they’re being called racists.

“Please go to the website and read,” the campaign spokeswoman urged. “A lot of people are responding just to the billboards. We want them to please go to the website and read, to spend some time on there. There (are) hours and hours of information there.”

Before the campaign was launched one of its most active members told the News Tribune that the point was to “open a dialogue (and) to eliminate racism … as a community.” That dialogue is open. We can all be part of the necessary community conversation that’s following. And we can all accept personal responsibility for making sure it remains civil and proves productive.

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Labour MP Diane Abbott apologises after ‘racist’ tweet storm

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Diane Abbott (Pic: Getty Images)

Labour frontbencher Diane Abbott apologised today after claiming “white people love playing ‘divide & rule”‘.

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The shadow public health minister faced demands for her resignation over the remark, made on Twitter.

Diane Abbott's tweet

Diane’s tweet sparked calls for her to resign

Diane Abbott

Diane later defended her tweet

She was rebuked by the Labour Party, which said it was “wrong” to make such “sweeping generalisatons”.

In a statement, issued by Labour, Ms Abbott apologised for “any offence caused”.

She said: “I understand people have interpreted my comments as making generalisations about white people. I do not believe in doing that. I apologise for any offence caused.”

In an earlier interview with Sky News, she made no attempt to apologise and said that her comments had been interpreted “maliciously”.

She claimed she had been referring to “19th century European colonialism“, adding: “I think the Tweet was taken out of context and some people have interpreted it maliciously,” she said.

Asked to elaborate, she broke off from the interview to take a telephone call.

Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi called for her resignation and insisted Labour leader Ed Miliband must sack her if she would not stand down.

“A healthy society should not tolerate any form of racism,” he said, adding that Ms Abbott, the first black woman to enter the Commons, “of all people should lead by example”.

The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP was addressing a freelance journalist on Twitter yesterday when she wrote: “White people love playing ‘divide & rule’. We should not play their game £tacticasoldascolonialism.”

A Labour Party spokesman said: “We disagree with Diane’s tweet. It is wrong to make sweeping generalisations about any race, creed, or culture. The Labour Party has always campaigned against such behaviour – and so has Diane Abbott.”

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Harold Covington

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

[Harold Covington – excerpt from Radio Free Northwest for May 26th, 2011]

Now let’s talk about the raving looney bin which is the White internet. And yes, I am aware of the irony of my using the internet to talk about what’s wrong with it.

Five hundred years ago, the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth. He never found it, but we today in America have discovered a Fountain of Childishness. It is called the internet.

On the surface, there is nothing bad or mystifying about the internet. It’s simply a lot of communication devices and databases all hooked together. But what is horrifying is what the internet reveals about the mental and moral state that White Americans have fallen into.

To be blunt, it seems like we’re all a little nuts. That may be understandable, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to do something about it.

To me, one of the most horrifying things about the whole issue of Space Madness on the internet is the fact that if you look at some of these posts, they read like they were written by a rather nasty child, and yet they are the work of men and a few women who are in their forties and fifties. My age, for Christ’s sake!

It used to be that age brought with it a certain wisdom and dignity and gravitas in someone’s behavior, but now on the internet, both we and our enemies are treated to the spectacle of middle aged men acting like a bunch of 13 year-olds who missed their daily dose of Ritalin.

I’m tempted to make some broad and resounding generalization here like, “The Movement has to re-evaluate its relationship with the internet,” but the Net itself isn’t the problem. Like I said, it’s nothing but a bunch of machines connected together. The problem is us, White people in general and White Nationalists in particular, and what the lure of consequences-free misbehavior turns us into.

All White Americans are under severe stress because we live in an unnatural world that denies us the opportunity to live up to our full potential, and racially aware Whites are under more stress than most, because we know it’s unnatural. But it’s time we learned to use this technology as a weapon against the racial enemy and not as a hallucinogenic drug.

The enemy is sure as hell using it against us. I get laughed and sneered at when I refer to things such as Cass Sunstein’s Cognitive Dissonance operation run out of the White House, with the purpose of disrupting and creating demoralization among dissident websites and persona management software which now probably already in operation, allowing one individual to maintain up to 16 separate IDs on social networking and other internet sites, each with a different and false IP address in order to avoid detection, with the avowed purpose of manipulating public opinion and the comments sections of blogs and news sites.

But these things exist. I’m not making them up. You can do a little Googling and find out for yourself that these programs are very real, and with a little careful examination I think you will find it hard to disagree that it’s at least possible that a lot of this anti-Northwest crap you see on various racial websites and VBulletin boards comes not from actual White people who disagree with us, but from such black ops sources.

This is one reason that all of us need to clean up our act on the internet, so that we can differentiate between genuine White racial Nationalists and Sunstein’s trolls.

Somehow, we are going to have to establish a generally recognized and practiced protocol within the White resistance movement to use this technology seriously and responsibly, not comport ourselves online like a bunch of horse’s asses, so that when someone comes along on a website or a blog and still acts like a horse’s ass, we can pretty much assume he’s one of Sunstein’s people, or one of those Israeli trolls we read about, or working for the ADL or SPLC or whoever.

I personally believe that a good start here would be a new attitude toward the whole idea of anonymity on the internet. I am perfectly well aware that most people have jobs and families and lives to protect, and that for them using a pseudonym or an anonymizer can sometimes be a matter of life and death. I get that.

But when someone begins to “shout the odds” to the rest of us, as we used to say in Rhodesia, when someone presumes to take the first step in a potential leadership role either by advancing a new idea or else by offering balanced and legitimate criticism or else deranged personal attacks and slanders against existing ideas and leaders and events, then we have a right to know who is talking to us.

Who is this person? What is his track record? Who does he hang with, on the internet and in person? Who is or was his racial guru, if any? Has anyone ever met this person in the flesh and sized up the cut of his jib? Is he even White or is he really the holy rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple Schmuck-El who’s running a game on us, either with Cass Sunstein cutting him a check or just for his own venomous purposes?

If someone presumes to tell us all about how the Northwest Imperative or anyone else is all wrong and no, no, no, you mustn’t do that, you mustn’t do anything at all except continue to sit behind your keyboard and tap tap tap tap tap until our hair turns white and we all die of old age, but he still won’t let you know who he really is or get a look at him, that’s a red flag.

If someone constantly trashes anybody who tries to do anything at all but refuses to offer an alternative plan of his own, besides the continuance of the status quo, then that’s a red flag.

If some internet looney tune persistently shows up on blogs and VBulletin boards and he does nothing but run his mouth, disrupt, plant rumors and sow confusion, but no one knows who he is and no one has ever met him, then that’s a red flag.

If the owner of the group refuses to do anything about this behavior and even gives the troll moderator rights and refuses to listen to any complaints, won’t reveal who the troll is or even if he has physically met the man, and bans those who complain about the lunatic behavior, then frankly, to my mind that’s a red flag too, and you need to start looking at the group owner a lot more closely.

You see, we can in fact do a lot to isolate and minimize the damage done by Cognitive Dissonance operatives on the internet, but only if we can tell who they are by their behavior. If all of us are doing nothing but calling each other names, trying to show how clever we are at someone else’s expense, hollering and screaming like lunatics in a rubber room, we have no way to tell.

We, the legitimate White Nationalists of all tendencies, have to make an open and acknowledged pact among ourselves to stop acting like loons ourselves and to use this as the medium of propaganda and persuasion for our cause itself, and not as therapy for whatever weird things are going on in our own minds and our own lives.

These machines are tools. These machines are potential weapons against the tyranny that is destroying us. They are not therapy for dysfunctional Whites who come home after a bad day at work, down a six –pack, and then go online to work out their frustrations and wrestle with their own personal demons in public.

I know, it’s hard not cry “Ho ho! hee hee! ha ha!” and let slip the dogs of lunacy. I am not immune to the lure of Mr. Hyde on the keyboard and I slip myself sometimes. I shouldn’t do it, and neither should you.

We need to make an informal but definite agreement among ourselves that we are going to stop all this nonsense whenever we get on line and we are going to start using these machines against the racial enemy instead of against ourselves. Because right now this internet thing is the only really potentially powerful weapon we’ve got.

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